Disabilities Concepts in Medicine

The value and life of disabled in the community is no difference from the rest of the population. The problems that affect the disabled most are the socio cultural factors that cause the most discomforts. This is due to the fact that the disabled community is seen as an ‘outcast’. But they should be given the chance to participate and receive equal treatment to all factors that pertain to the initiative of the human rights. The most common aspect is discriminations mostly in the fields of transportation, employment, education, information and its related services. The society in all pushes and sidelines this population out of the human scope and endeavors. This then makes these people to be poor and subjects of pity, charity and they need real fight for their needs to be taken into considerations (Stephen, 2001).

One major factor that the society views the life of disabled is that they associate it to medical issues. This disability that accounts to about 80% is usually accrued after birth and hence has no genetic link. The idea and view of the people should be changed and view the issue of disabled in communities as a normal issue and not mostly as a disease oriented.

One common factor that should be put into consideration is the element of abuse and vulnerability that is mostly associated with the development and physical of disabled people. One common phenomenal of abuse is through emotional or psychological insults. This may be due to factors such as verbal abuse and giving them names that are against the rights of humans. Also they should not be pushed aside from their day to day activities or neglecting what they want to do or when they are communicating (Power, 2004).

The disabled community should be involved in all activities that are taking place so as not to feel that they are neglected. These activities include co-curriculum activities and their contribution to studies. A consideration should be placed to those fields where the disabled are not comfortable. During extra curriculum activities such as games, the disabled should be included in those games that they can easily participate in. There are those games that require fast reflex actions like the badminton and cannot be played by the intellectual disabled; hence slow games should be used.

Intelligent disability is the slow learning of a disabled person but requires all needs of a normal person to succeed. This means that they can adapt to different situations but at a slower rate and enjoy normal experiences. While teaching the disabled considerations should be placed in their slow understanding power. This means that those students who take a lot of time to understand will be given more time to learn. students who are more affected by the disability should be given time and less serious fields of teaching should be used in their teaching such as differentiating colors and diagrams formats.

Development disabilities are those disabilities that are life long and are manifested before age 21. These disabilities remove the power to live independently, learning, self care mobility and economic sufficiency from the disabled. These people are viewed by many as lacking in capacity to life like a full grown up. This means that they act child-like during the period of development and the time of decision making (Michael, 2003).

When dealing with the disabled all considerations should be taken care of in terms of their comfort ability. This means that all factors that are usually used to satisfy the needs of a normal man should be applied to them buy putting into considerations the negative effects of their abilities. The society in general should come together and gather all factors that can assist in the development and enhancement of the needs of the entire disabled communities.

Movements (change from one location to the next) should be accorded most consideration when dealing with the disabled. There are those places that the disabled cannot go through such as stairs. Facilitation of lifts and spaces where there are no stairs should be provided. They can then move freely during their movements and without any kind of inconveniences. The architectures who design and develop buildings should consider that one day the buildings that they design and construct will be used by the disabled. The government and public offices must to have facilities that support all types of human population (Fred, 1997).

The transport facilities should also be checked and alteration should be made to be more comfortable for those people who are using wheelchairs and other walking devices. Spaces should be left and the spaces that are usually in between the columns should be in size with the size of movement aids. The bus drivers and the people who conduct travel means should assist the disabled people during boarding of the means of transportation.

Institution and organization that offer employment opportunities should not be biased when allocating opportunities to the disabled. They should be allocated jobs and given responsibilities to those activities that they can easily manage and direct. There are certain job opportunities that can be easily done by the disabled that don’t require a lot of movement for such crippled people. This then shows that the duties are structured in such a way that the working conditions of the disabled are easy and they can’t have any negative side effects. Technology has greatly improved and new techniques are available that can be used by the disabled. The deaf can use voice recognition software in terms of computers and the blind can use their eyes to solve so employment obligations.

Information should not be perceived that it belongs to only the non disabled communities. This means that the disabled have full rights to access any information that they want and only restricted by the constitution of the said area. When a disabled person wants some information from the government, the government is entitled to provide as means to solve the citizen issue. In television or the entertainment certain assistance as sign use can be used to assist those who can’t hear but can see.

All services that are given to able person should be available for the disabled person. Certain services such as that of medical institution should also be made available to the disabled. They should be checked and accorded the services that they require. Their disability should not become an issue but their needs and demands should be the main issue (Paul, 2001).

The duties that they are provided with should not be value added. There should not be any additional cost during the provision of services. The idea of increasing the charge on activities and services that are rendered to the disabled because maybe its hard to administer a certain service should not be allowed. They should be assisted in any way deemed necessary without any additional charge transferred to them.

All constitution in the world ensures that all population has the same rights whether in terms of law or provision of services. Some states and countries have extra privileges that are bestowed to the disabled and this should be encouraged everywhere. During the service delivery the fast option should be given to the disabled. This will motivate them and increase their esteem in day to day activities.

The life and day to day lifestyle of a disabled person should not be criticized and all services should be accorded. The issue of discrimination and abusive language should not be encouraged instead laws and rules should be enacted to pave way in the comfortability of the disabled. Privileges should be derived and assistance should be enacted to reduce the negative effects that are associated with ethical discrepancies. The disabled should be accorded some respect meaning that what they want should be addressed and solutions should be developed to suite them.


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