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Identifying Depression in Young Adults at an Early Stage

More and more people suffer from depression every year; depression continues to be the dominant cause of suicide. The most depressed category of people is young people and middle-aged people. In this study, it is proposed to focus on people aged 18-40. At this stage of the development of medicine,...

Medical Ethics

Mercy Killing in Healthcare Ethics

Euthanasia is a medical practice that provides mercy killing to patients suffering from incapacitating incurable diseases. Callahan opposes euthanasia because the practice is an unethical healthcare issue that undermines the purpose of medicine. According to Callahan, the purpose of medicine is to “Promote the individualistic pursuit of general human happiness...

Medical Ethics

Voluntary Active Euthanasia in Healthcare Ethics

Voluntary active euthanasia is a significant ethical issue discussed all over the world for many years. According to Brock, there are two ethical values that uphold voluntary active euthanasia, including autonomy and beneficence (Vaughn, 2016). The principle of autonomy implies that people’s choice to end their lives should be respected...


Self-Compassion as a Stress-Coping Technique for Nurses

Introduction The current paper focuses on analyzing the article discussing self-compassion as a stress-coping technique for nurses. The article written by Duke provides the results of the practical study helping frontline nurses overcome overload-related stress. The analysis of the article is constructive for future practices as a nurse. Psychological risk...


Paroxetine-Overview of the Molecular Mechanisms of Action

The client is a 46-year-old white male working as a welder at the local factory. He reported signs similar to a heart attack, such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, and a feeling of impending doom. He has some mild hypertension and is overweight. However, after the examination, the myocardial...


The Role of Nurses in Budget Development

Abstract A budget is an important document in any given organization as it helps in ensuring the organization is running in the right direction. Budget development is a detailed process that goes through a series of procedures such as communicating with senior management, setting goals and objectives, creating a thorough...


Therapeutic Programs for Children With Autism

Introduction One of the most difficult aspects of a research project is choosing a topic. This must be done appropriately because it is the initial stage in drafting a paper. The themes for the assignment’s topic, “Children with Autism,” were chosen within its constraints. Instructors frequently provide broad instructions to...

Public Health

Researching of Circadian Rhythm Disruption

Approach Paragraph My approach to research has been to obtain credible, reliable, and current sources. Therefore, I have used keywords such as ‘Circadian Rhythm Disruption’ to access various resources that cover the topic on the search engine. In the research study, the selection of sources is useful to ensure the...


Medical Assessment in the Psychiatric Field

Subjective CC: P. P. perceives medication as not helpful because she feels battered whenever she takes it. Her non-compliance to medicines has been closely linked to a previous depression diagnosis. Past Psychiatric History: According to the psychiatric history of the 26-year-old patient, she has been hospitalized for various conditions, including...


The Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries Algorithm Effects

Introduction to the Project Numerous older individuals are subject to falls, making it a significant topic in the health care industry (Durgun et al., 2021; Shahrbanian et al., 2021). The issue occurs in multiple settings, and it is associated with injuries and reduced quality of life, as well as significant...

Public Health

Tobacco Use: Positive and Negative Effects

Any chemical that alters an organism’s physiology or psychology when consumed is considered a drug; consequently, tobacco is a drug. Tobacco is made from leaves of tobacco plants that contain nicotine, making it an addictive drug with stimulant and depressant effects. It is commonly taken into the body by smoking...


Drug Abuse and Its Impact on Forebrain

It is important to note that with the rise of substance addiction problems as an epidemic, understanding the role of drugs and their impacts on the human brain is critical. Drugs work by directly affecting the human brain’s signaling processes by emulating the effects of normal receptor and neuromodulator functionalities....

Healthcare Research

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

Introduction Interprofessional collaborative practice (IPCP) is an interaction model between healthcare workers. The model of IPCP is used to unite the healthcare professionals of various backgrounds to advance the quality of medical care. The model involves improved communication between healthcare specialists and their interaction with patients and their families. This...


Evidence-Based Practice and Mentorship in Nursing

In this post, attention will be paid to the article “Evidence-Based Practice Beliefs and Implementation of Doctor of Nursing Practice Students” written by Singleton for Worldviews on Evidence‐Based Nursing. The main idea of this work is to analyze the importance of evidence-based practice (EBP) beliefs and implementations using the Doctor...


HIV Prevention Among Latino, Black, and Gay Men

Introduction HIV is one of the deadliest viruses, threatening individual life since it attacks the immune system. It weakens the individual immune system, thus leaving an individual vulnerable to opportunistic diseases. The cure for this virus has not yet been identified. Thus, reducing the transmission of this virus is the...


Benner’s Novice to Expert Model

The article applies Benner’s Novice to Expert Model to how nurses in the frontline practiced during the COVID-19. The model considers nursing students as novices and advanced beginners after graduation. These levels change with time after exposure and hands-on skill practice from nursing care. A significant fact from the study...

Healthcare Research

Watson’s Theory to Support Evidence-Based Practice

Introduction Nursing theories describe real-world processes Different models may be used Watson’s theory founded on compassion Theory assists family nurse practitioners In nursing theories, models and systems that describe real-world processes are available to students, researchers, and clinicians. Different models may be used in diverse nursing domains and employed at...

Alternative Medicine

Ginger Tea Among Alternative Treatments

Ginger tea as a drink originated in Asia and gained particular popularity in China. Natural and herbal alternative therapies are becoming popular in this country, and an impressive number of healing properties are attributed to ginger. Health problems of varying degrees are neutralized by the use of ginger tea. One...

Healthcare Research

The Problem of Late Referrals to Hospice

Late referrals to hospice are a significant issue that adversely affects people’s health. That is why the given project focuses on this problem and aims to identify how the issue can be addressed to achieve positive outcomes. There should be specific interventions, and it seems that the implementation of screening...

Alternative Medicine

Self-Care and Behavioral Medicine

Introduction Self-care is a term that comprises activities aiming to protect one’s health and well-being and promote happiness. This practice helps reduce the adverse effects of stress, depression, and anxiety, eliminate frustration, increase energy levels, and improve focus and attention. According to Scott (2021), self-care refers to “a conscious act...


Florence Nightingale in Modern Nursing

Florence Nightingale, the first researcher and founder of modern nursing, made a revolution in her views on the role and place of a nurse in the protection of public health. In nursing, there are two main areas that include caring for the sick and caring for healthy people. Nightingale believed...