Coconut Grove Community’s Public Health Analysis

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There is no use denying the fact that people live in various places all over the world and the conditions, under which they survive, are different. That is why the analysis of a certain community and the conditions of its living can be very interesting for a person as it might help to realize the impact certain factors have on these people. With this in mind, it is possible to say that the main aim of the given paper is the analysis of the Coconut Grove community, peculiarities of conditions that determine its existence, and factors that have some impact on its functioning.

Additionally, the epidemiological data should also be discussed and some possible problems outlined. It should also be said that the given community is the oldest in Florida (Moore Parks & Bennett, 2010) which means that it has some unique aspects that could help to realize how communities of this very sort survive and even continue their development.

Community Overview

The community under the analysis is situated in the southern part of Miami, Florida. There are also some other communities in the region that border on Coconut Groove. They are The Roads, Brickell. Silver Bluff. The most interesting fact about this community is that it is the oldest group of people residing in this area. It was created in the 19th century and had never stopped its development and existence.

People, who live in the community, could be described as very friendly and open. Being a part of the city of Miami, Coconut Grove however exists as a separate region. The given area is attractive for tourists because of its bright cultural heritage and the variety of customs and traditions. Every year it is visited by thousands of people all over the world who are tired of Miami. Local people are proud of their history and try to protect objects which have some cultural or historical value.

Demographic Data

According to the latest statistics, there about 19.000 people who live in the given community (Coconut Grove (Coco Grove) neighborhood in Miami, Florida (FL), 33129, 33133 detailed profile, n.d). The population is comparatively young as the middle age of men living in the area is 38 years, while women are older and their middle-age is 40 (Coconut Grove (Coco Grove) neighborhood in Miami, Florida (FL), 33129, 33133 detailed profile, n.d.). There is no disbalance in the gender structure of the area as the percentage of men and women is almost equal.

There are many representatives of the Hispanic and Latino race, however, they do not comprise the majority of the population. There are also Afro-Caribbean descents in the area who live in the West of the community. The community is divided into Northeast Coconut Grove and Southwest Coconut Grove. The average household size is 2.1 people while the family one is 2.8 people (Moore Parks & Bennett, 2010). It means that residents of the community prefer to live in small families. There are many married couples, however, people could also be in relations without marriage.

Epidemiological Data

It should be said that in general the situation in the community could be described as stable and satisfactory There are several big hospitals in the community which provide healthcare services to people who live there. The fact that the majority of people live under good conditions and have all things which are necessary for a healthy living helps to avoid some serious problems with the health and promotes the increase of the level of health.

In general, the population in the community is healthier than in some other states of the USA (Miami-Dade (DA), n.d.). There are also several specialized centers such as drug or homeless centers that show that there are some problems connected with drug abuse in the region. Moreover, resting on the national statistics, it is possible to say that sexually transmitted infections and alcohol have become a real problem for the region as there is a tendency towards the increase of showings connected with the given factors. (Miami-Dade (DA), n.d.).

Windshield Survey

Resting on our previous observations of the given community, it is possible to outline several important aspects. First of all, the good conditions of living peculiar to the community should be outlined. There is a good infrastructure with a great number of hospitals and educational establishments. People can easily reach them. Residents of the community are friendly and healthy. There are no drunk people in the streets. Resting on the given facts, it is possible to say that Coconut Grove could be described as a very pleasant place to live in.

The combination of the good environment, infrastructure, and peculiarities of climate promotes the development of a healthy way of living. The population is multicultural however, white people comprise the majority of residents. Finally, there is good access to various recreation facilities and sports centers which also helps to create conditions that could improve the health of people residing in the area. There are no signs of environmental problems that could also be taken as a positive factor.

Problem Diagnosis

Even though the situation in the given community could be described as positive, there are still several problems that should be solved. One of the current problems is the increase in the number of accidents connected with sexually transmitted diseases. Good conditions and the atmosphere of the given region create conditions that promote the development of the given problem. That is why it could be analyzed in terms of the main goal of Healthy People 2020 in the given sphere. It is the promotion of healthy sexual relations and strengthening of community capacity (Sexually Transmitted Diseases, n.d.).

The fact is that sexual risk behaviors (SRBs) could be taken as the main factor that leads to the spread of lethal diseases and health problems (Badran, El-Kashef, Abdelaziz, & Ali, 2015). Moreover, a great number of diseases dangerous to pregnant women and children can also result from unhealthy sexual relations (Manhart et al., 2016). That is why the necessity of the creation of a certain complex of measures that will be able to educate people and decrease the number of sexually transmitted diseases becomes obvious. Being focused on the total improvement of the situation in various communities, the modern healthcare sector should give a great deal of attention to this very issue.


With this in mind, it is possible to make a certain conclusion. Coconut Grove can be taken as a community with good conditions for living. There are no serious problems connected with the crime or some other aspects of social life. The environment and the way of living of people residing here promote the development of a healthy lifestyle. However, there are still several problems connected with the healthcare sector. The decrease in the number of sexually transmitted diseases shows the lack of attention given to this very sphere. That is why it should be analyzed in terms of Healthy People 2020 and its main goals.


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