Nursing and Informatics

The use of informatics is of paramount importance in nursing as it enables communication, mitigates errors, manages knowledge, and “support decision making using information technology” (Greiner & Knebel, 2003, p. 46). It is possible to note that being one of the fine core competencies, using informatics can be regarded as the background for effective implementation of the other four competencies. The use of IT enables RNs to provide efficient patient-centered care, utilize EBP, focus on quality as well as collaborate in cross-sectional teams.

Thus, IT allows nursing practitioners to develop continuous and effective healing relationships with the patient. The care is provided by the needs of the patient who is often the source of control (Greiner & Knebel, 2003). RNs can share knowledge, and the decisions they make are evidence-based.

At the same time, the use of IT is also associated with security and confidentiality issues. Thede (2010) states that people share a common view on IT believing that no digital data can be 100% safe. At that, the majority of Americans are also aware of the advantages of the use of IT, and, hence, willing to benefit from the technology. There are various cases when the software fails and some portion of data can be lost or distorted. Nonetheless, confidentiality and security issues are now successfully addressed through the use of effective and reliable software. Now, it is easy to track any instance of accessing any database. Medic records are protected through several tools including the use of passwords, permission statuses, and so on.

On balance, it is possible to note that informatics provides various opportunities for the development of the quality of healthcare services. It is also vital for the professional development of RNs. There can be some risks, but they are steadily being removed due to technological advances.

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