151 AIDS & HIV Research Topics & Essay Examples

Definition AIDS – or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome – is a rather contagious disease caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).
Specialty Virology
History The very first – and one of the most renowned – hypothesis of the origin of HIV is associated with monkeys. According to this theory, HIV first entered the human blood in the 30s of the last century from a chimpanzee. A rare virus was found in the blood of a chimpanzee, capable of causing a condition similar to AIDS when it enters the human body.
Symptoms When first infected with HIV, most people do not experience any significant symptoms. The virus gradually and silently destroys the immune system, reducing the body’s resistance to infections. AIDS is spoken of when a person infected with HIV develops infectious diseases due to the inefficient functioning of the immune system destroyed by the virus.
Causes AIDS is primarily caused by HIV – it is also often called the terminal stage of HIV.
Virology A person can get HIV from unprotected sex with people who have it, blood transfusions, unsterile medical equipment such as syringes and scalpels, as well as piercing and tattoo equipment. Another potential way of obtaining HIV is from a mother to a child during pregnancy, labor, and nursing.
Prevention To prevent oneself from getting infected with HIV, a person should refrain from having unprotected sex even with a constant partner, as well as avoid drugs and unsafe tattoo and piercing parlors.
Diagnostic Method The diagnostic methods for HIV include virology and serology diagnostics, as well as the determination of immunity status.
Treatment Modern medicine allows to maintain the immunity of a patient with HIV at the proper level. This is due to the use of antiretroviral therapy, which increases the number of immune cells. The treatment does not lead to recovery, but reduces the risk of AIDS and other diseases, giving a person the opportunity to live a normal life.
Duration and Prognosis The person infected with HIV will have it till the end of their life, and, if they do not receive antiretroviral therapy, the prognosis will be grave.
Complications As a result of a decrease in the protective functions of the body, it ceases to effectively resist infections and the formation of tumors which are serious complications. Secondary diseases develop that aggravate the patient’s condition and can lead to death.
Frequency in Population According to UNAIDS statistics from the last report in 2021, about 37,7 million people in the world have HIV.
Deaths The report also states that more than 36 million people around the world died from AIDS-associated diseases since the epidemic’s beginning.
Society Nowadays, HIV does not bear a stigma like it had in late 20th century when people infected with it were shunned from society. The development of effective treatment methods allows people with HIV to lead a normal life, with the exception of some safety measures.

📝 AIDS & HIV Research Papers Examples

  1. HIV/AIDS in South Africa
    The disease has had devastating effect on the African continent with Sub-Saharan Africa accounting for almost 70% of all HIV/AIDS infections in the world.
  2. HIV/AIDS Program in Kenya' Health Promotion
    The program aims at promoting education and consultations about HIV/AIDS and the possible prevention of the disease.
  3. Women with HIV/AIDS and Their Health Problems
    HIV may present dramatic complications to the people suffering from it. Women diagnosed with HIV/AIDS may have issues associated with maternity.
  4. Human Immune System, Its Levels and Disorders
    An immune system is a set of protective measures that deals with pathogens – external threats to the organism.
  5. Prevention of HIV Among Older Adults
    The literature review studies if the older adults are different to younger adults in how they contract HIV/AIDS and deal with it, the myths surrounding the disease among the older population.
  6. HIV Statistics and Health Care Personnel Numbers
    Despite the fact that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a global problem, HIV prevalence rates vary dramatically from one country to another.
  7. HIV/AIDS, Its Statistics and Health Disparities
    In the 1980s, when the first epidemic of HIV erupted, a positive test result implied an immediate death sentence.
  8. Epidemiological Evaluation of HIV/AIDS in Florida
    This paper describes the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in Florida based on current incidence and prevalence data, surveillance methods, at-risk and affected populations, and screening and diagnosis.
  9. Health Disparity for HIV Patients in the U.S.
    This discussion examines the nature of inequities within the healthcare system that affect HIV/AIDS patients in the United States.
  10. HIV Prevention Campaign for American Young Adults
    The paper aims at describing the peculiarities of a public health campaign on preventing HIV in young adults living in the USA.
  11. HIV Prevention and Adherence to Treatment
    All discussions consider the latest research in the sphere of HIV treatment options and include various perspectives from clinical professionals.
  12. Educating American Citizens on Issues Related to HIV
    This paper will discuss the development of a social program aimed at educating American citizens on issues related to HIV and the need for them to know their status.
  13. HIV and AIDS Infections in South Florida
    The lack of awareness combined with social issues such as poverty, inequality, lack of education, has led to the threat of HIV/AIDS epidemics among residents of South Florida.
  14. Depression Among HIV-Positive Women
    It is a known fact that HIV-positive women undergo a lot of stress and suffer severe depressions due to their psychological trauma.
  15. Sexual Transmitted Disease and Youth Awareness
    This study explores how the youth's knowledge and attitude impact the success of testing and treatment as an initiative to reduce the growing incidence of HIV and STD.
  16. Primary Prevention of HIV & AIDS: Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal
    Working on a community teaching work plan proposal? 🖊️ Check out this sample to find an excellent example of primary prevention of HIV and AIDS plan and learn how to write a teaching plan.
  17. Epidemiology: AIDS, Syphilis, Tuberculosis in Miami-Dade
    This analysis focuses on such infectious diseases as AIDS, syphilis, and tuberculosis, which are rather frequent among the citizens of Miami-Dade County.
  18. Epidemiology: Human Immunodeficiency Virus
    With its long incubation period, huge death tolls, and the absence of opportunities for a complete recovery, HIV has warranted the title of the plague of our times.
  19. Epidemiology: Malaria, AIDS, Hepatitis B in Miami
    The key outbreaks of malaria in Miami and other cities in Florida were documented in 2003 and 2012. In both situations, the disease was identified due to unusual flu-like symptoms.
  20. Human Immunodeficiency Virus Therapies Comparison
    This paper reviews two articles concerned with the effectiveness of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and opioid substitution treatment (OST).
  21. Health Disparities in Hispanics with HIV&AIDS: Speech
    I want to urge you to develop an intervention aimed at the reduction of the HIV/AIDS rate among the Hispanic/Latino population of the United States.
  22. Epidemiology: HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea in Miami-Dade
    The central objective of the intervention and its goals should be aligned with Healthy People 2020 that considers HIV and STD critical health concerns.
  23. Communicable Diseases in the US: Health Policy Brief
    Communicable diseases are classified as diseases that can be passed from one person to another through different mediums.
  24. Patients’ Attitudes to HIV Testing in the Dental Setting
    The article is focused on the attitudes of patients toward HIV testing. The findings revealed that the sample had positive thoughts regarding HIV tests in dental sites.
  25. HIV: Creating a Plan of Care
    The development of an appropriate program to help patients suffering from HIV through the development of a particular care plan may help to achieve positive changes in the statistical picture.
  26. Epidemiology: HIV&AIDS, Syphilis, Influenza A in Miami
    The overall sexually transmitted disease rates in Miami-Dade are below the Florida average, yet the situation is different with syphilis rates.
  27. Epidemiology Assignment: Communicable Illnesses in Miami
    Communicable illnesses pose various threats to public health and can even jeopardize the development of the society.
  28. AIDS Orphans Living in a Township by Rooyen et al.
    The article by Rooyen, Frood, and Ricks is dedicated to the experiences of orphans with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). This paper will describe the article, discuss its implications, and evaluate it.
  29. HIV&AIDS Prevention and Related Ethical Issues
    The scenario addresses the ethical dimension of HIV/AIDS prevention in developing countries. It concerns the negative ethical consequences of several rather effective solutions.
  30. HIV Infection Lab Testing and Patient Education
    The use of ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) and WB (Western blot) tests to diagnose the HIV infection and prove the results of each other is supported by many studies.
  31. Men's Health: Human Immunodeficiency Viruses
    The human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV) is a disease, which impairs the human body’s ability to respond to illnesses by targeting the cells of the immune system.
  32. Epidemiology: HIV & AIDS in the United States
    The purpose of this paper is to profoundly and elaborately analyze the current situation with HIV/AIDS in the United States.
  33. HIV Treatment Overview
    From the conducted literature review, it is apparent that significant progress is made in the field of treating HIV.
  34. Contemporary Health Issues: HIV, AIDS and Older Adult
    The HIV epidemic becomes one of the most terrible events in the human history. HIV/AIDS is contagious and catastrophic.
  35. Funding HIV Testing in Florida: Conservative Standpoint
    Combating the HIV/AIDs epidemic suits the interests of social and religious conservatives because this disease negatively affects families and children.

💡 Essay Ideas on AIDS or HIV

  1. Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases in Miami
    In Miami, the situation with the Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) can be regarded as alarming since the rates of morbidity increased within the last years.
  2. Rabies, AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Influenza in Miami
    This paper presents epidemiological and surveillance data related to rabies, AIDS, and hepatitis B in Miami, Florida.
  3. Global HIV/AIDS Overview
    It could be stated with certainty that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is one of the most prevalent and dangerous global health issues.
  4. Epidemiology: AIDS, Gonorrhea, Syphilis in Miami
    This paper aims to analyze three population-based communicable diseases on the basis of the epidemiological and surveillance data of Miami, Florida.
  5. Funding HIV Testing in Florida: Liberal Standpoint
    The suggested program aims to educate target individuals about HIV/AIDS in general and develop an awareness of existing methods for prevention and intervention.
  6. History of Health Problems in the Elderly Puerto Rican Population
    Issues relating to the ethnicity, race and cultural states of the Puerto Rican elderly people influence their behavior and work.
  7. Treatment for a Patient With HIV
    This paper aims to describe the information collected about the person with HIV, analyze responses to the questionnaire, describe the treatment and coping techniques.
  8. The Prevalence of HIV, AIDS in African Americans
    African American population of the USA currently experiences a steady decline. One of the most dangerous current problems is the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in African Americans.
  9. Epidemiology in Miami-Dade County
    Modern healthcare being generally divided into the community and environmental health has now become one of the major research fields due to its relevance in the global context.
  10. Infectious Disease Discussion: HIV - AIDS
    HIV/AIDS is an infectious disease that can threaten a sick person’s life. HIV attacks one’s immune system so that an individual becomes vulnerable to possible infections.
  11. Care Plan For HIV Patients
    This topic is selected because of the necessity to provide people with enough opportunities and knowledge about HIV and its impact on human health.
  12. Health Issues in Development of Haiti
    The first case of HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Haiti was identified in the year 1982 and the country has continuously grappled with the epidemic for over twenty-five years.
  13. Medication Adherence in HIV Patients
    The paper describes the current HIV adherence factors and identifies a suitable nursing theory and how it can be applied to improve adherence to HIV/AIDS medication.
  14. About Human Immunodeficiency Virus
    This article focuses on the human immunodeficiency virus: the number of cases, risk groups, comorbidities, and existing support programs in the United States.
  15. HIV Incidence in Miami, Florida
    The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a medical condition followed by ignorance and social stigma that produce common fear of HIV testing, and the inability to discuss the issue openly.
  16. HIV&AIDS in the Republic of Haiti
    The first case of HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Haiti was identified in the year 1982 and the country has continuously grappled with the epidemic for over twenty-five years.
  17. The Threat of HIV in Adolescent Population
    Adolescents are a group of people under the threat of getting HIV very quickly due to numerous uncontrolled sexual acts or wrong use of substances.
  18. Improving HIV-AIDS Awareness and Healthcare Provision
    HIV is one of the greatest threats to humanity due to its fast-spreading nature and, most importantly, lack of effective cure.
  19. HIV/AIDS Disease at Nursing Practice
    The paper discusses that HIV/AIDS disease has significance to nursing care as it has resulted in alterations of nursing practice.
  20. HIV, AIDS Infection Among Women
    HIV/AIDS is a major health challenge among women across the globe. A case study of the United States alone reveals that about 25% of those who live with HIV/AIDS are women.
  21. Healthy People 2020 Initiative Goals in Miami, FL
    The three population-based communicable diseases analyzed are HIV/AIDS, STDs, and Diabetes. The community considered is Miami, FL 33155.
  22. Comparison and Contrast of HIV and AIDS
    The essay provides a comparison and contrast between HIV and AIDS by highlighting their pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, medical management, and prognosis.
  23. The HIV, AIDS Education Programs
    The ecological model theory is suitable for planning HIV/AIDS education programs since it encompasses various mitigation models and strategies.
  24. Gay Men and HIV Drugs: Reversing the Epidemic
    Scientists came to the revolutionary conclusion that giving healthy gay men HIV drugs could help reverse the epidemic.
  25. Healthy People 2020 on Tuberculosis, AIDS, Malaria
    This paper discusses the Healthy People 2020 initiative in Florida for communicable diseases, specifically, tuberculosis, AIDS, and malaria.
  26. Healthy People 2020 on Food-Associated Illnesses
    This paper discusses the objectives, goals, and indicators of the Healthy People 2020 Initiative in Miami, analyzes HIV/AIDS, food-associated illnesses, and tuberculosis.
  27. Preventing HIV-AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Thailand
    This paper discusses preventing HIV/AIDs and STIs in Thailand. The intervention is targeted at the sex workers and their clients.
  28. Hispanic Women and HIV Infection
    The study explores various aspects that enhance the degree of risk which older Hispanic women are exposed to when it comes to HIV infection.
  29. Infectious Disease: Living with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)
    The Center for Disease Control’s article “Living with HIV” gives some of the guidelines that should be followed by people who are infected with the virus to lead healthy lives.
  30. Containing the HIV, AIDS Epidemic in Australia
    The paper seeks to identify the key aspects of the fight against HIV in Australia and also considering the other approaches in the fight against the scourge.
  31. Intervention Plan to Reduce New HIV Infections
    This paper aims to conduct a study that analyzes African American HIV status and come up with an intervention plan that will help manage the situation.
  32. AIDS, HIV Virus Prevention Programs
    This practical research indicated that the history of the AIDS/HIV legislation lacks people's awareness and virus prevention programs.
  33. Sensitizing More People in Texas About HIV-AIDS: Intervention Plan
    This paper gives a detailed analysis of an intervention plan aimed at sensitizing more people in Texas about HIV/AIDS.
  34. AIDS, Pneumonia, Sarcoma and Herpes in a Patient
    The patient developed Kaposi Sarcoma (KS), an unusual type of cancer, due to the gradual depletion of CD4 cells.
  35. HIV Prevention Strategies and Treatment Mechanisms
    HIV prevention and treatment have made significant progress over the past years. However, room for improvement of HIV treatment coverage still exists.
  36. Danger of Spreading Human Immunodeficiency Virus
    Since 44% of HIV-infected young adults are unaware of their status, testing and increasing health awareness among this population is crucial.
  37. HIV-AIDS Treatment Mechanisms and Prevention Strategies
    The number of HIV-positive people grows day by day, raising serious concerns of the WHO and governments of different countries.
  38. Overview of Human Immunodeficiency Virus
    Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease is one of the most alarming health issues around the world, including in the United States.

🏆 Best AIDS/HIV Essay Titles

  1. Pharmaceutical Patents and the HIV/AIDS Pandemic
  2. HIV/AIDS-related Expectations and Risky Sexual Behavior in Malawi
  3. Exploring the Vast Effects of HIV/AIDS on the Society
  4. AIDS in the African American Community
    This paper shall pursue the issue of AIDS in African Americans as the subject of discussion.
  5. African Cultures That Make the Spread of HIV/AIDS
  6. HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention Program
  7. AIDS and the Problem of Identifying HIV-infected Pregnant Women
  8. Qualitative Versus Quantitative Data
    The research premise for the use of the qualitative research approach stems from an investigation of the relationship between HIV and education levels among alcoholics.
  9. HIV/AIDS Public Health Policies: A Comparison Between South Africa and Cuba
  10. Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS in Women
  11. Prevention, Control, and Mitigation of the Impact of HIV/AIDS Epidemic
  12. Politics of HIV/Aids and Social and Cultural Prejudice
    The paper looks at how the politics HIV/AIDS have operated as a conduit for social and cultural prejudice because the its prevalence has been associated with society culture.
  13. HIV and AIDS: The Past and Present Impact on the Global Level
  14. The Research Plan For Combating HIV/AIDS Epidemic
  15. Proposal for Offering Dental Services to the HIV/AIDS Community
  16. HIV/AIDS and the Psychological and Psychosocial Impacts of the Disease
  17. Research Problems With AIDS & HIV Infection
  18. HIV and AIDS: Transmission, Characteristics, and Prevention
  19. The Potential Demand for an HIV/AIDS Vaccine in Brazil
  20. The Pros and Cons in Combating HIV/AIDS Among Its South African Workforce
  21. Mandatory HIV/AIDS Testing for Pregnant Woman
  22. Psychological and Social Consequences of HIV/AIDS

🎓 Simple Research Topics about AIDS & HIV

  1. The Link Between HIV and the Development of AIDS
  2. Religion and Women’s Health in Ghana: Insights Into HIV/AIDS Preventive and Protective Behavior
  3. AIDS and HIV and Their Effects on Human Biology
  4. The Factual Characteristics and Dangers of HIV and AIDS
  5. Policy Process Improving American Healthcare System
    The process of formulating and implementing public policies is very involving and needs professionalism and accountability for it to be successful.
  6. AIDS: Immune System and HIV Treatments Points
  7. The Causes and Effects of HIV/AIDS on African Society
  8. Gender, HIV/AIDS and Stigma: Understanding Prejudice Against Women Living With HIV/AIDS
  9. HIV/AIDS-related Stigma and Discrimination: Accounts of HIV-positive Caribbean People in the United Kingdom
  10. The Relationship Between Prostitution Non-legalization and Aids Infections in the USA
    The paper describes what the government is already doing about prostitution in the U.S and why people feel the government shouldn’t play a role in prostitution.
  11. AIDS: HIV and Non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptas
  12. Support for Homeless Teens at Risk for Contracting HIV/AIDS
  13. Preventing HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Thailand
  14. Anglo American in South Africa
    Stakeholders have a great and compelling moral responsibility to help the South African government achieve its agenda of combating the epidemic of HIV/ AIDS.
  15. Traditional Chinese Medicine for Treatment of HIV/AIDS
  16. HIV/AIDS Patients and Suicide
  17. Public Health Campaign for Fight HIV/AIDS
  18. Promoting Health and Well-being in Lives of People Living With HIV and AIDS
  19. AIDS Vaccine Cells Immune HIV
  20. Human Resource Management: A Critical Analysis and HIV/Aids-Related Policy
    In many workplaces, management has developed a policy on HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. Such policies should be circulated widely and all workers should understand them.
  21. Investigating the Association Between HIV/AIDS and Recent Fertility Patterns in Kenya
  22. Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases
  23. HIV/AIDS Pandemic, How Should It Be Addressed
  24. Women, AIDS and HIV in the District of Columbia
  25. HIV/AIDS Pandemic and Women

❓ AIDS & HIV Research Questions

  1. Will HIV and AIDS as the Black Death of the Twenty-first Century?
  2. What Are the Signs, Symptoms, and Awareness of HIV/AIDS Patients in the US?
  3. How Do Older People Cope With HIV/AIDS?
  4. What Are Patient Assistance Programs Available for People Living With HIV/AIDS?
  5. How Is HIV/AIDS Treated With Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART)?
  6. Can Genetic Engineering Cure HIV AIDS in Humans?
  7. What Is the Nature, Transmission, Prevention, and Treatment of HIV/AIDS?
  8. What Drives HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Sub-saharan Africa?
  9. Are HIV/AIDS Carriers Suffering From Discrimination?
  10. What Is the Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Well-being of Patients and Caregivers in the Caprivi Region, Namibia?
  11. What Are the HIV/AIDS Treatments Available in Modern Medicine?
  12. How Would You Account to Feminisation of HIV and AIDS in Africa?
  13. What Has Been Done To Fight AIDS in Australia?
  14. How and Why People Causally Respond to HIV/AIDS?
  15. Why HIV, AIDS Has Spread So Rapidly in Sub-Saharan Africa?
    This paper regards the spread of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa to outline and explain further the factors that have led to the spread of the disease in the continent.
  16. Does Religion Constrain the Risky Sex Behaviour Associated With HIV/AIDS?
  17. What Are the Risk Factors for Getting HIV/AIDS?
  18. Does Female Education Prevent the Spread of HIV-AIDS in Sub-saharan Africa?
  19. Why Does Bay County, Florida Have Limited Resources for the Prevention and Treatment of AIDS and HIV?
  20. What Are the Modes of Transmission of the HIV Virus and the Development of AIDS?
  21. How Do Intravenous Drugs Increase the Risk of Contracting HIV/AIDS?
  22. Are Condoms Effective in Reducing the Spread of HIV/AIDS?
  23. What Is the Level of Understanding and Awareness Among Young People and Adults About HIV/AIDS?
  24. Can Disease-specific Funding Harm Health? In the Shadow of HIV/AIDS Service Expansion?
  25. Why Do Poverty Exacerbate HIV/AIDS Deaths?
  26. What Is the Nature of the Scale and Spread of HIV-AIDS in Australia?
  27. How Does Palliative Care For People With HIV/AIDS Help People Cope Better With the Disease?
  28. What Factors Influence HIV/AIDS in India?
  29. How Is HIV/AIDS Prevented Among Men Who Have Sex With Men?
  30. Does HIV/AIDS Matter for Economic Growth in Sub-saharan Africa?
  31. How Is Health Provider-initiated HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing in Healthcare Facilities in Thailand?

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