108 Vaccination Research Topics & Essay Examples

Definition Vaccination is the introduction of medical immunobiological preparations into the human body to create specific immunity to infectious diseases.
Specialty Vaccination is a large part of the disease prevention sector of medicine.
History In the 18th century, the British doctor Edward Jenner conducted an experiment proving that cowpox could protect a person from smallpox. The doctor infected an eight-year-old boy with cowpox. A month and a half later, the boy did not get sick after the introduction of material from a patient with smallpox. The success made it possible to begin mass vaccination of the military two years after the experiment. Nearly a century later, Louis Pasteur showed that the dangers of natural strains could be purposefully reduced by exposure to adverse laboratory conditions. Pasteur called the resulting preparations vaccines. Since then, more than 100 vaccines against 40 diseases have been created.
Motivation/Factors Mass immunization allows people to protect not only themselves, but also those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. Universal vaccination forms social immunity and provides quality protection from often deadly diseases.
Methods Various methods are used to introduce the vaccine into the body, their choice is determined by the mechanism of formation of protective immunity. The method of administration is indicated in the instructions for use.
Safety The safety of vaccines approved for use is ensured by the current system of supervision over the quality, delivery and proper use of vaccine preparations.
Frequency in Population The biggest vaccination campaign in history is happening currently. More than 9.91 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered across 184 countries up to date. The latest rate was roughly 36.3 million doses a day.
Society Despite the obvious advantages of the vaccines, there are people whom the scientific community could not convince of the safety of vaccination. The anti-vaccinators falsely believe that vaccines cause severe diseases such as autism, or are used to control the population. However, the majority of the people still recognize the importance of vaccines, being fully vaccinated and forming collective immunity.

📝 Vaccination Research Papers Examples

  1. Vaccination for Healthcare Workers
    The lack of vaccination for healthcare workers is one of the causes of spreading the influenza virus in states where guidelines regarding mandatory vaccination are not followed.
  2. PICOT Statement: Influenza Vaccination
    This work considers the PICOT question: is mandatory influenza vaccinations for employees, help prevent the spread of the virus to patients with who they come in contact.
  3. Vaccinations for 65+ Years Age Group
    Some of the vaccines are recommended for adults with additional medical conditions: 2-3 doses - HepA, 3 doses - HepB, one or more doses - MenACWY/MPSV4.
  4. Preventive and Well-Care Measures for Men and Women
    The paper suggests preventative care measures, a description for the adult male and female population, as well as recommendations as to well-care visits.
  5. Older Adult Immunization Schedule
    The vaccinations recommended for adults who are older than 65 include influenza vaccine, Td/Tdap once and then a booster every 10 years.
  6. Adult Vaccination
    Nowadays, vaccination is one of the most important prevention strategies in the medical sphere, and healthcare authorities tend to develop effective adult immunization schedules to ensure in-time vaccination.
  7. Vaccination and Related Risks of Autism
    The persistence of the vaccination myths causes people to hesitate and delay vaccination. Such decisions may have negative consequences for the health of children.
  8. Childhood Vaccination as Healthcare Policy Concern
    The healthcare policy concern is the low rate of childhood vaccinations in Florida. Half of Florida counties do not meet the goal for a 95% immunization rate.
  9. Chickenpox Epidemiology and Community Nursing
    This paper details the dynamics of chickenpox and the development of it in the epidemiologic triangle and explores the roles of the community wellness nurse.
  10. Childhood Vaccination: Policy Priority Issue
    Child vaccination is a serious public issue. Nurses may take a leading role in promoting vaccination among religious people and legislators.
  11. Argue for or Against Mandatory Vaccination for All Students of Public School
    Infants and child death have significantly decreased with the development of medicine. Many infectious diseases, which were mainly children’s, are almost eradicated by vaccination.
  12. Immunizations in Miami: Health Promotion Plan
    This article presents a health promotion plan for immunization in Miami, examining the essence of the problem of insufficient vaccination and possible solutions to the problem.
  13. Pediatric-Vaccines Presentation in the US
    In the United States, children have to get vaccinated regularly. The purpose of immunization is to protect human health from existing diseases and illnesses.
  14. Scroll of Pediatric Vaccines Overview
    When most people are immunized, it makes the environment rather safe for the few that are not. Collective immune safety is not viable when the majority chooses not to vaccinate.
  15. What’s Important Pediatric Vaccines
    Education about vaccines and diseases that they prevent is especially relevant to parents to support the well-being of their children.
  16. Autism and Vaccination: The Possible Correlation
    It has been proved in many studies that there is no correlation between vaccination and development of ASD or autism.
  17. Vaccination of Children Among the African Americans
    Some of the barriers that affecting the African American include socioeconomic status, motherhood education, having more than one child in the family and place of vaccination.
  18. Informing on Vaccination and Immunization Benefits
    The aim of this paper is to analyze various vaccine types in order to better inform parents about the benefits of vaccination.
  19. Vaccines: Different Types and Side Effects
    The research shows the success rates of vaccines and their possible side effects. Vaccination is the best way to prevent potential diseases and avoid hospitalization or death.
  20. Prioritization of the Covid-19 Vaccination
    The paper discusses that protecting the health and social care workers protects all the individuals in the hospitals and the society and the importance of COVID-19 vaccination.
  21. The Immune Response to COVID-19 Vaccination
    It has been suggested that in individuals who had immunity to COVID-19 after getting the virus, the immune response would be more robust from only the first dose.
  22. Using Various Types of COVID-19 Vaccines
    The paper describes the articles that concluded that there are severe side effects of the COVID-19 vaccination on people of different ages and gender.
  23. Institutional Mistrust in Achieving COVID-19 Herd Immunity
    This paper aims to study the issue of institutional mistrust, fake News, conspiracies, and the value of respect in achieving COVID-19 herd immunity.
  24. Vaccination in the Era of COVID-19
    The paper states that vaccination is a choice that everyone is free to make. The current development of medical science allows us to make decisions.
  25. COVID-19: Vaccines Effectiveness
    One measure taken to combat COVID-19 is population vaccination, designed to increase immunity and reduce the impact of the virus.
  26. Massive Children Vaccination in the UK
    The UK government is actively promoting the immunization of teenagers with verified vaccines. It is important to minimize the further infection among the citizens.
  27. Legal Covid-19 Healthcare Issues in Higher Education
    With the emergence of the coronavirus threat, significant adjustments have been made to every industry and field, including the education.
  28. Ethical Decisions in Healthcare Workplace
    The utilitarian and stakeholder management theories are integral in promoting business ethics and can be applied in healthcare scenarios to maintain equity.
  29. Nursing Theory of Family and Social Systems
    This annotated bibliography on nursing theory includes internal family systems theory, the transtheoretical model of behavioral change, and the social cognitive theory.

🏆 Best Vaccination Essay Titles

  1. The Eighteenth Century Medical Knowledge and the Development of Smallpox Vaccination
  2. State Required Vaccination Should Be Mandatory Vaccination
  3. Prevalence, Diagnosis, and Vaccination Situation of Animal Chlamydiosis in China
  4. The Anti Vaccination Movement Decreasing Child Safety
  5. Targeting Head and Neck Cancer by Vaccination
  6. Smallpox Vaccination For Critical Public Service Workers
  7. Vaccination And Its Effects On The United States
  8. The Vaccination Question and the Childhood Vaccinations Leading to the Autism
  9. Public Policy Meeting on COVID-19 and Children
    This paper will summarize the public policy meeting video to identify recent changes in the COVID-19 situation, with particular attention to children under 12.
  10. The Development, Importance, and Types of Vaccination and the Formerly Incurable Diseases They Stopped
  11. HPV Vaccination For Men
  12. Protective Immunity and Vaccination Against Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
  13. Designing HIV Vaccination Policies: Subtypes and Cross-Immunity
  14. The Huge Economic Stakes Behind Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate
    The government should indulge the public during outbreaks of pandemics such as COVID-19 before enacting measures to curb the spread.
  15. Renaissance Island Anthrax Test Vaccination
  16. Social Psychological Reasons for Increasing Vaccination Rates
  17. Rethinking Cholera and Typhoid Vaccination Policies for the Poor: Private Demand in Kolkata, India
  18. Anti Vaccination Movement and Its Effects On Children’s Well
  19. H1N1 Control Strategy: Policy, Power and Politics
    For the public to comply with a policy, they must first be enlightened about the issue for which the policy was developed.
  20. Myths and Truths About Vaccination
  21. DNA Vaccination And How It Can Greatly Impact The Medical World
  22. Vaccination and GDP Growth Rates: Exploring the Links in a Conditional Convergence Framework
  23. Rethinking the Benefits and Costs of Childhood Vaccines: The Case of the Haemophilus Bacillus Type B Vaccine
  24. Childhood Practices and Allowances
    The purpose of childhood practice is to provide a foundation for kids’ cognitive and social growth that will continue throughout their lives.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Vaccination

  1. Quantifying and Explaining Accessibility With Application to the 2009 H1N1 Vaccination Campaign
  2. Childhood Immunizations and Universal Vaccination
  3. Public Doubts About Vaccination Safety and Resistance Against Vaccination
  4. Private Vaccination and Public Health: An Empirical Examination for U.S. Measles
  5. Workplace Immunization and Educational Theories
    A proper framework for addressing workplace immunization must incorporate educational concepts connected with the cognitive and collectivist learning theory.
  6. The HPV Vaccination Should be the Parents’ Decision
  7. The Persuasive Argument Should Vaccination Be Mandatory or Voluntary
  8. Obesity and Sex Affect the Immune Responses to Tick-Borne Encephalitis Booster Vaccination
  9. Ethics, Mandatory Vaccination, and the HPV Vaccine
  10. LaGuardia College Potential in Fighting Post-Pandemic Crisis
    LaGuardia College students and faculty can help the local community fight the post-pandemic crisis by disseminating up-to-date legal information and career counseling.
  11. The Vaccination Rate Among Health Care Workers
  12. Vaccination Against Lyme Disease: Past, Present, and Future
  13. Vaccination For Children and Immune Compromised Adults
  14. Influenza Vaccination for Pregnant Health Care Workers
  15. Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates
    The government should introduce vaccine mandates to create protection for those who are ineligible because this virus damaged the economy and killed millions of people.
  16. The Issues Preventing the Proper Vaccination of Children in America
  17. Vaccination and Its Effects on the Risk of HPV
  18. State Required Vaccination and Its Effects On Children
  19. The Humoral Immune Response to BCG Vaccination
  20. Strategic Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
    In this paper, the sustainability and conditions for the formation of reliable supply chain management are examined on the example of the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines.
  21. Reasons For Mandatory Vaccination Of Children
  22. Improving Influenza Vaccination Rates Among Healthcare
  23. Ten Steps of Strategic Planning in Social Marketing
    Ten steps of strategic planning in social marketing are essential for developing programs to help people modify their behavior to improve their health or solve societal problems.
  24. Preventing Cervical Cancer with the HPV Vaccination
  25. Vaccination Crisis and Controversies of Africa

❓ Vaccination Research Questions

  1. Why Is Vaccination Required for All Children at 6 Weeks of Age?
  2. What Is the Theory, Invention, and Implementation of Vaccination?
  3. Vaccination Are Children Safe With or Without Them?
  4. What Is the Prevnar Vaccine Manufacturing Process?
  5. Vaccination for HPV and Cervical Cancer: Will Parents Make the Right Choice?
  6. Will Vaccination Against Rotavirus Infection With rix4414 Be Cost-Saving in Germany?
  7. What Are the Direct and Side Effects of High School Vaccination Requirements?
  8. What Are the Problems With the Introduction of Vaccination?
  9. Eliminating Schistosomes Through Vaccination: What Are the Best Immune Weapons?
  10. What Can Happen Without Vaccination?
  11. The Swedish (H1N1) Vaccination Campaign: Why Did Not All Swedes Take the Vaccination?
  12. Why Should the Vaccination Schedule Be Compulsory for Children?
  13. What Determines Influenza Vaccination Take Up of Elderly Europeans?
  14. Why Are Immunizations and Vaccinations Important in Preventing Disease?
  15. What Are the Benefits and Effects of Gardasil Vaccination in Children?
  16. How Can Influenza Vaccination Levels Be Increased?
  17. What Is the Level of Knowledge About Vaccination and the Attitude of Albanian Mothers?
  18. Should Mandatory Child Vaccination Be Mandatory?
  19. What Is the Difference Between Vaccination Groups in the Us?
  20. Should the Mandatory Vaccination Be Banned?
  21. Does HPV Vaccination Within MSM Significantly Prevent?
  22. What Are the Main Arguments for and Against the Use of Vaccines?
  23. The Vaccination Kuznets Curve: Do Vaccination Rates Rise and Fall With Income?
  24. Does Early Childhood Vaccination Protect Against COVID-19?
  25. Could BCG Vaccination Induce Protective Trained Immunity for Sars-Cov-2?
  26. What Are the Partial Vaccination and Eradication Programs?
  27. What Are the Ethical Theories and Issues of Vaccination in America?
  28. What Has Been the Impact of Vaccination Throughout History?
  29. Can Memory and Conformism Resolve the Vaccination Dilemma?
  30. What Is the Vaccination Policy for Preschool Children?

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