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Other Medical Specialties

Novel Avian Influenza A (h7n9)

Introduction Novel avian influenza A (H7N9) is an infectious disease that occurs due to exposure to environments with the virus. This paper will outline the signs and symptoms of the diseases, factors that contribute to emergence and re-emergence, prevention measures, and CDC priority. Also, an explanation of my thoughts on...


Lifelong Learning and Achieving Higher Levels of Education

The demand for nurses in the job market increases, and these professionals take on more patient care responsibilities than before. Modern-day nurses can be in charge of diagnosing and treating a condition and educating individuals or communities about health. The IOM Future of Nursing Report focuses on developing and ways...

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Healthcare Research

Discussion of Artistic Health Promotion

Introduction Safeguarding one’s health is one of the most important and lifelong considerations a person can have. To ensure that a person can lead a prosperous and long life, they must engage in practices that are beneficial to their physical and mental wellbeing. To protect public health, medical professionals, especially...

Healthcare Research

Nola J. Pender: Health Promotion Model

Background Currently, Nola Pender is “a Professor Emerita at the University of Michigan School of Nursing” (University of Michigan School of Nursing 1). Nola developed the Health Promotion Model (HPM) that has become popular among health care providers, educators, and researchers. She has taught nursing for over 40 years. Nola...


A Theory-Practice Relationship or Gap in Nursing

Narrative Explanation of the Visual Representation The theory of comfort by Katharine Kolcaba describes comfort as a fundamental need for relaxation, ease, or transcendence for all people from stressful health care situations. Aksoy Derya & Pasinlioğlu (2017) argue that patient comfort occurs in three ways: relaxation, convenience, and transcendence, with...


Evidence-Based Project: How to Decrease Burnout in Nurses

Abstract Nursing burnout is a widespread problem. Different methods of stress reduction are used to reduce the stress level and to overcome the problem. The PICO question of the project was as follows: Do medical-surgical nurses using light physical exercises as a stress reduction strategy (intervention) gain more competencies in...

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Type 2 Diabetes Prevention: Health Promotion Program

Introduction Prevention programs and health promotion initiatives are vital aspects of health systems across the globe. They are designed to empower and encourage communities to adopt healthy behaviors and practice activities that reduce the risk of developing diseases. The implementation of technology to improve program efficiency is critical. The ability...

Public Health

Sensitizing More People in Texas About HIV-AIDS: Intervention Plan

Intervention Plan Nurses and other medical professionals should apply their competencies to solve most of the challenges encountered in their surrounding communities and institutions. They can engage in interprofessional collaboration to identify such problems and formulate workable solutions. Experts who fail to consider these ideas will take longer to achieve...

Healthcare Research

Health Theories and Models: Articles Review

Boff, R. D. M., Segalla, C. D., Feoli, A. M. P., Gustavo, A. D. S., & Oliveira, M. D. S. (2018). The transtheoretical model to assist lifestyle modification in adolescents with overweight and obesity. Trends in Psychology, 26, 1055-1067. Web. This source investigates whether the transtheoretical model (TTM) can be...

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Healthcare Research

Mental Health During COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus epidemic is driving the spread of the risk of COVID-19-related psychiatric illnesses, making the problem necessary to address. This assumption is confirmed by the data presented in the literature. The information presented in the reviewed literature emphasizes that the pandemic has a negative impact on the mental health...


Jean Watson’s Transpersonal Caring Theory

Jean Watson developed the nursing theory of transpersonal caring which sought to integrate humanistic elements into the scientific and knowledge-based nursing practice. She is a personal favorite as she represents the ideal modern nurse, that has achieved high levels of education, accumulated significant experience, and used both her family and...


PICO Question Developing in Nursing

Introduction The present essay is related to the case study of a conflict between two nurses that happened because of the installation of saline into a 75-year-old patient during the process of suctioning. The aim of the installation was to loosen his thick secretions. The problem is that the instillation...

Public Health

Access to Maternal Health Resources in Florida

Access to maternal health resources such as contraceptive care is a vital constituent for women’s well-being during pregnancy, giving birth, and postpartum. Even though contraceptive care, abortion specifically, is legal throughout the country’s states, people trying to obtain the procedure encounter various obstacles. Florida can serve as an example of...

Medical Ethics

Euthanasia & Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS)

Euthanasia is defined as the intentional conduct of painlessly ending the life of a person suffering from a painful and eternal disease to let go of the suffering and pain. The definition applies in general terms and in medicine (Cioffi, 2019). Euthanasia is derived from the Greek word euthanatos that...

Healthcare Research

Analysis of Health Promotion 2020

Introduction Public health nurses (PHN) play an essential role in enhancing the health of communities and the overall population by delivering necessary interventions and preventive care. Moreover, they are responsible for promoting individuals’ access to vital healthcare services, advancing governmental health-strengthening strategies, and providing education. Healthy People 2030 (HP2030) is...


Civility as a Concept in Nursing

In the present day, the concept of civility in nursing attracts particular attention to become a basic element of professional etiquette in the health care system. According to the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements, nurse practitioners are responsible for fostering civil, ethical, and safe...

Public Health

Diabetes and Healthy People 2020

Introduction Diabetes is one of the major topic areas identified in Healthy People 2020. It is estimated that one out of ten Americans is ill with a certain form of diabetes (CDC, 2015). Over one-fourth of people having diabetes are not yet diagnosed (CDC, 2015). Diabetes places serious limitations on...

Medical Ethics

Medical Ethics: Vital Organs/Unconscious State

Vital organs refer to the human body parts that play a key role in someone’s life. When vital organs stop functioning, the death process begins, and depending on the organ, an individual can die in a range of five minutes (Cioffi, 2016). Some examples of vital organs include the heart,...


End-Stage Renal Disease Patients in Hawaii: Medicare Enrollment and Eligibility

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, n.d.), kidney diseases are the top ninth leading cause of death in the United States. Data from another source shows that nearly 750,000 patients in the United States are affected by kidney failure annually (United States Renal Data System [USRDS],2018)....

Administration & Regulation

Professionalism and Social Media

According to American Nurses Association (2011), social networking principles for nurses include six main entries. These are: protecting patient privacy, keeping the patient-nurse professional boundaries, separating professional and personal information, reporting potentially illegal or unethical content uploaded by colleagues, evaluating own postings, and participating in the development of policies. Based...