Sherman’s “Building Your Resiliency” in Nursing

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In the article “Building Your Resiliency”, Sherman (2018) uses the example of Susan who failed her critical care certification exam to explain the importance of resilience. According to this author, resilient people are capable of applying their skills and strengths to recover from problems (Sherman, 2018). Conversely, individuals who lack resilience may feel overwhelmed by challenging or problematic experiences. Thus, it is important to develop one’s resilience even after failing on the first attempt.

As Sherman (2018) observes, people “need resiliency for a long and productive nursing career” (p. 27). This trait is vital since individuals may not be able to eliminate all the difficulties experienced in their daily operations. Thus, resiliency is crucial because it offers the strength to approach problems head-on, overpower adversity, and carry on with life. This article encourages resilient people to view a difficulty as a challenge rather than a paralyzing incident.

According to Sherman (2018), “How we view adversity and stress strongly impacts our capacity to bounce back” (p. 27). Hence, daily experiences help to foster one’s resilience, especially after a setback. This article identifies reflective journaling as one of the strategies for gaining clarity and perspective about a particular experience. Sherman (2018) also emphasizes the importance of establishing a resiliency toolbox.

Specifically, he presents several tools that can be deployed to improve resiliency, including the adoption of an attitude of gratitude, concentrating on strengths and achievements, trying meditation or yoga, improving personal wellness habits, and surrounding oneself with a social support system (Sherman, 2018). Moreover, becoming intentional is the ultimate ingredient for rebuilding resiliency. Therefore, as revealed in this article, if Susan adopts intentional actions, she can pass the test and acquire the needed critical care certification.

Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice

The article assigned is considerably impactful on my future nursing practice. In particular, it underscores the significance of resilience in nursing practice due to the inevitable difficult and challenging situations that healthcare givers have to encounter daily. After reading this article, I now understand the role of resilience in overcoming problematic situations as a professional future nurse. Sherman’s work is also useful because it discusses the need for acquiring a perspective on a particular nursing experience. In case I fail to overcome a specific challenge or solve a given nursing problem, I may consider gaining a perspective on the issue. This strategy helps me to identify areas that require improvement, hence enhancing my chances of overcoming the problem during the second attempt.

The article also explains the need for building a resiliency toolbox, which I regard as an important strategy for reinforcing my confidence. I believe that embracing an attitude of gratitude will not only allow me to establish meaningful relationships with others in the nursing practice environment but also boost my adaptive coping capabilities. Furthermore, this article has influenced me to focus on my strengths and past successes even when I experience difficult situations in nursing practice.

Moreover, Sherman’s work underlines the significance of adopting intentional actions as a strategy for rebuilding resiliency. Hence, the deployment of deliberate actions will create a sense of positivity even in negative and difficult circumstances, thus providing me the confidence to overcome any challenging experiences I may encounter as a professional future nurse. In addition, the article is very impactful because it inspires me to continually develop my resilience not only as a student but also as a prospective nursing practitioner.


Sherman, R. O. (2018). Building your resiliency. American Nurse Today, 13(9), 26-28.

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