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Healthcare Research

Pressure Ulcer Protocol Topic

The thesis of the work is the following: “the implementation of an appropriate pressure ulcer protocol may reduce the risk of getting these lesions within three days.” Amir, Y., Lohrmann, C., Halfens, R. J., & Schols, J. M. (2016). Pressure ulcers in four Indonesian hospitals: Prevalence, patient characteristics, ulcer characteristics,...

Administration & Regulation

ICARE in the ICU Relations

Introduction The intensive care unit (ICU) is one of the most challenging and complex locations in a hospital environment. Patients admitted to the ICU are in critical condition, exhibiting a wide range of illnesses and traumas. Managing care in an ICU ward requires continuous coordinated and multidisciplinary care. There are...

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Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act

Introduction Nurse Staffing Standards for Patient Safety and Quality Care Act of 2019 requires hospitals to implement a stipulated nurse-patient ratio per unit and submit it to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The bill also needs hospitals to follow the rules on how staffing ratios are determined....

Healthcare Research

American Indian/Alaskan Native Population: Health Status

Addressing inequality in the health status of minority population groups and other categories of citizens in the United States is one of the most complicated tasks for present-day researchers and policymakers. This sphere’s problems vary from susceptibility to particular conditions to the circumstances explaining their struggles in accessing high-quality medical...

Public Health

Human Papilloma Virus Infection: Healthcare Programs

Description of the Project Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection acts as the most widespread sexually transmitted infection internationally (Leval et al., 2013). HPV infection could occur even if the transmitting individual does not show any symptoms. Usually, HPV infection ebbs away even with no treatment although in its persistent occurrences it...


Community-Based Nursing: Definition and Role

The terms public health, community health nursing, and community-based nursing are very common, especially in my field of practice. It is very important to distinguish these three terms. In most cases, people do not understand how public health differs from community health nursing and community-based nursing. Distinguishing between community health...

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Administration & Regulation

Routes of Administration Overview

Medical imaging technologists can apply several types of drug administration. Medical workers follow the rule of five “R,” namely right patient, right drug, the right amount, right time, and right route, to predict complications and avoid errors (Jensen & Peppers, 2006). Oral administration, when drugs are delivered by mouth, is...


Multiple Drug Interactions in Cardiovascular Conditions

Introduction Mrs. J. is a 63-year-old married woman with a history of hypertension, chronic heart failure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Despite requiring 2L of oxygen/nasal cannula at home during activity, she has been smoking two packs of cigarettes daily for 40 years. The problem is that three days...


Muslim Americans Cultural Care in the Healthcare

Cultural background is a factor considered in healthcare since it influences a patient’s behavior. Nurses need to respect cultural preferences and beliefs when caring for patients from different origins. Providing high-quality care to Muslim patients requires a nurse to be knowledgeable on the Islamic faith and its peculiarities. Today, the...


Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing

Introduction Nurses should be guided by both ethical and legal concerns when dealing with patients. The main advantage to nurses is that most laws have been enacted to reinforce the six bioethics principles. For example, the Bakers Act supports distributive justice when a patient is in need of urgent attention,...

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Type 2 Diabetes: The Ways to Prevent or Delay It

According to the test I passed, I have a low risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In general, I expected such results, as I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and monitor my body’s state. It helps me to prevent various diseases and stay fit. However, there is no doubt...

Healthcare Research

Regular Exercise to Prevent Falls: Formulating a Nursing Question

Before formulating a task or problem, generalized information about the patient and the illness, including a set of symptoms, signs, test results, data on the history of the disease, and the patient’s life, needs to be accumulated. It is also necessary to determine the patient’s capabilities and collect other information...

Public Health

Sexually Transmitted Diseases among Young Adults

Introduction Background and Significance of the Problem Despite the efforts taken to reduce the exposure to sexually transmitted diseases among young adults, the threat remains very high in some communities. The reasons for the failure of promoting health literacy among the target population may vary depending on the community and...


Nursing Leadership Overview

Proposed Organizational Policy Though organizational change is crucial, it is sometimes time-consuming and may feel difficult for stakeholders who are required to acclimatize to varying expectations. Nurse leaders are anticipated to create positive transformations to healthcare policies either at the unit, local, state, or national level. Nurse leaders are responsible...


Emergency Plan for Older Adults

Headline 1: Objective Natural disasters including drought, earthquakes, hunger and diseases such as corona virus have become part of human being’s daily life. The most vulnerable individuals in the society comprising the aged need to be protected from such phenomena. Therefore, it is necessary for every emergency supplies to have...


Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certification Review

Introduction: Certification Description Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN) Requirements: Registered Nurse license and experience Cost: Registration -$100, exam – $300 for non-members, $255 for Society of Pediatric Nurse (SPN) Requirements before certification: RN and 5-year experience. The clinical certification on this diagnosis is a focused certification based on Certified Pediatric Nurse....


“The Significance of Patient Participation in Nursing Care” by Nilsson

Recently, an absolutely new model of health care has been gaining popularity, which presupposes the concept of patient participation, or patient involvement in the treatment process as one of its fundamental principles. In this case, the patient is motivated to participate in prevention and treatment; thus, he/she makes an informed...


San Jose General Hospital Nursing Department Budget

Introduction The operating budget is comprised of the expenditure budget and income budget (Mitton et al., 2014). The coming financial year lists predicted revenue by cause and predicted expenditures by II normal classifications, such as wages, purchases, and services. Administration ought to constantly trail a more significant income budget than...


“Everyone Fails” Article Summary

Rachel Simmons wrote an article titled “Everyone fails. Here’s how to pick yourself back up.” In it, she argues that failure is a skill that one has to learn. Hence, although it may seem that a sense of failure is natural for any human being, it is best to practice...


Family Nurse Practitioner: Key Insights

Requiring vast and profound knowledge, as well as extensive experience and practice, family nursing is an excruciatingly challenging job, which is why it deserves closer attention as an area that can be enhanced and improved. This paper will consider the outcomes of an interview with a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)...


Maintaining Professional Boundaries in Nursing

Professionalism in nursing incorporates principles critical to advancing the quality of patient care while observing moral, cultural, ethical, and legal values outlined in nursing practice guidelines. According to Go (2018), it offers excellent health services while implementing respect, advocacy, responsibility, honesty, and accountability, among other standards. It, moreover, extends to...