People With Heart Diseases: The Importance of Mobile Application

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The purpose of this article is to substantiate the relevance of the mobile application for people with heart diseases. The report also discusses the necessary qualifications for nurses working with heart patients. The final part of the paper presents a description of a mobile application useful for patients with heart diseases or people at risk. The following is a small guide to teaching patients the rules that promote heart health.

Patient Scenario

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death among all other diseases (Asri et al., 2006). This is a problem not only for older people; for example; myocardial infarction is often found among young people. That is why heart diseases are in the zone of special attention, and not only doctors and scientists but also the patients themselves must treat this problem with special attention.

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Patients who are concerned about the health of their cardiovascular system are both men and women over forty. The main factors that cause anxiety in patients and increase the likelihood of the disease are high blood pressure, smoking, and high cholesterol in the blood. Patients who want to maintain heart health have cases of the disease in the family since hereditary factors are also involved in developing cardiovascular diseases.

The field of activity of a nurse in cardiology is becoming broader and more multifaceted, so the need for training is also increasing. A nurse in current conditions should have knowledge of patient care, complex medical and technical knowledge. It is necessary to interact both with a healthy person, carry out the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and with a patient with heart disease. To ensure proper nursing care for him, continuous medical education of a nurse is necessary.

Patient Education/Teaching Plan

To maintain a stable condition, the patient must live according to the regime prescribed by the doctor. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly explain to the patient the importance of observing the daily regime. Daily monitoring of blood pressure and pulse and taking medications should become an integral part of the daily routine. Also, people with heart diseases need to control their emotional state, so it is necessary to provide the patient with psychological tools that will help to cope with anxiety. Patients should be trained in therapeutic self-massage to improve blood circulation.

Description of mHealth app

The mHealth application will be helpful with determining the heart rate and reminding patient of the need to perform specific medical manipulations. The application will be called mHealthHeart; it will be possible to measure the pulse during physical activity or in a calm state. It will also remind patient of the need to drink medicine and do physical therapy. With the help of the application, it will be easier for the patient to remember the need for medical measures.

The target audience of the application will be young people with cardiovascular diseases. It will also be possible to use the application to prevent heart diseases for people at risk. These are people with arterial hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, and obesity. Before installing the application, the user will be asked to pass a particular test that will assess the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases, depending on various factors.

The mobile device will use photoplethysmography in the process of measuring the pulse (“Patient management service,” 2021). This method is based on the registration of the optical density of the tissue under study. The camera will register the continuous roll of volume changes reflecting the dynamics of blood filling of blood vessels. The application will be available for download on the Play Market website as an add-on to the mHealth app. The application will be free for those who passed a preliminary test during installation and received a high probability of death from heart diseases. The application will allow patient to measure and record heartbeat indicators, accompany each measurement with a description of when and how the measurements were taken. In addition, it will also be possible to set a set of reminders in it for timely heart rate measurement.

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