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Physical Therapy Assistants’ Cultural Competencies

Since the activities of physical therapy assistants (PTAs) are based on regular contact with patients, the cultural competencies of this profile are a significant aspect of their training. Haines, Stiller, Thompson, and Doherty (2017) emphasize the importance of adhering to the ethical standards of interaction and provide examples of controversial...

Chemical Dependency and Interventions

Introduction In medical practice, the task of specialists is not always reduced to the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. Quite often, the clinic staff helps patients to deal with various addictions, and one of the forms of this problem is chemical dependency caused by too frequent use of alcohol,...

Occupational Therapy Assistants’ Powers and Strengths

Occupational therapy assistants (OTAs) have enough capabilities and competencies to not only perform routine support work but also realize their potential to increase the success of medical interventions. For instance, according to Coviello, Potvin, and Lockhart-Keene (2019), students in this profile mention collaboration as an effective method of helping those...

Telehealth for Substance Abuse Care

Clinical Problem Identification Substance abuse is concerned with the “harmful or hazardous use” of illegal and legal substances, including alcohol (World Health Organization, n.d., para. 1). With the increasing prevalence of substance use (Kandel & Kandel, 2014; Mayes & Suchman, 2015), substance abuse has become a challenge for modern healthcare...

Addiction in the “Flight” Film and Intervention Plan

Introduction Unfortunately, there are many people dependent on drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances all over the world. This problem has remained one of the most common causes of deaths within the last two centuries. Individuals with the addictions described above have a plethora of problems with their families, friends,...

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Physical Therapy Services for Sports Injuries

Introduction In this paper, we will focus on comparing the outcome measures to evaluate our practice better. We will also discuss the ways the outcome measures might draw the concept of a perfect injury preventing system nearer, and we will also mention what the introduction of the Electronic medical records...

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