Mortality Causes and Rates in the United States

Heart and vessels problems as the main reasons for great mortality rates

It is obvious that at the moment problems with the heart and vessels should be considered one of the main reasons for great mortality rates (Heart Disease and Stroke, n.d.). People suffering from illnesses that impact these organs could be related to a group risk as stroke and heart disease combined with cardiovascular disease are among the most topical and costly health problems in the USA (Heart Disease and Stroke, n.d.).

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For this reason, the main goal of the modern health care sector is to improve cardiovascular health and the quality of patients lives through the well-thought-out prevention, detection, and treatment strategy needed to mind all risk factors that could trigger the heart attack and stroke. Early identification and treatment of these symptoms might help a person to recover. In this regard, it is crucial to investigate them and create a strategy to be able to respond. These factors are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, and obesity (Heart Disease and Stroke, n.d.).

The great pernicious impact of these factors is evidenced by numerous researches. That is why it is crucial to increase peoples awareness about the great negative effect the above-mentioned aspects might have on their health and try to guarantee the creation of the appropriate procedures needed to help a patient recover. Moreover, it is also crucial to align the efficient delivery of the needed care to patients who suffer from these symptoms (Heart Disease and Stroke. Objectives, n.d.).

Altogether, the inability to diagnose heart or cardiovascular diseases at early stages results in the increased risk and the appearance of a great threat to patients. For this reason, one should be guaranteed the timely provision of the most needed services for a person to be able to recover and improve the quality of his/her health.

Cancer is a leading cause of death in the USA

Despite obvious success in the sphere of cancer treatment, it remains a leading cause of death in the USA (Cancer, n.d.). The problem remains complicated as there are still numerous kinds of cancer that could not be treated and patients suffering from them are doomed to die. For this reason, a significant reduction in the number of new cancer cases, illnesses, disabilities, and deaths caused by the diseases should be considered one of the main tasks of the modern healthcare sector (Cancer, n.d.).

Besides, the Healthy People strategy outlines the given objectives for the successful struggle against the disease: the monitoring of the main trends in cancer incidence, mortality, and survival to guarantee the progress in the creation of the efficient treatment of this illness (Cancer. Objectives, n.d.).

Therefore, at the moment invasive cancer, breast cancer, and some other types of cancer are investigated comprehensively to be able to respond to the challenges posed by these illnesses and guarantee patients recovery. The topicality of the problem is also evidenced by the fact that there are numerous cases of cancer admitted every year. It means that there is no tendency towards the reduction of the diseases spread. In this regard, it is crucial to align the precise monitoring of the population to be able to discover cancer in its early stages when treatment is especially efficient.

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At the same time, this monitoring will also help to admit the tendencies towards the evolution of the disease and state whether the current course of actions could be considered efficient or not. It is possible to conclude that the great attention given to this question is justified by its outstanding importance and impact on people’s health.


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