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Acute Care Nurse Practitioners in Florida

Nurse practitioners are front-line care providers helping patients cope with their health issues moving through the healthcare system and associated processes. Nurses have start playing a more prominent role globally and in the United States, although not all states have equal policies regarding the empowerment of these professionals. Florida can...

Public Health

Protection of Patients’ Privacy

An electronic health record (EHR) may be defined as an electronic system maintained by health care administration and used to collect, update, and store patients’ personal medical information and manage clinical workflows. It has multiple functions essential for high-quality health care delivery, such as the management of orders and results,...


Hepatitis C+ and Rehabilitation After Addiction

Summary The patient (Ms. Lisa Pittman) presents to the healthcare setting with inquiries regarding potential treatment for Hepatitis C+ and rehabilitation after the adverse impact of addiction. Ms. Pittman mentions smoking cannabis from one to two times a week, reportedly due to having a medical card allowing its consumption. In...


Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Care Implementation

Patient Case The patient’s medication intake needs prioritization as the primary concern should be focused on BPH as this pathology is not currently under control: Chief complaints relate to BPH. PSA > 4ng/ml. AUA Symptom Score = 20. Uroflowmetry < 10 ml/sec. The size of the prostate is 35 g...


Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory in Nursing

Kolcaba’s comfort theory has gained a high degree of popularity in diverse nursing areas due to its precision and high applicability. The concepts guiding this theoretical framework are properly operationalized, which contributed to its usability in the clinical setting. According to Kolcaba (2003), comfort is “the immediate experience of being...


Increasing New Nurses’ Job Confidence With a Mentorship Program

Project Description Problem When entering the workforce, novice nurses possess great theoretical skills in their profession. However, they do not always have enough practice experience, and many of them feel unsure of how to become valuable team members in a healthcare organization. As a result, new nurses experience a lack...


Blockchain in the Pharma Industry

Pharma Industry and Innovations For more than half a century, the traditional model of a pharmaceutical company have been the so-called Fully Integrated Pharmaceutical Company (FIPCO). Within the framework of this model, all activities are managed by the owner – a single company (TNC) (25). The sheer size of such...


COVID-19: Leadership, Collaboration, and Policy Considerations in Nursing

Introduction From time immemorial, the work of a nurse has been considered one of the most important professions for society. This profession is massive, consistently in demand, and has many advantages. However, to become a professional, a nurse must have the necessary knowledge and skills to determine a patient’s illness...


Managing Patients with Personality Disorders

In various healthcare contexts, the provision of nursing care can be challenging due to patients’ peculiar characteristics, including mental health concerns. As a subgroup of mental illnesses, personality disorders (PDs) incorporate long-term behavioral and thought patterns that reduce an individual’s flexibility and adaptability to diverse circumstances, thus severely impairing his...

Public Health

Refugees and Socio-Cultural Barriers in Health Care

Thesis Statement When trying to gain access to health services and nursing care, refugees always encounter almost insurmountable barriers, which generates various additional health risks for them and the host nation. Background It is no secret that being a refugee is a thing no one wants to experience. They have...


The Role of the Nurse Leader in Healthcare

Background The confidentiality of patient information can only be ensured by the joint work of all related health workers. However, unit supervisors, such as nurse leaders, can significantly contribute to a more effective solution to this problem. These professionals have many opportunities to implement a plan to increase awareness and...


Theory, Research, and Practice in the Nursing Sphere

There are generally four types of theories in the nursing sphere, namely descriptive, explanatory, prescriptive, and predictive frameworks. In this regard, the former theories aim at describing practices and phenomena as well as identifying and defining the important factors that can then be further examined separately. As such, descriptive models...

Public Health

Discussion of Quality Care Factors

Introduction Improving healthcare quality is now the top priority for healthcare professionals. Technology integration, improved communication, and collaboration between healthcare teams, insurance companies, and patients. These aspects are critical for improving and developing the health care system and crucial for achieving a better quality of care. Various technological innovations make...


The Role of the Nurse Leader in Public Health

Communication with Stakeholders Communication with stakeholders is an integrated part of the nurse leader’s job, especially in a pandemic. Prestia (2020) notes that nursing leaders are the only ones who can balance the needs of the staff and the needs of the patients. For effective communication, nurses must demonstrate such...


Introduction of Technology in Nursing

Introduction The idea of evaluating the finance-related transactions in medicine helps in analyzing the profitability highly expected from the monetary investments incurred by the health service organizations. The financial analysis in medicine encourages the well and maximizes full usage of resources in a profitable way that enables the effective running...


The Acute Stroke Treatment Strategies

Stroke is a condition that requires both emergency and long-lasting treatment due to various symptoms, multiple types of disease, and broad risk groups. Modern healthcare organizations develop different strategies for patient management, including diverse imaging and treatment operations, and track the outcomes to evaluate their interventions’ efficiency. Indeed, Dr. Misulis...


The COVID-19 Psychology and Mental Health Implications

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected many spheres of human life, including friendship, employment, and health state. One of the things that have fallen under this influence became the person’s psyche. At the height of the pandemic, people’s nervous system is as vulnerable as the immune one. During COVID-19,...


Alzheimer’s Disease Description and Implications

Problem Definition Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a deteriorating condition that impairs a person’s judgment, reasoning, and memory as they age. AD often begins slowly but develops with time, resulting in the death and degeneration of human brain cells. As a result, AD creates dementia, which impacts a person’s capacity to...

Healthcare Research

The Implementation of a Theoretical Model

The implementation of a theoretical model in a medical facility requires the involvement of every staff member. The staff members, especially nurses, should be able to apply a care-oriented theoretical model in practice to improve one’s performance and be able to assist and guide colleagues. Despite the fact, that the...


Resources for Attracting Nurses at Hospitals

The solution to the problem of low nurse-to-patient ratio is an increase in the number of nurses and the addition of bonuses, which will incentivize them to stay longer on the job. However, implementing such a strategy would put additional stress on the healthcare organization’s finances, as well as require...


Colorectal Cancer: Evidence-Based Practice Intervention

In the 21st century, the cancer incidence rate remains alarmingly high, causing additional stress on communities. Among its varieties, colorectal cancer is one of the most serious issues due to its high mortality and associated complications. As identified earlier, the problem is particularly topical among older adults, as most cases...