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Pharmacological Management of Arterial Hypertension

Introduction: Pathophysiology and Factors Regulating Blood Pressure (BP) Changes in heart rate, stroke volume, or total peripheral resistance cause modifications in BP. When extracellular fluid volume or plasma norepinephrine level rises, the patient’s heart rate or stroke volume are affected (Robinson, 2016). Total peripheral resistance is impacted by the processes...


Collaboration: The Importance in Nursing Practice

Aligned CEC Standard:Collaboration Aligned CEC Standard Elements 7.1 Special education specialists use culturally responsive practices to enhance collaboration. 7.2 Special education specialists use collaborative skills to improve programs, services, and outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities. 7.3 Special education specialists collaborate to promote understanding, resolve conflicts, and build consensus for improving...

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Public Health

Relationship Between Health Policy and Finance

Health and finance have always been strongly related to each other. This happens because health depends on finance and any other sphere of public life. After all, finance is required for maintaining the performance of healthcare services. Moreover, finance affects the health policy and, thus, the level of quality of...

Healthcare Research

Future of Pre-Hospital Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Claim The topic selected for this project is the exploration of future opportunities for improving pre-hospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation (PHCR). Due to the exposure to a range of threats, patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD) and the related issues are prone to a cardiac arrest, which is why PHCR may turn out...

Family Planning

Early Detection of Hypertension During Pregnancy

Introduction Hypertension disorders in pregnancy (HDP) account for most pregnancy-related hospital admissions in the modern United States. Related complications are the greatest cause of maternal morbidity and mortality worldwide (Ouasmani et al., 2018). Most pregnancy-related hypertension complications result from inadequate health education and a lack of early detection procedures (Ouasmani...

Healthcare Research

Quality Healthcare: Measuring NP Performance

Out of six domains of care proposed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), the current paper focuses on such domains as the effectiveness of care. Within this domain, the author analyzes such a performance measure as comprehensive diabetes care (CDC). The efficiency of the outcomes for the CDC...

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Public Health

Improving Healthcare-Related Communication During Handoff at Shift Change

During the shift change, a range of risks for a patient occurs caused by poor communication between the doctors and nurses from the two shifts. Improvement of this communication would help with the continuity of care after individual patients during such changes. Improved communication in an interdisciplinary team would promote...

Administration & Regulation

Quality Management System for Healthcare and Its Effectiveness

Introduction Quality healthcare delivery encompasses the provision of effective/efficient patient care services based on current clinical guidelines or evidence. The ultimate goal is to promote patient outcomes and experience. Hospital continuous quality improvement (CQI) initiatives could improve patient safety, patient-provider communication, and pain management, among others to bolster inpatient satisfaction...

Health IT

EHR as a Way to Improve Quality

Introduction Electronic health records (EHR) are now widely used in the US healthcare setting. These IT systems enable healthcare professionals to improve the quality of care significantly. It has been acknowledged that EHR systems are instrumental in reducing the rate of medical errors and associated negative health outcomes for patients...

Healthcare Research

Determining the Credibility of Evidence and Resources

Safety Issue In hospitals, patients and medical personnel face numerous safety issues, including diagnostic and blood testing errors, postoperative complications, infections, and high mortality and readmission rates. The present essay focuses on such a safety issue as injuries of older adults caused by falls. An accidental fall might lead broken...

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Shoulder Joint Position Sense Deficits

Hung and Darling’s report, “Shoulder position sense during passive matching and active positioning tasks in individuals with unstable shoulders,” focuses on researching shoulder joint position sense deficits. They advance this research by evaluating levels of shoulder position sense errors between people with healthy shoulders and those with unstable shoulders. The...


Internet Information in STDs Prevention

Introduction The topic of STDs and their prevention gradually became more apparent in modern society. As the modern community is now more open for discussion of issues related to sex, such as STDs, the prevention of STDs requires raising awareness on the importance of safe sex. The current group of...


Fall Prevention Program in Home Healthcare

Introduction Fall prevention is health promotion. In the United States, they are the leading cause of death from accidents and the seventh leading cause of death in ≥ 65 years of age (NSC, 2021). In 2017, there were 31,190 deaths from falls in persons ≥ 65 years of age versus...


The Role of Community Health Nurses in Different Settings

For a long time, the work of nursing personnel was considered as secondary, and without an independent meaning. The main criterion for its assessment was simply the correct execution of manipulations and physicist’s assignments. Nowadays, the significant contribution that professional nurses make to the implementation of activities aimed at protecting...

Public Health

The Field of Public Health Nursing

The field of public health nursing consists of policy reform, systemic change, and health promotion. This nursing practice includes advocacy, policy development, and planning. It is a balance in which health professionals work to promote health and prevent disease, focusing on identifying the sources of illness and then identifying how...

Healthcare Research

The PICOT-analysis of the Patient Pre-training

The topic of the study was the need for patient education. This is a complicated procedure that ensures not only the independence of postoperative patients but also the literacy of medication use and compliance with medical prescriptions. Without training, treatment efficiency would be minimal because inexperienced patients’ unprofessional actions could...

Healthy Nutrition

Serving Vulnerable Populations: The USDA Conclusion

Food deserts are regions described by moderately helpless admittance to sound and reasonable food. It might add to social differences in diet and diet-related wellbeing results, like cardiovascular illness and stoutness. USDA, Economic Research Service (ERS) gives a brief look into neighborhood admittance to grocery stores and other enormous stores...

Healthcare Research

Porphyria Cutanea Tarda: Disease Case Study

Name:Barbara Date:06-18-2021 Age:25 Sex:F SUBJECTIVE CC: “My hands and shoulders’ skin became uncommonly dry, and blistering appeared without any possible reason.” HPI: Barbara is a 25 years old white woman presenting today to the clinic with continuing complaints of severe hand dryness and blistering. She states that these conditions are...

Alternative Medicine

Ayurveda: Overview, Origins, and Implications

Ayurveda overview Ayurveda is a therapeutic approach that originated in India more than 3000 years ago and viewed life as the union of the body, senses, mind, and soul. According to Banerjee (2020), “ayurveda is an Indian-origin traditional medicinal system, which is one of the best choices as natural treatments...


Caring for Local Population in Bangladesh

Local/National Customs, Beliefs, and Religion As part of the Doctors without Borders initiative, our multidisciplinary volunteer group is planning to assist healthcare providers in Dhaka. As per Figure 1, the most common occupations in Bangladesh are agriculture and fishing, which has implications for culture and healthcare provision. As a religious...

Administration & Regulation

Quality Improvement Project on Medication Errors

Introduction According to the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (2019), medication errors are preventable events that result in inappropriate use of medications which could subsequently harm the patients. FDA further highlights some of the potential outcomes of medication errors as death, hospitalization, disability, and birth defects. Center for Drug...