80 Autism Research Topics & Essay Examples

Definition Autism is a developmental disorder, neurological in nature, that affects a person’s thinking, perception, attention, social skills, and behavior.
Specialty Neurology
History In 1943, Leo Kanner published the first article in the US describing a group of 11 children from his medical practice who shared common traits: social isolation, lack of interest in others, and other characteristics. He claimed that these children did not suffer from schizophrenia or mental retardation, but from a new, previously unidentified syndrome. At the same time, Hans Asperger in Austria found a similar set of behavioral symptoms in his clinical practice. In the 1980s, Asperger’s work was taken up by Lorna Wing, Christopher Gillberg, and others.
Symptoms The symptoms of autism fall into two broad categories. The first group includes symptoms associated with persistent social communication deficits in several contexts. The second group of symptoms are restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, and activities.
Causes Autism is a complex disorder of the nervous system with no single cause. It is a genetic disorder that can be hereditary or non-hereditary. In addition, there are non-genetic factors in autism that interact with genetic ones.
Prevention There are no scientifically proven methods of preventing autism.
Diagnostic Method In order to suspect an autism spectrum disorder, the child must have three symptoms at the same time: difficulties in social interaction, communication disorders, and repetitive, stereotypical behavior. For a more accurate diagnosis, a specialist in these types of diseases or a neuropsychologist conducts a study according to the criteria of international classifications of mental disorders and diseases.
Treatment The best treatment currently available is psychological, such as behavioral analysis. This means that difficult tasks are divided into simple steps, and each of them is overcome with the help of encouragement and motivation of the child. These therapies are most effective when done in conjunction with developmental studies.
Duration Autism in an inherent disorder and stays with the person till the end of their life.
Prognosis According to experts, autism is well-manageable if it is diagnosed at an early age and then the child is provided with educational, social and correctional services.
Complications Potential complications of autism include mental retardation, complete shutdown of the psyche and refusal to interact with the world, as well as deterioration of cognitive and speech functions.
Frequency in Population 1 in 160 children worldwide has an autism spectrum disorder, according to Autism Research, 2012.
Deaths People with autism are often prone to wandering, eloping, having life-threatening accidents, which can significantly affect their life expectancy.
Society Often, people with this disorder are mistakenly attributed to schizophrenia, mental retardation, mental retardation. As a result, they become patients in neuropsychiatric dispensaries and boarding schools, where they do not receive the qualified assistance they need.

📝 Autism Research Papers Examples

  1. Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Needs Assessment Plan
    This paper outlines the needs assessment plan for this project based on the use of surveys and other researchers’ findings.
  2. Autism and Neurodiversity: Current Approaches
    Autism is one of the most severe developmental disorders due to causing difficulties in communication and social interaction.
  3. Combined Autism Diagnostic Evaluation
    Zander, Sturm, and Bölte compared the application of ADI-R, ADOS, their combinations, and the clinical consensus diagnosis to establish the diagnostic validity of the tools.
  4. Vaccination and Related Risks of Autism
    The persistence of the vaccination myths causes people to hesitate and delay vaccination. Such decisions may have negative consequences for the health of children.
  5. New Beginning Program Strength and Limitations
    The organization can publish educational and supportive materials digitally and print to help those in need in areas where the program is not available.
  6. The New Beginnings Program: Mission Statement and Goals
    This paper presents the mission statement and discusses three goals of the program related to independence, skills development, and employment, as well as more specific objectives.
  7. Autism: Is There Something That Can Be Done?
    As autism can not be cured, treatment of people affected by it consists instead of teaching them to cope with it in their daily lives.
  8. Autism and Vaccination: The Possible Correlation
    It has been proved in many studies that there is no correlation between vaccination and development of ASD or autism.
  9. The Field of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Professional Knowledge
    This research paper demonstrates the importance of professional knowledge of standards and high-quality training in the field of autism spectrum disorders.
  10. Benchmark - Philosophy as an Autism Spectrum Disorders Specialist
    Autism spectrum disorders are a range of psychological characteristics that describe a wide range of abnormal behavior and difficulties in social interaction and communication.

🏆 Best Autism Essay Titles

  1. The Relationship Between Asperger Syndrome and Autism
  2. Physical Therapy for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
  3. The Attenuated Psychosis Syndrome and Facial Affect Processing in Adolescents With and Without Autism
  4. Morning Plasma Melatonin Differences in Autism
  5. Social Attention and Emotional Responsiveness in Young Adults With Autism
  6. Medical Treatment for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
  7. The Need for Objective Measures of Stress in Autism
  8. Individuals With Autism and the Difficulties To Understand Different Emotions
  9. Psychological and Social Factors in Informed Consent for Patients With Autism
  10. Seeing More Than Human: Autism and Anthropomorphic Theory of Mind
  11. The Evolving Diagnostic and Genetic Landscapes of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  12. Synaptic Proteins and Receptors Defects in Autism Spectrum Disorders
  13. Latent and Abnormal Functional Connectivity Circuits in Autism Spectrum Disorder
  14. Informal Assessments and Autism Spectrum Disorders
  15. Interplay Between Peripheral and Central Inflammation in Autism Spectrum Disorders
  16. The Difference Between Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome
  17. Intranasal Oxytocin Improves Emotion Recognition for Youth With Autism Spectrum Disorders
  18. Physical Based Intervention Therapies for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
  19. Savant Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome in Children and Adults
  20. Living With Autism Spectrum Disorder in Hanoi, Vietnam
  21. Treatment and Warning Signs of Autism
  22. Parental Involvement and the Area of Treatments for Autism
  23. Social Interaction for Children With Autism
  24. Social Skills Training for Children on the Autism Spectrum
  25. The Causes and Predisposition, Coping Strategies, and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  26. Tips for Teaching High Functioning People With Autism
  27. Living With the Form of Autism Called Asperger’s Syndrome
  28. Risk Factors, Causes, and Treatments of Autism
  29. Music Therapy for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
  30. Motivating Moral Behavior: Helping, Sharing, and Comforting in Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
  31. The Neurological Signs and Symptoms of Autism in Patients With Coeliac Disease
  32. Intrinsic Functional Network Organization in High-functioning Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorder
  33. Using Behavior Analysis for Autism Spectrum Disorders
  34. The Symptoms and Methods of Treatment of the Autism Spectrum Disorder
  35. Issues Those Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder Face as They Transition Into Adulthood
  36. Precentral Gyrus Functional Connectivity Signatures of Autism
  37. Astrocytes and Microglia and Their Potential Link With Autism Spectrum Disorders
  38. Parental Sensitivity and Attachment in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
  39. Understanding and Teaching Children With Autism
  40. Using Animal Assisted Therapy as a Way of Treating Autism

❓ Autism Research Questions

  1. What Are Autism Spectrum Disorders?
  2. How Does Autism Affect the Development of a Child?
  3. What Is the Relationship Between Prenatal Antidepressant Exposure and Autism?
  4. How Is the Assessment and Treatment Plan For a Child With Autism Done?
  5. Why Do Older Fathers Have More Children With Autism?
  6. What Are the Primary Treatments for Children With Autism?
  7. Asperger’s Syndrome: “The Higher Functioning Form of Autism?”
  8. What Are the Social Skill Differences Between Autism Spectrum Disorders?
  9. What Are the Causes of Multiple Sclerosis and Autism Spectrum Disorders?
  10. What Are the Problems of Motor Development and Motor Resonance in Autism?
  11. What Is the Connection Between Autism and Mirror Neurons?
  12. Why Has the Incidence Rate of Autism Increased?
  13. How Does Autism Affect Brain Structure and Activity?
  14. Why Are Minority Children With Autism Less Likely To Receive Specialist Care?
  15. What Are the Causes of Autism?
  16. What Are the Misconceptions and Assumptions About Autism?
  17. How Can the Therapist Help Autism Children?
  18. What Are the Known Modern Diagnostic Criteria for Autism?
  19. Why Are Researchers Still Not Sure About the Origins and Causes of Autism?
  20. How People With Autism Experience the World?
  21. How does Autism Affect Sexuality?
  22. What Are the Specific Social Skills for Children With Autism?
  23. What Are the Two Main Psychological Approaches To Understanding the Main Disadvantages of Autism?
  24. What Can Autism Look Like and Things You Can Do to Spot It?
  25. How the Media Perpetuated the Autism-vaccine Scare?
  26. How Autism Affects Regular Brain Functions as Well as Socialization Skills?
  27. What Are the Benefits of Music Therapy for Autism?
  28. What Are Two Behavioral Rating Scales on Young Children on the Autism Spectrum?
  29. What Are the Social and Emotional Difficulties of Autism?
  30. What Is the Link Between Autism and Noonan Syndrome?

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