Patient-Centered Nursing Care Delivery Model

Patient-centered or patient-focused care (PCC) is one of the models that currently gain attention and support from different nurses and physicians throughout the USA. It is characterized by a respectful approach toward the patient; the model views the patient as an essential part of the decision-making process. The nurse-patient relationships directly influence care delivery and its effectiveness. Patient-centered care can be holistic (recognizes the value of the person and their interdependent parts), individualized (understands the situation and context), respectful (views patients as competent), etc.

The advantages of PCC are the acceptance of multicultural differences, family involvement in the decision making, and a comfortable environment and communication that improve the process of healing and make nursing care more efficient. The disadvantages of PCC are the amount of time the nursing manager needs to implement the model and ensure that other nursing professionals understand it, its incompatibility with persons who believe that the nursing profession is responsible for decision-making, and its reliance on a strong, active nursing leader. If the nursing manager is unable to lead the followers to the implementation of the model or does not understand its effectiveness, there will be no point in implementing it. PCC highly relies on influential leaders.

PCC can significantly improve the quality of provided medical care. Respectful interpersonal relationships are among the most important characteristics of quality care, and PCC’s main aim is to establish those between the nurse and the patient (Morgan & Yoder, 2012). Improved quality leads to increased satisfaction of patients, thus positively influencing their view of the facility, professionals that work there, and the environment. Attention to patients’ needs and problems can improve patient outcomes and reduce the number of possible medical errors.


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