Nurse Practitioner’s Interview on Training Program

Information about the Interviewee

An interviewees name is Nancy Jackson. She has a Masters degree in nursing. She works as an NP and nurse educator in a local healthcare facility suggesting a nursing training program for individuals who want to enhance their skills and competencies. Her specific area of education is oncology, and now she has been working in the selected health unit for 12 years. Additionally, six years ago, Mrs. Jackson became a nurse educator. In such a way, she is experienced enough to provide us with the needed information. We plan our meeting for one week (24th March), in the second half of the day (we should specify the time as she might be busy).


  1. What were the main reasons that motivated you to become a nurse? Was it difficult for you to pass all the way to become an educator? What steps have you made to achieve this goal?
  2. Can you please inform us about your qualification, expertise, experience, and credentials? What are your main responsibilities, and how do you manage to cope with all your duties, including teaching and explaining new information to your would-be colleagues? Do you have some free time during the day?
  3. What is your teaching philosophy? How do you communicate with students, and how you manage to teach them? Do you use some cases from your own practice or suggest the most relevant nursing theories that would be useful in the real-life setting?
  4. Do you have specific curricula that help you to organize your teaching and attain positive results? What is your overall experience of using the curricula? Is it positive or negative? Does it encompass all aspects?
  5. What are the basic difficulties with the evaluation of the efficiency of the educational process? What practices do you use to ensure that your students have acquired the needed knowledge and practical skills?
  6. Do you believe that some teaching strategies show better results and should be applied in different settings? What teaching strategy do you use? Is it efficient regarding the peculiarities of your work?
  7. Do you use specific tests or face-to-face communication to understand that student goals are met? Is it important to consider this aspect while working as a nurse educator? What goals do you consider the fundamental ones?
  8. How do you motivate students to work harder and remain engaged in the process? Are there some extra methods to enrich their learning and attain positive results?
  9. What are the central challenges you have to overcome to educate specialists and share your experiences with them? What is their character? How often do you suffer from organizational or financial issues
  10. How do you see nursing and nursing education in the future? Will these aspects preserve their topicality or decline? What will methods of sharing experiences be used by future nurse educators?
  11. Are there any positive experiences in being a nurse educator? Is it rewarding? Do you notice any problems that might repel newcomers from becoming nurse educators? Are there any ethical issues related to this profession?
  12. How do you think this sphere could be improved to increase the efficiency of the educational process and attract new students to become nurses or nurse educators? How would you motivate new generations to contribute to the development of this sphere and support its topicality?

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