Nursing Metaparadigm Examples and Evidence


The term metaparadigm implies the central concepts of a particular science or its separate embranchment. There are four metaparadigm aspects in the sphere of nursing as well. These issues are supposed to cover and consider the appropriate treatment of patients, their health, environment, and various nursing duties. This paper provides a definition of nursing metaparadigm, explains its four key components of nursing metaparadigm, and gives examples.

Nursing Metaparadigm Components

Concept of Patient

This metaparadigm implies psychological factors of every patient that might have a positive impact on his or her health and well-being in general. It would be proper to mention that family members or relatives of care receivers should contribute to the process of one’s medical treatment and other activities that must improve his or her physical health (Dupree, 2017). Another important factor that has to be mentioned in the discussed aspect is people’s ability to treat themselves individually.

Concept of Environment

This concept focuses on providing patients with the appropriate environment and making all the surrounding influences beneficial for their health in the future (Dupree, 2017). This metaparadigm implies various contacts with the closest people, pollution, economic issues, and other similar aspects that affect one’s well-being. “Practice theory is used to foreground the generative role of nursing practice in producing environments of care, providing the basis for a metaparadigm relational proposition explicitly linking nursing practice and environment metaparadigm domains” (Bender & Feldman, 2015, p. 96). It is necessary to make beneficial conditions for patients that reduce the time required for particular people to cure.

Concept of Health

This metaparadigm identifies such factors as patients’ physical and mental health. It also provides all the necessary knowledge as to appropriate treatment techniques and relationships between caregivers and receivers (Dupree, 2017). The discussed theory is also intended to cover all the issues that have a certain impact on people’s well-being. According to the given metaparadigm, individuals’ lifestyle, spiritual commitments, and genetics play a significant role in one’s intellectual and physical health.

Concept of Nursing

This aspect implies various practices performed by medical personnel and aimed at beneficial outcomes for their clients. According to this metaparadigm, every nurse must have appropriate knowledge and experience to treat one’s patients appropriately and cause no harm to them (Dupree, 2017). Also, the given theory studies such factors as the importance of interprofessional collaboration, work in a team, and nursing leadership qualities.

Nursing Metaparadigm: Discussion

The four meta paradigms described above set particular standards that are necessary to be followed by every medical worker on a regular basis. The discussed theories include the explanations of different situations and relationships that might emerge among nurses and patients (Lee & Fawcett, 2013). It would be proper to mention that these theses were developed according to the experiences and knowledge of popular philosophers and nursing professionals. The meta paradigms identified above must be considered by medical personnel during every working shift to remain productive and beneficial for patients’ well-being.


The four meta paradigms of nursing identify basic standards of medical personnel’s daily practices and professional activities. Also, these concepts cover all the influences that have both negative and positive impacts on hospital clients’ health. The theories described above set the values and objectives of multiple nursing types of research in the spheres included in the list of concepts. All the studies and practical implications of medical knowledge should be based on the main ideas of these meta paradigms.


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