Caring Concept in the Artistic Expression

Artistic Representation of My Perception of Caring

Why nursing? Why medicine? Why me, after all?

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Why choose the profession so daring?

Because helping people is something I love,

Because every person needs caring.

For me, definition of caring is

The help, the support, the attention;

We patiently tend to the people in need,

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Assisting in every dimension.

Not everyone can be supportive as us,

And cases of self-abnegation

Are few in the world where hostility rules,

Where tenderness yields to frustration.

A caring person, for me, is the one

Who often neglects his own feelings,

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The one who supports all the people around,

And never does things unappealing.

My dream is to be the most caring nurse

Whose work will encourage the others

I want to help patients as much as I can

And give them the kindness like mother’s.

Explanation of My Understanding of Caring

Personally, I find caring the most significant component of the nursing profession. A nurse may have a perfect education, but no academic success can cover the lack of patience, kindness, and compassion. In my opinion, if one does not possess these features, such an individual cannot become a real nurse. The reason why caring is the main element of nursing is that the primary responsibility of a nurse is to help the people who experience a temporary or lengthy disability to take care of themselves.

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I would define caring as a series of actions aimed at helping people who lost the ability to look after themselves through providing them with comfort and necessary medical assistance. When creating the definition, I considered the following principles of holistic care:

  • the most effective healing comes from support and love;
  • every person has an innate power to heal others;
  • people, and not illnesses, are our patients;
  • the process of healing involves not a single person but a combination of the efforts made by a team of specialists;
  • during the process of treatment, it is necessary not just to mitigate the symptoms but also find and fix the reason for the person’s condition (“What is holistic medicine?” 2017).

In nursing literature, specialists provide many definitions of caring. However, despite the majority of them, all definitions have one thing in common: they consider caring the most valuable aspect of a nursing profession. Swanson (2013) mentions that caring is the core element of nursing and emphasizes preserving human dignity as the main role of caring in nursing. According to Smith (2013), caring is the main component of nursing. Thus, specialists’ definitions support the definition suggested by me.

The reasons why I decided to write a poem about nursing is that I find poetry to be the best method of sharing one’s most ardent thoughts. When creating poetry, one has to be particularly attentive since he or she needs to put in a few lines something very important and lengthy. Since I feel very passionate about caring, I chose to write a poem about it.

The key concepts presented in the paper are concerned with caring in nursing. The definition of caring exists in many variants, but all authors agree that it is the major component of nursing. The paper also provides the explanation of the chosen type of artistic expression and outlines the principles of holistic care. It explains the connection between caring and nursing and emphasizes their mutual dependence.


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