Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice and Philosophy


The success of nursing practice depends on many factors. I believe that theoretical knowledge and the ability to identify personal philosophies and understandings of nursing seem to be the two integral steps. In this reflection, the choice of a nursing philosophy, the recognition of main nursing theories, and the evaluation of past academic work in terms of the Essential IX will be discussed to prove the appropriateness of the decisions made.

Personal Nursing Philosophy

Regarding the activities of this week assignment, I was able to develop my personal nursing philosophy and define the qualities that matter in nursing. I believe that self-care and the ability to develop an appropriate environment for treating and healing are the goals any nurse has to perform. The environment can be improved when a nurse succeeds in taking physical, psychological, social, and organizational interventions (Scott, Matthews, & Kirwan, 2014). Therefore, such principles as respect, compassion, and care cannot be ignored in nursing practice. It is necessary to remember that all patients address for help not because they want to, but because they do not have enough background to solve their health problems and need professional treatment.

Theorists and Their Impact

Regarding such approach and my understanding of nursing care, I find several theories being effective for my personal and professional improvement. For example, the Nightingale’s environmental model of nursing can be used to learn how a nurse can manipulate the environment and promote patient’s recovery (Masters, 2014). Orem’s self-care deficit theory may help to improve the quality of nursing and develop various approaches to treat patients (Masters, 2014). The contributions of these theorists play an important role in the creation of my nursing philosophy.

Program Essential and Past Academic Work

In addition to theories, I find my philosophy appropriate in meeting this program Essential IX: Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice. This principle states that a nurse should be prepared to work with patients, including an individual, a family, or a community and create certain environments. Respect and understanding should not be influenced by the complexity and variety of tasks. My philosophy follows almost the same principle and helps to set the goals and promote their growth in the future.

Past and Future Impacts

The connection between my philosophy, the existing nursing theories, and the chosen essential influence my past and future achievements. On the one hand, I am able to identify my mistakes and clarify what changes could be appropriate. On the other hand, I could understand what kind of work should be done to achieve positive results and influence my future success. Respect and the ability to work with different patients in various conditions are the core aspects of my work.

Connection Between Academic Experiences and Real-World Applications

The connection between my academic experiences and real-world applications is evident. I cannot imagine how it is possible to work with people without being aware of the main theoretical issues developed by such nurses as Nightingale or Orem. I observe how some nurses try to neglect the theoretical basics and make mistakes at the beginning of their practice. I do my best not to follow negative examples and read as much as possible to define what can improve nursing.


To conclude, I would like to say that nursing practice can be improved in a variety of ways. Some nurses fail to achieve success because of the inability to develop their own philosophies and define their professional goals. I am ready to work hard to prove that the chosen by me philosophy is a good characteristic of a successful nurse practitioner.


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