Epidemiology in Miami and Healthy People 2020 Goals

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The health of the nation is one of the major concerns of the government as it is a key factor for the further evolution of the state and its empowerment. At the moment, this factor is correctly realized in the USA, and there is a specific incentive Healthy People 2020 that is aimed at the improvement of the overall situation in the country and state of communities. Its main goals include enhancement of the most critical spheres of people’s lives and the creation of an environment that is beneficial for people’s development. As for Miami, Florida, the given region also experiences critical problems that impact residents and deteriorate the quality of their lives. The paper lists three nagging aspects and how they are considered regarding the Healthy People 2020 incentive.

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First of all, sexually transmitted diseases remain a serious problem for the area. In accordance with the statistics, rates for syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia continue to grow in Miami. CDC reports that 4,849 adults and adolescents were diagnosed with HIV in 2015 in the region (“Florida – State health profile,” n.d.). It means that the state is the first one among 50 states, and the tendency will preserve. Every year the more and more people suffer from primary and secondary syphilis as their number increases from 6,6 per 100,000 to 10,5 (“Florida – State health profile,” n.d.). There are also multiple cases of untreated STDs such as chlamydia, which result in various inflammation processes and significantly deteriorate the health of the nation. Young people are also affected as they engage in unprotected sexual acts and have a high risk of being infected. Health People 2020 also recognizes the given problem as its goal is to promote healthy sexual behaviors and increases access to quality health services (“Sexually transmitted diseases,” n.d.). This task is essential as STDs affect reproductive functions, might precondition the appearance of cancer, and multiple complications deteriorating the quality of people’s lives. HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia become extremely dangerous diseases that might limit communities in their further development, and that should be taken into account by local governments.

Another significant public problem that should be discussed is the outbreak of infectious diseases that was reported in the state. The fact is that the existence of favorable conditions for the appearance and development of various pathogens can be observed in the region. These include the low level of health literacy, complicated access to health services, inappropriate state of dwelling, and disregard of basic hygienic norms. The combination of these aspects poses a threat to the health of residents. Statistics outlines the outbreak of measles that is recorded in Miami, Florida. The majority of people who got the disease were unvaccinated, which evidences the problems with access to care and low health literacy levels (“Measles cases and outbreaks,” n.d.). Healthy People 2020 also includes specific goals to deal with the problem. They include the gradual increase of immunization rates among the population and the reduction of preventable infectious diseases due to this strategy (“Immunization and infectious diseases,” n.d.). It will help to improve the quality of people’s lives by minimizing possible complications and guaranteeing that residents will have the demanded access to care services, which will stimulate their recovery and ability to evolve.

Finally, the outbreak of Hepatitis A can also be observed in Miami, Florida. In accordance with recent reports, 1,718 new cases of the disease were recorded in 2019 (“Hepatitis A in Florida,” n.d.). It means that the problem becomes extremely topical for the area as the tendency towards the appearance of new affected individuals preserves. Hepatitis A has a crucial impact on the health of communities as it preconditions deterioration of the quality of life, multiple side effects that impact all parts of the body, and remains an infectious disease that can influence all population groups. For this reason, Healthy People and local authorities are focused on attempts to prevent the further spread of the disease. Vaccinations are considered the basis for the improvement of the situation and controlling of the outbreak (“Immunization and infectious diseases,” n.d.). It also means that better access to health services and education among different communities acquire the top priority as potent tools in preventing the further sophistication of the current state. Additionally, it is vital to introduce screening and monitoring practices that would help to discover the disease and prevent its rise and spread.

Altogether, STDs, outbreaks of measles, and Hepatitis A can be taken as three community-based problems that affect the lives of population groups in Minami, Florida. Healthy People 2020 also recognizes the importance of these issues and introduces specific goals that are needed to improve the situation and achieve better outcomes. These include vaccination, promotion of healthy sexual relations, and screening practices to avoid critical deterioration of residents’ states. Adhering to these guidelines, it is possible to improve the situation and achieve better results to protect citizens and create conditions beneficial for their development. Miami remains a problematic region, and in-time intervention is demanded to stabilize the situation and achieve positive outcomes essential for the development of the whole state.


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