99 Abortion Research Topics & Essay Examples

Definition Abortion is the process of the termination of pregnancy (spontaneous expulsion or removal of an embryo or fetus) before 22 weeks of gestation or before the fetus reaches a weight of 500 g.
Specialty Obstetrics and gynecology
History Around 540 BC, Aspasius performed an artificial abortion with a very narrow pelvis, for which he used strong movements, rubbing the abdomen, internal means, and even bloodletting. The Arab physician Ibn Sina (980-1036) also performed artificial abortion with a narrow pelvis, and even invented a special tool for injecting a fetal fluid into the uterus. The first drugs for medical termination of pregnancy (Mifepristone) were created in the 1980s by the Romanville research center in France. Numerous tests have confirmed their high efficiency, and already in 1988 they were approved for performing pharmaceutical abortions in France and China.
Motivation/Factors The reasons for termination of pregnancy may be family relationships, financial situation, work situation, housing or plans for the future. Moreover, age under 17 and over 40, as well as serious medical conditions are also considered as important factors in choosing abortion.
Methods Instrumental or surgical abortion is carried out by scraping the uterus. Vacuum or mini-abortion refers to the procedure where a thin nozzle is inserted into the uterine cavity, which, using a vacuum, tears off the embryo. Medical abortion refers to non-surgical types of abortion – for example, using the drug Mifepristone, which blocks the action of progesterone, a hormone that maintains pregnancy.
Safety Surgical abortion remains the most harmful of the abortion methods, as in the process, the internal layer of uterus is scraped. In case of vacuum abortion, the injury of the uterus and damage to the cervix is minimum, respectively, the likelihood of developing unpleasant consequences is reduced. Finally, medical abortion is the safest method; however, in can only be used on very early stages of pregnancy. Still, overall, the procedure of abortion is fairly safe if performed correctly by a professional.
Frequency in Population Every year in the world more than 75 million women face the problem of unwanted pregnancy, and 2/3 of them end in abortion.
Society The view of abortion in society remains ambiguous. While pro-life activists demand that life is sacred from the conception due to the presence of soul sent by the God, pro-choice activists use feminist rhetoric to proclaim that woman’s body is only her business.

📝 Abortion Research Papers Examples

  1. Abortion and Partial Birth Abortion
    The question about whether abortion is right or wrong action is a very controversial aspect and requires a personal decision.
  2. Abortion: Unethical and Immoral Issues
    Abortion is unethical because fetus, as a human being, should not be deliberately murdered. This paper discusses aspects of unethical and immoral issues of abortion.
  3. The Pros and Cons of Abortion
    Abortion has been a major topic in all democracies in the world. Women have been demanding their rights and participation in choosing whether to abort or to keep the pregnancy to full term.
  4. Abortion Controversy: Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life
    By analyzing the pros and cons of abortion offered by the most authoritative people in the given field, one can possibly find the solution for the problem.
  5. Abortion Dilemma of Mentally Challenged Mother
    Emily, a mentally challenged young adult, is eight weeks pregnant. Her doctor’s prognosis for the unborn child is grim.
  6. Affordable Care Act and Delivery System Reforms
    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has numerous provisions regarding the delivery of health care, one of the most important of which is the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program.
  7. Abnormal Fetus and Its Moral Status
    This case analysis seeks to identify nursing theories that parties used to determine the moral status of the abnormal fetus and recommend the most feasible one.
  8. The Moral Status on Abortion
    The discussed case is an example of various ways to look at the moral status of the fetus and theories that influence the decision-making process regarding fetal abnormalities.
  9. Abortion from the Moral Point of View
    The modern world is full of various issues. Among these topics, abortion regularly raises a few questions because it has both supporters and objectors.
  10. Fetal Abnormality and Its Moral Status
    The case analysis outlines nursing theories and explains their application in the determination of the moral status of the fetus.
  11. Health Mandates and Policies in Florida
    According to the Florida Department of Health, the priority of providing people with services and preventative products goes to individuals from low-income families.
  12. Abortion Ethics: Child's vs. Woman's Rights
    Nowadays abortion has turned into one of the most intensively and diversely discussed problems of the theory of ethics.
  13. Fetal Abnormality and Morality of Abortion
    Abortion and the moral status of a human embryo are two significant matters in bioethics. Many ethical theories either support or oppose the decision to terminate the pregnancy.
  14. Ethical Issues of Pre-Natal Testing and Approval of Kennedy-Brownback Bill
    The essay analyzes all ethical as well as health issues in correspondence with the prenatal tests’ identification of high health risks to fetuses.
  15. The Morality or Immorality of Abortion
    The morality or immorality of abortion is often a resonating issue for discussion. But mistakes are a great part of human life and a mechanism of evolution.
  16. The Ethical Dilemma on Abortion
    The paper shows the ethical dilemma of following Christian ethics by giving birth to a child that is going to be impaired for the rest of his life and having an abortion.
  17. Nursing and Its Ethical Issues: Issues in Abortion Care
    The paper has articulated the legality of abortion in many states and the increase in demand for abortion services.
  18. Abortion: Nursing and Its Ethical Issues
    For many years, abortion, euthanasia, and quality of life have been some of the most contentious practices to have faced nursing.
  19. Nursing Ethical Issues: Abortion in the Nursing Context
    This paper will discuss the ethical issues that nurses face when tackling abortion and provide a detailed explanation of how nurses can deal with the issue.
  20. Abortion from Political Perspective: Pros and Cons
    The key issue is whether the mother has the right to choose via-a-vis the right of a child to chose, and hence the pro-life and pro-choice concepts.
  21. Fetal Abnormality in the Christian Worldview
    In the case of fetal abnormality, such a controversial issue as abortion is considered from the perspective of the ethical side of the decision.
  22. Discussion of Abortion’s Morals
    The paper review there are procured and spontaneous abortions and discusses why while induced one is considered immoral.
  23. Fetal Abnormality: Case Study
    Nowadays, the ethical dilemma surrounding the moral status of unborn children seems to attract much of the global media’s attention.
  24. Access to Maternal Health Resources in Florida
    Florida can serve as an example of a state where access to contraceptive care is limited, and a set of policies is established to control the process.
  25. Spontaneous Abortion and Related Ethical Issues
    Spontaneous abortion is the non-prompted fetus or embryo demise or passage of ‘products of conception’ before twenty weeks of gestation.
  26. Spontaneous and Procured Abortion Methods
    In general, abortions can be divided into two large categories: spontaneous and procured (elective). Spontaneous abortions are natural.

🏆 Best Abortion Essay Titles

  1. The Abortion: Pregnancy and Brief Fact Sheet
  2. Abortion During the Women’s Movement
  3. U.S. Abortion Policy and Fertility
  4. The Abortion: Pregnancy and Proper Methods
  5. Medical Abortion With Mifepristone and Misoprostol
  6. Abortion and Moral Status
    The theory of moral status postulates that a pregnant woman has an obligation to the fetus as a bearer of its moral status, which also eliminates the possibility of abortion.
  7. Arguments Against Abortion That Are Based on Humanity
  8. Abortion Including Rape and Incest
  9. A Moral Debate: Abortion and Stem Cell Research
  10. Abortion Methods Through the Years
  11. Argument That Abortion Should Be Permitted in the First Trimester
  12. Women’s Lowering Age Range of Abortion
  13. American Medical Abortion Abortions History
  14. The Abortion: Questions and Answers, by Dr. J.C. Willke
  15. The Abortion During the 1920s History, Alternatives, Pros, and Cons, Popularity
  16. Gender-Based Sex-Selective Abortion in India
  17. Abortion Pill: Medical Advance or Setback
  18. Abortion Should Remain Legal Medical Procedure
  19. Reasons Why Abortion Should Be Illegal
    Abortion should be illegal because there is a risk of women not becoming mothers again; these women are killing a human being, and being a mother is the important thing for women.
  20. Abortion for Underage Children Should Require Parental Consent
  21. Abortion Legalization and Life-cycle Fertility
  22. Abortion Clinics Should Not Be Closed
  23. Comparing Japan and the U.S. On the Issue of Abortion
  24. Abortion, the Non-Surgical Way of Terminating a Pregnancy
  25. Abortion Drug Kills Woman in Australia at Marie Stopes
  26. Abortion, Education, and Accessibility of Birth Control
  27. The Abortion Another Term for Murder
  28. Abortion Choices and Rights Among Females
  29. Abortion Should Stay Legal in the United States Because We Must Respect Women as Equal Individuals
  30. Abortion Causes Serious Pain and Side Effects in 97% Of Women
  31. The Abortion: Pregnancy and Value Human Life
  32. Women Have the Right to a Safe Abortion
  33. The Abortion Isn’t Murder It’s a Mass Of Cells
  34. Legalization of Abortion: Discussion
    Procurement for an abortion is seen as a way to get rid of a problem but it is in fact a way to complicate ones life further.
  35. The Abortion Poses Moral, Social, and Medical Dilemmas
  36. Abortion Laws and Women’s Health
  37. Abortion, Contraception, and Non-marital Births: Re-interpreting the Akerlof-Yellen-Katz Model of Pre-marital Sex and Shotgun Marriage
  38. Abortion Costs, Separation, and Non-marital Childbearing
  39. Abortion Social Research Model
  40. Abortion: Only Under Certain Circumstances
  41. Abortion, Anti Feminist and Anti Woman
  42. Abortion: The Most Controversial Issue in the Therapeutic Profession
  43. The Abortion Disregards the Rights of the Unborn Fetus

❓ Abortion Research Questions

  1. Are There Any Psychological Effects Following an Elective Abortion?
  2. Why Should Woman Not Ever Have an Abortion?
  3. Abortion Restrictions and Abortion Rates: Has State Abortion Policy Been Successful?
  4. Does Increased Abortion Lead to Lower Crime?
  5. Why Abortion Should Remain Legal and With Limitations
  6. Abortion Legalization and Child Living Circumstances: Who Is the Marginal Child?
  7. What Psychological Impact Does Abortion Have on Women?
  8. Why Many Christians Oppose Abortion?
  9. Did Legalized Abortion Lower Crime?
  10. How Can Abortion Affect Healthcare Reform?
  11. Why Shouldn’t Doctors Perform Induced Abortions?
  12. How Has Abortion and Birth Control Affected the 20th and 21st Century?
  13. Does Rape Justify Abortion?
  14. Does Abortion Have Severe Psychological Effects?
  15. Why Is the Abortion Debate Often So Heated?
  16. Why Should the Government Ban Abortion?
  17. Why Should Abortion Clinics Remain Open?
  18. Does Abortion Affect Subsequent Pregnancy?
  19. Why Does Humanity Oppose Abortion?
  20. How Are Religious and Ethical Principles Used in the Abortion?
  21. Who Should Decide the Legality of Abortion?
  22. Why Should Abortion Remain Legal?
  23. What Are the Ethical Issues Raised With Abortion?
  24. Why Abortion Attitudes Will Always Be Controversial?
  25. Why Should You Avoid Abortion Abortions?
  26. What Does the Word Abortion?
  27. Why Does Abortion Cause Remorse for Murder?
  28. How Can an Abortion Physically Damage Your Body?
  29. Why Should There Be an Abortion?
  30. Why Should Abortion Services Be Fully Funded?

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