Heart Disease and Stroke Examination

Heart disease and stroke are the prevalent diseases among all illnesses people might take. Having this kind of disease predisposes imposing strict restrictions on a patient, so they might not have diverse severe side-effects, such as terminal illnesses or even death. A cardiovascular health treatment requires taking care of a patient utilizing constant monitoring of their health indicators. There are several methods to observe and track people’s health conditions. The first one is regular checkups, seeing a doctor who might prescribe particular medicines for a patient, and monitor a further positive or negative heart change dynamic. Regular doctor visits and strict following of doctor’s requirements are the critical solutions for worsening heart conditions. The second solution to drive traffic to cardiovascular changes is to use unique apps on a patient’s mobile phone to check body indicators and changes to take emergent measures to prevent heart attack or stroke. Combining these approaches might guarantee the absence of irreversible consequences a person might face during their healing. In case a patient follows all the prescriptions, they might reduce the risk of having a long-standing disability and disadvantaged positions.

Patient Scenario with Health Conditions: Heart Disease and Stroke

A patient suffers from high blood pressure and tachycardia, entailing constant headaches, low body agility, low stamina, and chest constriction in case of extensive physical exercises. To lower a high blood pressure that might cause a stroke, a patient takes pills twice a day, avoids strenuous workouts, avoids going out in the blistering heat. As a weather-sensitive person, a patient takes pain-killer pills normalizing his conditions and blood pressure. A patient wants to achieve good health, and this is why he follows all the prescriptions strictly. Otto et al. (2021) state that the basis of nursing assessment consists of several steps, such as history and physical examination findings and “noninvasive testing (ECG, chest x-ray, transthoracic echocardiogram)” to determine appropriate treatment strategy (p.451). A proper examination of a heart condition and its dynamics might provide “a synopsis with algorithms to guide clinicians in the screening, diagnosis, and management of patients” with tachycardia and high blood pressure (p.452). A nursing assessment includes a complete involvement on doctors and their aids’ behalf to identify and detect further possible negative consequences of a heart disease development and prevent them by improving their skills and knowledge.

Patient Education/Teaching Plan

As high blood pressure might cause a stroke, a patient must know who to anticipate the negative disease development. The first notion that must be taken into attention is a patient’s diet. A doctor, monitoring this medical case, provides a patient with a diet of products a patient consumes. These products consist of high carbohydrates that give energy and body benevolence to a patient’s organism. It is prohibited to develop obesity or diabetes diseases that are treated to be even a lethal combination with tachycardia and high blood pressure. A patient is instructed to promptly visit their treating doctor to prevent a stroke in case of any worsening. To slow down a heart rate, a patient reduces regular working outs and goes to the swimming pool, as a water environment positively impacts heart performance. A patient is counseled to minimize alcohol consumption except for a red dry wine glass a day. Besides, a patient might refine their stress tolerance, as stressful situations and the lack of resilience to tough situations entail a post-traumatic stress disorder that influences diverse heart disease development.

Description of mHealth app

The iPhone industry is a burgeoning business aimed at satisfying customer needs and expectations. People suffering from high blood pressure might download a unique app on their phones to observe and evaluate heart pressure dynamics. The name of this app is “Blood Pressure Diary by MedM.” This app was devised to help people need to monitor their blood pressure on a regular basis. “MedM BP offers easy pairing, reliable data transfer to offline or in-cloud storage, can be used with or without registration by multiple users, supports thresholds, export to Apple Health”(MedM Inc., 2020). The app is made in the form of a personal diary where a patient fills in his indicators. The app is very beneficial, as it gives patients a clear-cut picture of blood pressure dynamics and provides them with the evaluation of these dynamics.


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