Specialized Nurse’s Educational Barriers

Barriers Encountered

Nursing has been my preferred career choice from an early stage of development. However, I have faced numerous challenges, some of which almost threatened my ability to become a nurse. The negative attitude of people around me towards nursing was one of the biggest. My parents wanted me to be an engineer, but I chose nursing, a decision they did not appreciate. Their attitude almost made me undervalue a career in nursing. Lack of motivation became another challenge as soon as I joined college. Given the fact that I had chosen a career that my parents did not like, they did very little to motivate me to succeed in this career. To them, I was taking a path that would lead me to failure in life. Limited knowledge was another issue that threatened my career (Peate, 2015). At the time of joining college, I knew very little about nursing. I was vulnerable to misinformation from people close to me.

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Overcoming the Barriers

I managed to overcome all the barriers that I faced in various stages of my career development. I tried to influence the attitude of my parents, but when I realized that they did not change their perception towards nursing as a career, I decided to avoid their negative comments. I was convinced that this was the right career for me. I did not get proper motivation at home to pursue this career, but that changed when I joined college. I got support from my teachers and colleagues in school. They further convinced me that I had a great future as a nurse. The issue of limited knowledge was also addressed as I was able to get informative materials in the school library.


Peate, I. (2015). The essential guide to becoming a staff nurse. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

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