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Fall in Elderly in Hospital Settings

Definition of the problem Elderly patients face a significant number of risks due to reducing mobility, as well as poorer balance skills and changes in the musculoskeletal system (Vu et al., 2020). Therefore, preventing falls in the elderly must remain one of the core issues in geriatric care. Incorporating precaution...


Multifactorial Interventions for Elderly Falls

The issue of fall prevention in the elderly is widely studied by nursing scholars due to the fact that it causes serious damage to patients. One of the probable solutions for the problem is the enhancement of the professional skills of nurses intended for a better perception of the multiple...

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Assessing and Planning Care for an Elderly Person

It is required to compare the systemic changes in the patient’s body with those indicated in the instructions. The disadvantage of Sandra’s health, characteristic of the elderly, is the deterioration of vision and the condition of the veins. Varicose veins, which also appear due to the age and lifestyle of...


Four Metaparadigms of Contemporary Nursing

Person One of the four metaparadigms of contemporary nursing is the person. According to Deliktas et al. (2019), as per Watson’s theory, a person is a socially active being and constantly interacts with other people, which is essential to consider when prescribing appropriate care procedures. At the same time, the...

Public Health

Population Aging and Public Health Support

Given the rapid pace of society’s aging, long-term care is becoming a priority item on the welfare reform agenda. Population aging will continue to affect society, including labor and financial resource markets, demand for goods and services, and health care (Cristea., 2020). Meeting the challenge of long-term care requires social...

Healthcare Research

Application of Theoretical Models in Healthcare

Family Assessment and Intervention Model Broekema, S., Luttik, M. L. A., Steggerda, G. E., Paans, W., & Roodbol, P. F. (2018). Measuring change in nurses’ perceptions about family nursing competency following a 6-day educational intervention. Journal of Family Nursing, 24(4), 508-537. Web. In this study, the researchers sought to describe...

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Advice for Aspiring Nurse Leaders: Article Analysis

According to the article, “aspiring nurses often seek education on leadership skills but may not be prepared for the transition from bedside to leadership” (Bove & Scott, 2021, p. 44). Thus, mentors are exemplary, providing guidance and necessary psychological support to new leaders throughout their careers, as they have not...


Locating Credible Databases and Research

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is the best way to provide high-quality, credible healthcare services for nurses and doctors. There are many online sources of related information, however, now, not all of them are appropriate to use. It is essential to be aware of the relevant resources containing specific evidence-based data related...

Family Planning

The Teratogens Effects on a Developing Embryo

Introduction The development of the fetus in the womb involves complex processes of the development of all body systems. Cognitive functions, as well as physiological characteristics, are formed during this period, and several criteria have a direct impact on the child’s further psychological development. One of the negative teratogenic effects...

Medical Ethics

Ethical Issues in Healthcare During COVID-19

Healthcare is fraught with numerous issues that require thorough consideration to ensure ethical decision-making. Chapter 7 reiterates how data security in healthcare impacts patient privacy, and chapter 8 reminds us that advances relying on research require particular attention to informed consent in the process. Other sources used in this case...

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Critical Theory and Emancipatory Knowing in Nursing

Nurses in the modern world are constantly faced with discrimination, social injustice, and cultural conflicts. Moreover, these problems are complicated because nurses are carriers of a particular culture, which means stereotypes and prejudices. Nursing practice shows that the ethics of compassion should be above all. Neither the gender, age, nor...


The Concept of a Person in Nursing Theories

The concept of a person, or a human being, is fundamental in all reliable theories of nursing. In Watson’s Theory of Caring, a person plays a highly essential role as addressing his needs is defined as a core of patient-oriented and responsible nursing. According to it, a patient is “a...


The Theory-Practice Gap in Nursing

Introduction The nursing sector is one of the most complex and responsible public areas. Undoubtedly, in the process of treating and caring for patients, there are various kinds of difficulties, complications, and obstacles that even an experienced nurse can not always foresee. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to surrender...

Public Health

Public Health Legislation Funding Proposal

Public Health Policy In March 2020 as part of the public health emergency (PHE) under the Public Health Service Act, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued waivers that extended telehealth coverage for all Medicare patients during the pandemic. As a result of this policy change, many barriers...

Healthcare Research

Measuring Performance in Quality Healthcare

Introduction The purpose of every healthcare institution is to provide cost-effective, quality care that is accessible and convenient for patients. To attain this goal, there are various performance measurement tools such as the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) that identify opportunities for reducing costs and improving the efficiency...


The Study of Cancer: Colorectal Cancer

Introduction Quantitative research is one of the two main methods of collecting and analyzing information. This work is a systematic review of a given topic and the literature related to it. Moreover, this approach is characterized by a clear and specific formulation of the research question. It also uses systematic...

Public Health

Behavioral and Mental Health Services in Miami, Florida

Problem Statement Mental health and behavioral disorders are central in human existence are they are the basement of all other possible issues. With a strong psychological and emotional condition, a person has an adequate self-perception, motivation level, and speed of life. If psychological concerns are met in adolescence, it may...


Reducing Hospital Readmissions With Pulmonary Disease

Effective public health management lies in providing quality care that would be not costly as well. An example of a regulation that guarantees the fulfillment of the mentioned goals is the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, which attempts to reduce the rate of readmissions. Namely, the program aims to prevent repeated...


An Elderly Person’s Health Assessment

It is required to compare the systemic changes in the patient’s body with those indicated in the instructions. György’s health deficiency, characteristic of the elderly, is deteriorating hearing and vision. Arthritis inherent in the elderly as a result of the aging of the circulatory system is also included in the...

Public Health

Public Health Nursing and Holistic Care

In the case under review, interviewing the woman during the initial consultation is the primary stage of observation, at which gathering the medical history occurs. Thus, the probability of asthma, lung cancer, and other severe respiratory diseases in the patient is above average, considering how much she smokes. Her cigarettes,...


Mannequin-Based Simulation in Nursing Students’ Learning

Two peer-reviewed studies were selected to investigate the topic of the PICOT question. PICOT: “In millennial generation nursing students (P) how does simulation using mannequins (I) compare to other teaching techniques (C) in providing interpersonal skills to students (O) during one academic school year (T)?”. Those studies include “The role...