Nurse Practitioner’s Job Description and Contract

Role Description

A nurse practitioner (NP) in a primary care setting carries out the responsibilities of providing primary healthcare services to adults. The core responsibilities include direct patient assessment, diagnoses of illnesses, and treatment. NP’s role also incorporates adherence to a plan of care, provision of “a full range of primary care” services, participation in health promotion and prevention (“Nurse practitioner,” 2019, para. 1). NP is expected to engage in after-hours consultations and participate in the regular call schedule.

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Job Description

Essential Responsibilities

The scope of responsibilities includes:

  • patient evaluation, examination, and treatment;
  • on-call emergency visits (“Employment negotiations,” 2019);
  • diagnoses of illnesses;
  • primary care services provision depending on the particularities of a patient;
  • after-hour consultations;
  • compliance with legislative regulations and corporate policies;
  • health promotion and disease prevention work;
  • teamwork participation;

Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s level of Nursing Practice;
  • Valid Advanced Practice Registered Nurse license;
  • Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate.


  • Minimum of three years of experience working in a primary care unit at the position of NP.


The current employment agreement is made as of the 21st day of June, 2019 by and between “Employer” and “Nurse Practitioner.”

Terms and Termination

The initial term of this Contract is one (1) year and, if not terminated earlier, expires on 20 June, 2020. This Contract might be terminated upon the identification of the fact of the Nurse Practitioner’s failure to carry out the responsibilities according to the official documentation (“Sample contract for NPs in primary care setting,” n. d.).


Nurse Practitioner’s services will be compensated at a rate of $50 per hour. The salary will be paid according to the payment periods declared by Employer. On-call visits will be compensated upon completion within a payment period and will equal to $70 per visit.

Continuing Education

Within the organization’s corporate programs of continuing education, Nurse Practitioner will attend professional training meetings, seminars, conferences, and professional conventions on a regular basis. It will also be required to participate in the development of preventive and promoting programs for the community. The employer is obliged to cover the expenses for traveling and accommodation if Nurse Practitioner participates in national conferences (“Employment negotiations,” 2019).


Employer provides malpractice insurance for Nurse Practitioner following laws and occurrence coverage policy (“Sample contract for NPs in primary care setting,” n. d.). The employer is responsible for providing this insurance at their expense and doing so in a timely manner according to legal regulations.

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Billing and Fees

This Contract obligates Employer to bell all billable services Nurse Practitioner will provide within the scope of their responsibilities and duties. Nurse Practitioner has “no ownership interest in or personal claim to any fees charged or revenue received for any services rendered by Nurse Practitioner” (“Sample contract for NPs in primary care setting,” n. d., p. 3).

Compliance Regulation

This Contract is reviewed and signed upon proper consultation with a legal counsel. It states that the agreement is relevant to the local laws and regulatory policies and does not violate any laws of federal or state legislature. Employer and Nurse Practitioner acknowledge the agreement to renegotiate the terms of the Contract to eliminate any violations (“Sample contract for NPs in primary care setting,” n. d.).


Nurse Practitioner and Employer both agree to preserve a non-discrimination policy when carrying out this Contract. They will not discriminate others and will restrict any form of discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, or health conditions.


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