Transcultural Nursing: Interview Guide and Questions

Transcultural nursing is a relatively new clinical approach dealing with assessment of patients belonging to various cultures to secure appropriate interventions (Giger, 2016). To assess cultural preferences of a patient, interviews with open-ended questions on specific categories are held. The purpose of the paper is to develop an interview guide utilizing open-ended questions that encourage the interviewee to give frank and detailed answers.

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The planned interview will be conducted on February 2, 2018, at 6 p.m. The place selected by the interviewee is her home in Miami, Florida. The patient believes that the chosen location will provide her comfort and privacy while answering questions. This time and date are also found appropriate because she will be home alone and nobody will interfere with the interview.

The interview will be audio recorded. No names will be mentioned to guarantee privacy. A specific question in five identified categories will be prepared before the date of the interview to make the conversation natural and easy.

Some researchers state that “cultural competency can assist healthcare professionals in the delivery of services that meet the cultural and communication needs of patients” (Papadopoulos, Shea, Taylor, Pezzella, & Foley, 2016, p. 2). The categories identified for the interview are communication, cultural sanctions and restrictions, educational background, health-related beliefs and practices, and religion and spirituality. The developed questions are provided in the table below according to the identified categories.

Categories Primary Question Related to Category Follow-up Questions for each primary question Reasons for asking questions that are related to culture of origin
Category 1:
Please describe the cultural norms of communication adopted in your environment and your country of origin. Let us discuss in details using of verbal, non-verbal communication and touches. These questions might help to provide better health care and nursing interventions. They will also assist in conducting a family assessment for patients.
Help me understand what kind of relationship is maintained in your family and how often you discuss important issues together.
Category 2:
cultural sanctions and restrictions
I need more information about restrictions and sanctions that are common in your country of origin. Please explain me the nature of these restrictions and how they affect people of our culture. These questions might assist in better planning of treatment measures for the discussed individuals to improve quality of health care and competence of nurses.
Describe more specifically the sanctions that might occur according to the cultural norms of your country of origin.
Category 3:
educational background
Tell me about typical education obtained by the people of your country of origin. I wonder what education you regard as appropriate for your children and why. These questions might provide information about common social status of families with specific culture to promote medical assurances among them.
It might be useful to understand how cultural norms of your country of origin affect the decisions about getting education.
Category 4:
health-related beliefs and practices
Please describe the most common health-related beliefs and practices that are believed to be effective in your culture. Tell me more about these specific practices you have mentioned and explain why you believe them to me helpful. These questions might assist in performing activities related to health promotion and medical education.
Explain me please what is the nature of the health-related beliefs common in your culture.
Category 5:
religion and spirituality
Can you please describe the most common religions spread in your culture? Tell me more about spirituality in your family and in your environment. This section of questions might assist in providing proper support of nurse practitioners to the patients suffering from chronic diseases.
Explain me how religion helps you to deal with everyday life issues and problems.

The paper dealt with designing an interview guide utilizing open-ended questions that encourage the interviewee to give frank and detailed answers. Five categories were identified for the interview. The opening and follow-up questions were designed for each category.


Giger, J. N. (2016). Transcultural nursing – e-book: Assessment and intervention (7th ed.). New-York, NY: Elsevier Health Sciences.

Papadopoulos, I., Shea, S., Taylor, G., Pezzella, A., & Foley, L. (2016). Developing tools to promote culturally competent compassion, courage, and intercultural communication in healthcare. Journal of Compassionate Health Care, 3(1), 2.

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