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The Falls of Elderly Patients in Hospitals

Introduction The falls of elderly patients in hospitals elderly patient are seen as a problem in the first study described in this paper. This study is significant to nursing as it addresses the fact of interaction between the patient and the healthcare worker. The objective of the study is to...


The Problem of the Risks of Falls in the Senior Population

Introduction The presentation addresses the problem of the risks of falls in the senior population. The mentioned concern will be covered in the “Practice Issue” section, the “PICOT Question” section will outline research possibilities, while the “Literature Review” will summarize the existing studies. The “Recommendations” and “Conclusion” sections will define...


Alternative and Complementary Nursing Practices

Introduction The NUR3178 course aims to holistically explore the principles of alternative and complementary nursing practices, focusing on the cross-cultural and generational aspects of the practices as well. The material is acquired from empirical research and must then be applied to real-life scenarios to guide nursing majors in their field...

Healthcare Research

Medication Rehabilitation and Hospital Readmissions

Question Population: US adults discharged from a hospital; Intervention: utilizing medication reconciliation; Comparison: usual care; Outcome: hospital readmissions; Time: 30 days. Question: “To what extent can utilizing medication rehabilitation (I) reduce the risk of hospital readmissions (O) in US adults discharged from a hospital (P) undergoing usual care (C) within...


Fall Prevention in Older Adults

Falls in Older Adults Falls are among the main health problems encountered by older adults. According to statistics, 25% percent of the elderly suffer from falls, yet only a small percentage of people tell their doctors about it (Sherrington et al., 2017). The neglect of falls can negatively impact the...


Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Its Treatment

A genetic neuromuscular disorder that affects motor neurons, nerve cells responsible for voluntary muscle control, is called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Muscle wasting, or atrophy, is caused by the loss of motor neurons, which results in weakness or complete inability to move the muscles involved in walking, sitting, arm movement,...


Mental Health Inequality for Veterans

Introduction Specific Gap and Population Affected Mental healthcare access for American veterans is a major gap in healthcare access for a crucial population of this country, especially one that has served its people diligently. Mental healthcare is provided by the World Health Organization as an essential part of health without...


Katharine Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory

Midrange nursing theories bear connections to real-life scenarios because they describe abstract situations, verifiable through studies and testing. As a result, they act as the bridge between rand theories and the nursing practice. On that account, the Comfort Theory by Katherine Kolcaba has gained attention over the past years due...


The Self-Efficacy Theory in Nursing

As mentioned above, in the hierarchy of the levels of nursing theory, middle-range theories are between grand and practice-level theories. Wayne (2021) notes that, in comparison to grand ones, middle-ranged theories are more limited in scope and their concepts and proposals are at lower levels of abstraction. Levels of abstraction...


Medical and Psychosocial Interventions for People with Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder characterized by significant social dysfunction and impaired perception of reality. As a rule, treatment for this mental disorder includes the use of antipsychotic medication to control symptoms (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2020). Overall, the effectiveness of this intervention method is high, and psychiatrists aim to find...


Quality and Safety Education for Nurses

Systems thinking is directly related to the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN). QSEN emphasizes six competencies — patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, safety, and informatics (Stalter & Mota, 2018). The practical mastery of these competencies affects healthcare on multiple levels. For instance, a nurse...


Personality Disorders and Involuntary Treatment

Introduction Personality disorders comprise mental health issues characterized by unhealthy patterns of behavior and thinking that prevent an individual from effective personal and social functioning. One of the difficulties associated with these conditions is the patients’ tendency to reject treatment since they believe they do not have any problem. People...


The Use of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

In modern medicine, providing the best and most effective service to the patient is a very important aspect. Evidence-based practice can be the foundation of such service in nursing. It involves integrating the best available evidence with clinical knowledge and experience while taking into account the unique needs of patients....


Afro-American Community’s Cultural & Health Needs

Community Cultural Need The specific culture or ethnic population selected The specific cultural population selected for this paper is the Afro-American group. This ethnic group is especially prone to developing obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure due to their environment and certain health practices (Long et al., 2017). This phenomenon...


The Leukemia Disease Symptoms and Treatment

Dr. Rudolf Virchow, a German politician whose broad passions prompted fundamental advancements in pathology, cell biology, and anthropology, named leukemia after him in 1847. Leukemia is a fatal cancerous disease of the blood; its advent was not reported until February 22, 1970 (Mehranfar et al., 2017). By 1913, numerous forms...


Gestalt Therapy Applied to Suppressed Emotions

Gestalt therapy refers to a person-centered therapeutic approach that emphasizes the importance of the current moment, experiences, and challenges. It raises the individual’s awareness of the present and aims to improve self-direction and facilitate positive change (Skottun & Krüger, 2021). In the case of Gwen, the counselor helps her focus...


Nursing at American School of Health Sciences

Nursing has always interested me, ever since I was a child. Many of my relatives and acquaintances have often noticed my aptitude for medicine and advised me to study it. When the time came and I got older, soon it became clear that they were right, and I do feel...


A Service Delivery Plan in the Student Community

Introduction Community needs include a wide range of livability categories, such as safety, healthcare, affordable housing, neighborhood, transportation, mobility, education, economic independence, natural environment, opportunity, and others. A combination of these factors helps create a healthy and developed community whose members are empowered to grow as individuals and build a...


Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis in Stroke Patients

Introduction This paper discusses venous thromboembolism (VTE) complications in patients with a stroke, including both deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE). It explores the risk of a patient suffering from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) just after the onset of a stroke. This complication is increased with dehydration, malignant...

Healthcare Research

Accelerating Access to Critical Therapies

Introduction This report closely examines federal bill H.R.3537, also known as the Accelerating Access to Critical Therapies for ALS Act (Piuzzi et al., 2019). It is a recent addition to the legislative space of the United States that was enacted on December 23, 2021 (H.R.3537 – Accelerating Access to Critical...

Administration & Regulation

Researching of Healthcare Accreditation

Accreditation is an official recognition of the presence in a medical institution of conditions for the provision of medical care. This program includes services at a level that allows organizations to be attributed to a category of a medical institution determined by the standard. Accreditation aims to incentivize organizations and...