Windshield Survey Nursing Examples: Miami Kendall Community Assessment

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Introduction to Windshield Survey Nursing Examples

A windshield survey is an observation during which a healthcare professional examines the community from a moving vehicle. Here we provide one of the windshield survey nursing examples. It is focused on assessing the Kendall community in Miami-Dade County, Florida. This windshield survey example paper contains relevant information aimed at revealing the specifics of the key community issues, as well as the summary and reflection.

Windshield Survey Example

Geographical description

Kendall community is located in Miami-Dade County in Florida close to the coast washed by North Atlantic Ocean. The community occupies nearly 16 square miles and has the population of approximately 75 thousand people. Nearly 64 percent of the population is Hispanic or Latino while nearly 30 percent is Non-Hispanic White (Kendall, Florida, n.d.). The community has a high percent of the Cuban population, accounting nearly the one-fifth of the population. The economy in the community is rather advantageous, as though the unemployment rate is slightly above the average in the United States, the family median income is significantly higher than the average in the rest of the country (77 thousand dollars per year). Most residents of the community support Democratic Party.

Housing in Kendall can be considered rather expensive, as property values in the community (starting with 245 thousand dollars and reaching 711 thousand dollars) are above average in the country (270 thousand dollars). Median house value is above state average. The home sales rates in Kendall are currently growing.

Though the boundaries of Kendall are officially recognized, Dadeland is considered the downtown and some neighboring communities are considered the subdivisions of the community by the population.

The community shows no signs of decay, as its population and economic stability continue to grow.

Health resources

Kendall community has a developed system of healthcare services. Besides numerous medical institutions inside the community, there is a variety of them close to Kendall.

Miami-Dade County health department is the local health department governing the health care services in the county. Kendall community has a number of private MDs providing medical services (e.g. Family Physicians of Kendall: Lake Norma MD, South Florida Ent Associates: Kronberg Frank MD, etc.). There are also numerous dentists providing dental services in Kendall (e.g. A & E Dental Associates, Towncare Dental, Town & Country Family Dental, Crossroads Dental Center, etc.).

The main hospital clinics of the community include Baptist Hospital of Miami, Baptist Children’s Hospital, Baptist Health Primary Care, Kendall Endoscopy & Surgery, etc. The community also has a developed network of specialized centers, such as West Kendall Surgical Center, Planned Parenthood Kendall Health Center, Kendall Medical Center, etc.

The community has a number of pharmacies, including CVS Pharmacy, Publix Pharmacy at Dadeland, Miami Executive Pharmacy, St Jesus Pharmacy, etc. There is also a number of institutions providing mental health services (e.g. Mental Health Partners, Psychcare, Mental Health Solutions Pa), and a number of specialists offering psychotherapeutic services (e.g. Dr. Tom Bonner, Dr. Cook Maureen, etc.).

The occupational health services centers in Kendall include Florida Occupational Healthcare and Concenta Urgent Care. As for Medical schools, there is the University of Miami Plastic in Kendall and a number of schools situated close to the community (e.g. American Medical Academy, the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the University Of Miami Department of Neurological Surgery, etc.).

Baptist Health South Florida recruits’ volunteers eager to provide voluntary services aimed at improving the quality of community health care and providing extra services that supplement the basic functions of the professional staff (Become a volunteer, n.d.).

There are numerous support groups in Kendall, including Postpartum Support Group, Adolescents Support Group, Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Group, Pregnancy Support Group, etc. (Therapy groups in Kendall, n.d.).

West Kendall Baptist Hospital is a part of Baptist Health South Florida, which is a faithbased organization with non-profit health, well-being, and medical excellence mission.

Kendall has numerous stores providing various services, including grocery (e.g. Winn-Dixie, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market, etc.), retail (e.g. Kendall Mall), drug (e.g. Walgreens, CVS, Medical Arts, etc.), dry cleaning (e.g. Sir Galloway Drycleaners, One Low Price Dry Cleaners, etc.). The abundance of stores and services makes the life of people living in the community convenient and safe, as they have constant access to fresh products, medications, etc.

Kendall community has a rather developed system of public transport, as it is served by Miami Metrorail and Metrobus. Such system of transportation gives an opportunity to reach any location in the community in a short period.

Citizen safety and protective services

Kendall community has Miami-Dade Police Department and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Station. Therefore, the community can be considered rather safe in terms of timely provision of protective services for citizens.

Though there is a lack of shelters for victims of abuse in Kendell, there is an abundance of such shelters in Miami, which is situated in proximity to Kendall and has a direct metro line enabling the citizens of the community to reach Miami in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Kendall community participates in the neighborhood watch program aimed at enabling the citizens to be the eyes and the ears of the police. Citizens Crime Watch of Miami-Dade provides a high level of safety for the population of the community (Citizens crime watch of Miami-Dade, n.d.).

Services for senior citizens

There is a senior citizen center called Griswold Special Care in the community. The community has assisted living facilities called Palace Renaissance and Housing for the Elderly. Besides, Elder Affairs Department is located in the community. Kendall Florida Senior Services is another organization providing a wide range of services for elderly people in the community, including meals on wheels, hospice, housing, etc. (Kendall Florida Senior Services, n.d.).

There are a lot of parks in the community, including Sabal Chase Park, Rockdale Park, Briar Bay Urban Park, Pine Shore Park, etc. There is also a range of recreational centers suitable for both young and elderly population.

Community welfare services beyond city/state aid

There is a range of welfare services provided in Florida by various non-profit organizations. The population of Kendall has an opportunity to use such services in Miami, where there are numerous shelters and institutions providing emergency food and clothing.

Windshield Survey: Summary and Reflection

The windshield survey example focused on key Kendall community issues reveals that it has a relatively developed system of health resources. The community can be considered as one that is constantly evolving and striving for better safety and health of its population.

The range of medical services provided in the community is wide while there are also a lot of healthcare centers situated in proximity to the community. The community has a developed network of pharmacies and other stores providing products that are essential for providing a high quality of life of the population.

Though the community can be considered as rather safe, the lack of shelters and welfare services can be identified as its drawback. However, the proximity to Miami mitigates this disadvantage, as there is an abundance of shelter centers in Miami.


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