Vaccinations for 65+ Years Age Group

The vaccines presented on the web page and recommended for adults 65 years old or older are the following: one dose annually – influenza, one dose – HZV, tdap as a substitution for td – once, and then a booster every ten years, one dose for PCV13 and PPSV23. I have also noticed that some of the vaccines are recommended for adults with additional medical conditions: two or three doses – HepA, three doses – HepB, one or more doses – MenACWY/MPSV4, two or three doses – MenB, and one or three doses – Hib.

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No recommendation about the MMR, HPV Female and HPV Male is given. HPV vaccines are not provided to those patients who are older than 26 years, and, therefore, they are inefficient to the discussed age group as well. At the same time, the MMR vaccine is recommended for those adults that are at risk of developing certain diseases (“Seniors age 65 and older”, 2015). Therefore, the web page includes some information that can potentially harm patients unaware of the exposure to some of the diseases.

What is more, the recommendation of MMR should be given because not every adult who was born before 1957 might be immune to measles. Some of them might argue that they are, but with no documentation at hand, it is impossible to evaluate the risks of possible exposure to the diseases.

Some of the vaccinations presented can be harmful to pregnant women. Although it is less likely that a person older than 65 years will decide to get pregnant, such information should still be available for older adults as well.

The information presented on the web page aligns with the majority of other sources about vaccines for older adults, and is, therefore, a relatively practical guide on vaccines for older adults (despite the unclear MMR recommendations).


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