65 Zika Virus Research Topics & Essay Examples

Definition Zika fever is a mild infectious disease caused by the Zika virus, which is carried by mosquitoes.
Specialty Virology
History The Zika virus was discovered in 1947. It was first identified in rhesus monkeys in Uganda in the Zika forest, a few years later the virus was found in humans. Until 2007, when the outbreak began in Micronesia and Polynesia, the Zika virus was detected in humans extremely rarely: no more than 15 cases of infection were recorded in total.
Symptoms Symptoms of Zika virus infection are rash, headache, and fever. The fever begins a few days after the virus enters the bloodstream, lasts about a week, and mostly does not cause serious damage.
Causes The causative agent of the disease is the Zika virus which belongs to the Flavoviridae genus.
Virology The infection is transmitted by mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus) infected with the virus, usually during the daytime. Also, in rare cases, infection occurred via sexual contact.
Prevention To date, there is no medical treatment or vaccine to prevent Zika virus infection. People traveling to countries with active Zika virus infection are advised to use mosquito bite prevention products day and night.
Diagnostic Method Zika virus disease may be suspected based on clinical symptoms and history of residence or travel to an area where Zika virus is known to be present. The only way to confirm the presence of Zika virus is by laboratory testing for the presence of Zika virus RNA in blood or other bodily fluid such as urine, saliva or semen. A blood test to determine antibodies to the Zika virus is used to determine the presence or absence of immunity to it, as a result of a previous illness.
Treatment Zika virus disease is usually mild and does not require specific treatment. It is possible to use antipyretics (except for acetylsalicylic acid) and painkillers, detoxification solutions.
Duration The incubation period for Zika virus disease is not exactly known, but is likely to be several days. Symptoms usually persist for 2-7 days.
Prognosis 4 out of 5 people who become infected with the Zika virus will have no symptoms of the disease. 1 in 5 people develop one or more of the following symptoms: fever, rash, joint pain, and/or conjunctivitis. As a rule, the disease is mild, lasts from several days to a week, and passes, in most cases, without complications.
Complications The Zika virus is not life-threatening, but leads to microcephaly in children whose mothers had the disease during pregnancy. In Brazil, where a Zika outbreak has been ongoing since the fall of 2015, there has been a 30-fold increase in cases of microcephaly. Another danger of the Zika virus is Guillain-Barré syndrome. This is a rare autoimmune disease that results in muscle weakness. In 15 percent of cases, the syndrome leads to residual paralysis, but in most cases there is a complete recovery.
Frequency in Population For confirmed Zika infections in total, the numbers of reported Zika cases were 81,852, 609, 1,800, and 15 from 2016 through to March 2019, respectively.
Deaths Zika-associated deaths comprised of deaths due to microcephaly and Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Reported deaths were the highest in 2017, which included 25 infant deaths due to abortions during pregnancy or stillbirth during delivery.
Society The virus is poorly understood, there is no vaccine and effective treatment. The disease has been given pandemic status.

📝 Zika Virus Research Papers Examples

  1. Zika Virus as a Public Health Threat
    The Zika virus discovered in 1947. At first, the virus was found in a mosquito from the Zika forest. A few years later, this virus was registered in a human as well.
  2. Zika-Free Florida: Health Policies and Their Effects
    Zika virus remains a major concern for Florida healthcare. 42 instances of Zika virus contraction have been registered in the U.S. in 2018.
  3. Zika Free Florida and Health Promotion
    This essay will discuss the Zika disease and its gravity in Florida and how healthcare organizations could use social media to inform the population and facilitate prevention.
  4. Epidemiology: Zika Virus
    The article goes into detail about the Zika virus, examining the largest outbreaks, transmission routes of the virus, and strategies to prevent its spread.

🏆 Best Zika Virus Essay Titles

  1. Nervous System Injury and Neuroimaging of Zika Virus Infection
  2. Social Determinants Predicting the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Women Toward Zika Virus Infection
  3. Adequate Placental Sampling for the Diagnosis and Characterization of Placental Infection by Zika Virus
  4. Cathelicidin-Derived Antimicrobial Peptides Inhibit Zika Virus Through Direct Inactivation and Interferon Pathway
  5. Climate Change and the Spread of Zika Virus
  6. Lipidomic Analysis Reveals Serum Alteration of Plasmalogens in Patients Infected With ZIKA Virus
  7. Zika Virus: Detection and Control of Zika Outbreaks
  8. Congenital Zika Virus Infection in Immunocompetent Mice Causes Postnatal Growth Impediment and Neurobehavioral Deficits
  9. Zika Virus Infection Results in Biochemical Changes Associated With RNA Editing, Inflammatory and Antiviral Responses in Aedes Albopictus
  10. Guillain-Barre Syndrome Associated With Zika Virus Infection: A Prospective Case Series From Mexico
  11. Active Human Complement Reduces the Zika Virus Load via Formation of the Membrane-Attack Complex
  12. Rapid Detection Strategies for the Global Threat of Zika Virus: Current State, New Hypotheses, and Limitations
  13. Acute Zika Virus Infection in an Endemic Area: Modest Proinflammatory Systemic Immunoactivation and Cytokine-Symptom Associations
  14. The Public Health Issue of The Zika Virus
  15. Zika Virus Infects, Activates, and Crosses Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells, without Barrier Disruption
  16. Brazil’s Olympic Games: Reason to Celebrate Among Concerns on Zika Virus and Political Instability
  17. Zika Virus Symptoms, Countries, Risk, and Prevention
  18. Cellular Organelles Reorganization During Zika Virus Infection of Human Cells
  19. Emergence and Spreading Potential of Zika Virus
  20. The Hidden Life Behind The Zika Virus
  21. Complementary Mechanisms Potentially Involved in the Pathology of Zika Virus
  22. Zika Virus Impairs Neurogenesis and Synaptogenesis Pathways in Human Neural Stem Cells and Neurons
  23. The Transmission and Prevention of the Zika Virus
  24. The Causes and Effects of the Zika Virus
  25. Zika Virus Prevalence, Correlates, and Preventive Behaviors: New Evidence from Survey Data
  26. GMO Mosquitoes And The Zika Virus
  27. Enhanced Immune Responses and Protective Immunity to Zika Virus-Induced by a DNA Vaccine Encoding a Chimeric NS1 Fused With Type 1 Herpes Virus gD Protein
  28. Lethal Zika Virus Disease Models in Young and Older Interferon & Receptor Knock-Out Mice
  29. New Paradigms for Virus Detection, Surveillance, and Control of Zika Virus Vectors in the Settings of Southeast Asia
  30. Betulinic Acid Exerts Cytoprotective Activity on Zika Virus-Infected Neural Progenitor Cells
  31. Viral Determinants and Vector Competence of Zika Virus Transmission
  32. Japanese Encephalitis Virus Vaccination Elicits Cross-Reactive HLA-Class I-Restricted CD8 T Cell Response Against Zika Virus Infection
  33. Zika Virus: An Emerging Worldwide Threat
  34. Snake Cathelicidin Derived Peptide Inhibits Zika Virus Infection
  35. Cross-Reactivity and Anti-viral Function of Dengue Capsid and NS3-Specific Memory T Cells Toward Zika Virus
  36. Managing the Psychosocial Needs of Families Affected by ZIKA Virus: Exploring the Impact of Music as a Social Tool
  37. Prevention and Control Strategies to Counter Zika Virus, Intervention Approaches against Vector MosquitoesCurrent Updates
  38. Autoimmune Neurological Conditions Associated With Zika Virus Infection
  39. The Social and Personal Problem of Zika Virus Cases in Venezuela
  40. Using Genetically Engineered Mosquitos to Fight the Zika Virus

❓ Zika Virus Research Questions

  1. What Are the Complications of Zika?
  2. What Type of Virus Is Zika?
  3. Are There Available Treatments for Zika Infection or Microcephaly?
  4. How Does the Zika Virus Affect Society?
  5. What Are the Symptoms of Zika Virus Disease?
  6. What Can People Do to Prevent Zika?
  7. How Do People Get Infected With Zika?
  8. Is It Safe for Infants or Children to Travel to an Area With Risk of Zika?
  9. How Long Did the Zika Virus Last?
  10. Who Is Most at Risk for Zika Virus?
  11. How Long Does Zika Survive in Sperm?
  12. What Are the Major Causes of Zika Virus?
  13. Should Pregnant Women Travel to Areas With Risk of Zika?
  14. How Is Zika Diagnosed?
  15. Why Is Zika Virus a Public Health Issue?
  16. What Type of Victim Is Usually Affected by Zika Virus?
  17. What Health Problems Can Result From Getting Zika?
  18. How Is the Zika Virus Being Transmitted?
  19. Zika Virus: What Have We Learnt Since the Start of the Recent Epidemic?
  20. Can Someone Who Returned From an Area With Risk of Zika Get Tested for the Virus?
  21. What Is CDC Doing About Zika?

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