Nursing Theorist Video Reflection

Nowadays, nurses represent a considerable part of the health care personnel around the world. Nurses play an essential role in the modern health care setting, and it is crucial that they conduct research and develop the theory of nursing so as to be able to care for their patients better. This paper provides a report about watching an interview with Ida Orlando, a nursing theorist who is famous for her theory of nursing process (Seaback, 2013).

My choice to write about the interview with Ida Orlando was determined by the fact that I had previously studied the theory created by this nurse researcher (as cited in Seaback, 2013), and I found it to be of great interest and potential; it was my hope that in my future nursing practice, I would be able to implement it. Therefore, I was rather excited when I gained an option to watch an interview with this nurse, hoping that it would further contribute to my understanding of her theory and the ability to implement it in practice.

On the whole, according to my personal philosophy, it is paramount for a nurse to be able to build a good relationship with the patient and to help the latter not only when it comes to medical problems that they experience, but also with other issues, such as their psychological needs. Therefore, I completely agree with Ida Orlando’s theory in that the nurse should build relationships with their patients, should be able to identify the patient’s need for assistance and the nature of the assistance needed, and that the nurse ought to provide it for the patient (as cited in Seaback, 2013).

It should be noted that in Ida Orlando’s interview, it was quite surprising for me to hear how this nurse researcher arrived at some important elements of her theory. More specifically, the theorist elaborated that she simply recorded all her observations while studying and working for Grace-New Haven Hospital, and then gathered them together and started analyzing them in order to find the constituents of “good nursing” and “bad nursing” (FITNEinc, 2011). It was quite curious that simply observing, writing down and analyzing permitted this person to create such an influential nursing theory.

Generally speaking, I would recommend watching this video to another student. There exist a number of reasons for this. For instance, it would be my recommendation to do so due to the fact that this interview provides its viewer with an opportunity to hear the personal opinion of an author of an important nursing theory about how that theory was born. The video permits its viewer to see what was “behind the scenes,” that is, what was the story behind the creation of one of the prominent theories of nursing (FITNEinc, 2011), which may serve as a source of inspiration for one’s own scholarly search.

It is noteworthy that from watching this video, I was able to better realize how some theories may be created, and how discoveries might sometimes be made, especially in nursing. It is important to strive to help one’s patients, to ensure that they gain the care and attention that they require. For this purpose, one may utilize a variety of approaches, but it is pivotal to see the person behind the patient, and to utilize a holistic approach to them. Doing so may also help one make discoveries during their clinical nursing practice.

All in all, it should be stressed that the video interview with Ida Orlando provided me with an opportunity to gain some insights about how her theory was created. It is my hope that the inspiration that I obtained from this video will assist me one day with making a helpful contribution to nursing theory.


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