Web-Based Epidemiological Simulators

Being able to apply epidemiological methods in practice is essential, and for this reason, several web-based simulators were developed. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created a game titled Solve the Outbreak that allows individuals to engage individuals in the learning experience, allowing one to understand the epidemiology of outbreaks (“Solve the Outbreak,” n.d.). In my opinion, and considering my personal experience as a nurse, this tool can be useful in both providing real-life examples helpful for one’s training and testing an individual’s knowledge. The methods used on this website involve collecting evidence about specific disease cases and examining those to answer questions. In general, this is an excellent opportunity to learn and apply previous knowledge in practice, especially for a nurse.

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Next, the Partnering to Heal simulator that for me, is a precious experience, which can be used in real life because I can apply the methods offered in this game to ensure the safety of my patients. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) offers individuals to participate in the Partnering to Heal game that teaches one the specifics of infection control practices (“Partnering to heal,” n.d.).

The training offered by this website involves a variety of infections that can be acquired in different units of medical establishments and underlying protocols. The methods presented by ODPHP are cooperation, appropriate use of medical devices, hand washing, and vaccinations, which from my experience, are helpful. Overall, the activities on both websites are useful in regards to understanding epidemiology better.


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