Public Health: Working With Individuals

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Skills to work effectively with people during treatment

Health care is an important part of national security because health care professionals enable the population to live healthy lives by examining their organisms carefully, prescribing appropriate medication measures, and treating them by the legal regulation in this sector of human activity. I believe that working with people is one of the essential components of the profession related to health promotion. When a person comes to the hospital, he/she seeks help and support from professionals who know a lot about the human organism and different malfunctions and disorders that may occur about the ways of treatment and possible complications. The importance of working with people in the health care institutions is an integral part of daily activities health care providers undergo more or less effective due to communication and social skills. I believe that I have a set of necessary skills to be effective in working with individuals while treating the patients.

Another important part of working with people in the health care profession includes cooperating with co-workers who may treat me as a professional or as a parvenu, may try to help me or ignore my decisions and prevent me from performing my professional duties. The ability to cooperate with co-workers to treat the individuals effectively is one of the factors that contribute positively to the successful work with individuals. In this respect, cooperation concerns all parties concerned including individuals to be treated and those who treat them. My social skills are appropriate in terms of adequate response to the needs of patients and the ability to explain the most complicated issues that may concern the insurance and complications related to health and rehabilitation period.

Trust and cooperation during the treatment process

Though some health care professionals treat their patients without taking into account the multifaceted nature of illness and family issues, I think it is important to bear in mind several various cases that have already occurred and those that may occur in the future and not to exclude the possibility of extraordinary cases. Therefore, a thorough analysis of people’s health, family issues, and the environment in which they live and work are components that help us reproduce a picture of their illness and identify possible factors. As such, communication is of paramount importance for a health professional as well as for a diplomat and an ambassador that try to reach a peaceful settlement of the conflict. I compare the communication with a patient to the settlement of conflict because sometimes an inappropriate wording or statement may ruin the relations of trust established between a health care professional and a patient and lead to undesirable consequences when a patient refuses treatment options which may have fatal results. Besides, the relations of trust are established between a health care provider and a patient because our profession is one of those where relations between individuals influence the outcomes of the entire procedure of treatment.

Trust and cooperation are the basic components of social and communication skills that, as I believe, can influence the treatment effect if accurately applied to the process of treatment. The more a person hesitates about the measures to be provided, the more he/she should be informed about the benefits and drawbacks of different options. As such, we do not try to persuade patients to accept treatment – our job, I tell this from my own experience, is to ensure that every patient trusts the health care provider and is well-informed about the possible options and alternatives with the help of implementing communication and social skills because we work with individuals.

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