Nursing Behavior Standards

The given CALS standards are partially used by my peers and me. In my nursing practice, I always strive to remove any communication barriers, such as language variations. Therefore, I undertake a nursing action of language assistance, where I deliberately focus on assisting people regardless of their English proficiency or culture. All of the 15 CLAS standards are focused on the engagement, communication, leadership, and principal (“National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Service Standards”). Thus, it is highly important to implement inclusion and free flow of information during communication in order to improve cultural competence.

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The essence of the manager’s speech behavior determines the presence of culture and includes important factors. The literacy of using a nurse’s speech is the knowledge and application of the rules of phonetics, grammar, combinability of words, and statement of stress in words. For example, there is the CLAS standard of language assistance and communication, which ensures that information is transferred properly even to individuals with limited English proficiency (“National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Service Standards”). Practical knowledge of speech etiquette, including professional speech etiquette, is also fundamental.

The nurse must have the ability to express thoughts, that is, to build the communication process, even though the ability to use gestures in communication acts. Many reputable international organizations, such as the International Council of Nurses, the International Labor Organization, recognized the role and positive impact of higher education on the development of nursing practice, which has significant differences from medical practice (Bijani et al. 879). The uniqueness of cultural action of nursing allows at a high professional level to solve the problems of the development of the industry based on the principles of scientific management. Therefore, nurses should take actions that promote free communication and cultural competence.

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