Nursing Education: Barriers and Challenges

In my journey to become a professional nurse, I have experienced numerous challenges with one of the most complex factors of practice being language barrier both with the nurses and patients. To overcome the challenge of the language barrier, diverse students grouped themselves in pairs and assisted each other whenever problems arose (Baraz, Memarian, & Vanaki, 2015). Though this initially seemed awkward, it helped us toly triumph over the challenge of language barrier successfully.

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Discrimination was another challenge that the majority of students experienced in their pursuit of professionalism in the nursing course. The worst discrimination in the medical setting was obvious in the conduct of nurses and nurse educators towards learners (Baraz et al., 2015). Over and above behavioral discrimination, I (and other learners) was distressed and complained about discrimination in the application of education facilities. Increased complaints drew the attention of the management of the institution who intervened to effectively eradicate such happenings.

Most of the learners were distressed and devastated in coping with new experiences in the medical learning environment. From my point of view, offering care for patients was a stressful undertaking (Baraz et al., 2015). At one time I tried examining a patient, and it was nerve-racking as I feared to do something that could harm the patient. I started desiring my internship to be just done as fast as possible. Nevertheless, with my educators’ encouragement and much experience, I managed to overcome the challenge.

In the journey to become a professional nurse, some of the challenges that students face are language barrier and discrimination. Furthermore, many students are devastated in tackling new experiences in the profession. With the educators’ help, encouragement, and increased practice, students overcome the arising challenges.


Baraz, S., Memarian, R., & Vanaki, Z. (2015). Learning challenges of nursing students in clinical environments: A qualitative study in Iran. Journal of Education and Health Promotion, 4(2), 3-8.

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