88 Tuberculosis Research Topics & Essay Examples

Definition Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is also called Koch’s bacillus.
Specialty Pulmonology
History Mycobacterium tuberculosis was discovered on March 24, 1882 by the German microbiologist Robert Koch, and since 1993, at the initiative of the World Health Organization, March 24 has been declared World Tuberculosis Day.
Symptoms Clinical manifestations include cough with or without sputum with the release of mucous or mucopurulent sputum for more than 2 weeks, loss of appetite and weight, a slight increase in body temperature, and fatigue. Increased sweating (especially at night) and the appearance of shortness of breath with little physical exertion also may indicate tuberculosis.
Causes The causative agent of tuberculosis is Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Koch’s bacillus).
Virology Tuberculosis is transmitted by airborne droplets. Even a single inhalation of tuberculosis mycobacteria can lead to the development of the disease, but more often close contact with the patient leads to tuberculosis. The source is a person with tuberculosis.
Prevention Prevention of tuberculosis in adulthood is the annual dispensary observation and detection of the disease in the early stages. In order to detect tuberculosis in the early stages, adults need to undergo a fluorographic examination in a polyclinic at least once a year. Moreover, vaccination is the most reliable method of preventing tuberculosis.
Diagnostic Method Due to the fact that the disease does not manifest itself in the initial stages, special attention is paid to preventive examinations. Adults should undergo chest x-rays every year, and children are given a Manteaux test (tuberculin) or diaskintest, aimed at identifying the degree of infection of the body with a tubercle bacillus and tissue reactivity. There are also alternative blood tests: T-SPOT test and quantiferon test.
Treatment Tuberculosis diagnosed early can be treated with antibiotics. Usually 4-5 drugs are prescribed, which should be taken strictly according to the scheme designed by the doctor. In addition to drug treatment, patients are advised to do breathing exercises, strengthen the immune system, and undergo physiotherapy.
Duration Usually, positive results are achieved within six months of active treatment. During this period, the foci of infection heal, symptoms disappear, the disease becomes closed.
Prognosis With timely diagnosis and proper therapy, the disease is curable. However, on the affected areas, scars and encapsulated foci may remain, in which the bacteria are in an inactive state. With a decrease in immunity, a relapse is possible, so all patients should be registered at the dispensary and regularly examined. In this case, the tuberculin test will give a positive result even after a complete cure.
Complications Without effective treatment, tuberculosis can lead to the following complications: tuberculosis of the spine, tuberculous arthritis, tuberculous meningitis, nephrotuberculosis, tuberculosis of the liver, and tuberculosis of the heart.
Frequency in Population According to WHO, in 2020, an estimated 10 million people fell ill with tuberculosis worldwide: 5.6 million men, 3.3 million women, and 1.1 million children.
Deaths A total of 1.5 million people died from TB in 2020, including 214 000 people with HIV.
Society People with tuberculosis are usually ostracized by the society, as there is a common belief that it is the disease of inmates, alcoholics, and drug addicts. WHO works towards debunking that particular myth.

📝 Tuberculosis Research Papers Examples

  1. Tuberculosis Problem
    Tuberculosis is one of the most topical health problems specialists face today as one-third of the world`s population is affected by this disease.
  2. Epidemiology: AIDS, Syphilis, Tuberculosis in Miami-Dade
    This analysis focuses on such infectious diseases as AIDS, syphilis, and tuberculosis, which are rather frequent among the citizens of Miami-Dade County.
  3. Epidemiology: Tuberculosis and Its Transmission
    Tuberculosis is one of the most dangerous infectious diseases that affect people’s lungs and may lead to death.
  4. Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal: Tuberculosis in Miami
    Looking for a community teaching work plan proposal? ➤ Read this teaching experience paper to find a summary of plan for community education about tuberculosis.
  5. Tuberculosis as a Global Health Risk
    This report examines the contributing factors of TB, prevention strategies, symptoms, diagnosis, medical management, advanced practice nursing role, and a follow-up care guideline.
  6. Community Health Teaching Plan and Experience
    My initial plan was to evaluate some serious health issues in my community and select the best topic for the target audience.
  7. Epidemiology Topics for Signature Assignment
    The topic of diabetic retinopathy is relevant to my future career as I will seek to encourage every patient with diabetes to have an eye examination regularly.
  8. Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases in Miami
    In Miami, the situation with the Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) can be regarded as alarming since the rates of morbidity increased within the last years.
  9. Extensively Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
    Tuberculosis refers to a bacterial infection that basically affects the lungs, and its mode of transmission is via air droplets released during coughing, spitting, sneezing, or talking.
  10. Prevalent Issues of Miami
    The purpose of this essay is to identify a common condition in Miami, Florida, and to analyze its effect on various populations.
  11. Family Hierarchy as the Top Priority in Nursing
    In order to address the needs of Pacific Islanders properly, a nursing specialist must take the aforementioned specifics of the culture into account.
  12. Healthy People 2020 on Tuberculosis, AIDS, Malaria
    This paper discusses the Healthy People 2020 initiative in Florida for communicable diseases, specifically, tuberculosis, AIDS, and malaria.
  13. Healthy People 2020 on Food-Associated Illnesses
    This paper discusses the objectives, goals, and indicators of the Healthy People 2020 Initiative in Miami, analyzes HIV/AIDS, food-associated illnesses, and tuberculosis.
  14. Healthy People 2020 on Measles, Tuberculosis, Flu
    The aim of the Healthy People 2020 Initiative is to reduce the effects of communicable diseases that are known to interfere with the socio-economic development of the community.
  15. Tuberculosis: Community Teaching Work Plan
    A proper educational program can address the issue and empower more people to protect themselves from tuberculosis.

🏆 Best Tuberculosis Essay Titles

  1. Information and Disease Prevention: Tuberculosis Dispensaries
  2. Health System Determinants of Tuberculosis Mortality in South Africa
  3. Pathogen-derived Biomarkers for Active Tuberculosis Diagnosis
  4. Incentivized Peer Referrals for Tuberculosis Screening: Evidence From India
  5. Gut Dysbiosis Thwarts the Efficacy of Vaccine Against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  6. Altered Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Cell Wall Metabolism and Physiology Associated With Rpob Mutation H526D
  7. Monocyte Subsets: Phenotypes and Function in Tuberculosis Infection
  8. Lung Tissue Resident Memory T-cells in the Immune Response to Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  9. The Host Microbiota Contributes to Early Protection Against Lung Colonization by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  10. Tuberculosis and Its Effects on the World’s Population
  11. The Intervention Health Policy: Controlling the Spread of Tuberculosis
    The intervention policy requires that patients in Tuberculosis high-risk groups already testing positive with it are committed to a health facility until treatment is completed.
  12. Public Health Disease Management of Tuberculosis
  13. Diagnosis for Latent Tuberculosis Infection: New Alternatives
  14. BCG Vaccination and Who’s Global Strategy for Tuberculosis Control 1948-1983
  15. Epidemiology, Tuberculosis, and the Homeless Population
  16. Drug Resistance Rising Among Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
  17. Perspective for Precision Medicine for Tuberculosis
  18. Tuberculosis: The Trials for the Development of a New Vaccine
  19. Anti-tuberculosis Drug-induced Liver Injury Effects
  20. Host Blood Rna Transcript and Protein Signatures for Sputum-independent Diagnostics of Tuberculosis in Adults
  21. Product Costing – Traditional Methods and Activity
    The central difference between the Activity-Based Costing model and other costing models is the treatment of indirect costs.
  22. Positive Tuberculosis Blood Test as a Predictor of Health Status Among HIV-infected Persons
  23. Factors Influencing the Perceived Priority of Tuberculosis in India
  24. Cytokine Biomarkers Associated With Human Extra-pulmonary Tuberculosis Clinical Strains and Symptoms
  25. Clinical Manifestations and Outcomes of Tuberculosis in Children Under 2 Years of Age in Catalonia
  26. Ontology With SVM Based Diagnosis of Tuberculosis and Statistical Analysis
  27. HIV and Tuberculosis Infection in Sub- Saharan Africa
  28. Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Virulence
  29. Modeling the Metabolic State of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Upon Infection
  30. Artificial Neural Networks for Prediction of Tuberculosis Disease
  31. Host-directed Therapeutic Strategies for Tuberculosis
  32. Animal Models for Tuberculosis in Translational and Precision Medicine
  33. The National Tuberculosis Control Programme in South India
  34. The Prevention and Control Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Tuberculosis
  35. HPLC: Techniques Used for the Diagnostic of Ancient Tuberculosis Remains
  36. Incidence Rates for Tuberculosis Among HIV Infected Patients in Northern Tanzania
  37. Workplace Diseases, Risks and Prevention
    Workers should know what are their rights and obligations to ensure their safety. Organizations and team leaders are responsible for employees’ health in the workplace.
  38. Mycobacterial Dormancy Systems and Host Responses in Tuberculosis
  39. Infant Alveolar Macrophages Are Unable to Contain Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Effectively
  40. Host Antimicrobial Peptides: The Promise of New Treatment Strategies Against Tuberculosis
  41. Examining the Complex Relationship Between Tuberculosis and Other Infectious Diseases in Children
  42. Reassessing Twenty Years of Vaccine Development Against Tuberculosis
  43. Diagnosis and Treatment of Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis

❓ Tuberculosis Research Questions

  1. Why Have Historians Accused Columbus of Spreading Tuberculosis Around the World?
  2. What Is the Protocol for Tuberculosis Care?
  3. What Are the Socio-cultural Factors That Influence Tuberculosis Prevention and Care in Immigrant Communities?
  4. What Is the Link Between Cystic Fibrosis and Tuberculosis?
  5. How Is Tuberculosis and Its Impact on Society?
  6. What Are the Methods Used To Diagnose Ancient Tuberculosis Rhemes?
  7. Hat Is the Link Between Tuberculosis and Poverty?
  8. Why Does NF-Kb Signaling Play a Key Role in Infection Control in Tuberculosis?
  9. What Is the Etiology, Symptoms, and Pathogenicity of Tuberculosis?
  10. How Is Tuberculosis Therapy Carried Out Under the Control of the Morphoproteome?
  11. What Are the Current and New Approaches to the Development of Tuberculosis Vaccines?
  12. What Are the Important Determinants in Tuberculosis?
  13. Aid and the Control of Tuberculosis in Papua New Guinea: Is Australia’s Assistance Cost-effective?
  14. How Do TB Dispensaries Prevent White Death?
  15. What Is the Topical Application of Zinc Supplementation During Tuberculosis Skin Testing?
  16. How Does Tuberculosis Affect the Lungs?
  17. Why Target Tuberculosis Health and Social Care?
  18. How Resistant Is Tuberculosis to Antibiotics?
  19. Myeloid C-type Lectin Receptors in Tuberculosis and HIV Immunity: Insights Into Co-infection?
  20. How Do Gut Microbiome Signatures Distinguish Between Healthy and TB Patients?
  21. What Are the Differences and Similarities Between Pneumonia and Tuberculosis?
  22. What Is the Origin and History of Tuberculosis?
  23. What Is the Link Between Travel and Tuberculosis Infections?
  24. How Can the TB Vaccine Help Stop the Development of Multiple Sclerosis?
  25. Tuberculosis and Typhus Fever: Diseases of Class in 19Th-century England
  26. Are Pharmaceutical Aerosols Effective for Treating and Preventing Tuberculosis?
  27. What Are the Pathogenic Processes of Tuberculosis?
  28. How Does Simvastatin Enhance the Immune Response Against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis?
  29. Why Is Tuberculosis The Deadliest Bacterial Pathogen?
  30. What Are the Parental Experiences and Prospects for Successful Treatment of Childhood Tuberculosis in Malaysia?

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