Nursing Education: Overcoming Challenges

Barriers Encountered

When I got a letter confirming that I had been offered a position to pursue a career in nursing in my preferred college, I was very pleased. However, I was not fully prepared for the challenges that lay ahead. Most of my friends pursued a career in social sciences, especially in sports. In my first year in the nursing college, there was a massive peer pressure directed against nursing. Most of them wanted me to join them in careers in sports or acting. Employability was another issue I had to battle with for the better part of my years in college (Herrman, 2016). Most of my friends tried to convince me that getting a job as a nurse in the country was not easy. I tried imagining struggling to find a job upon graduation. I also had a problem developing social and interpersonal skills. For a long time, I had believed that I am an introvert. That was not a good trait for a nurse who had to interact regularly with patients.

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Overcoming the Barriers

Overcoming the above challenges was critical for me to become a nurse. I succeeded in overcoming peer pressure by avoiding companies of individuals who tried to discourage me from becoming a nurse. I was also able to learn that as a registered nurse, it was not difficult to get decent employment. The knowledge helped in eliminating the fears associated with the employability of nurses. Working closely with my tutor and peers, I developed interpersonal skills. I am now able to interact easily with people from diverse backgrounds. The training has enabled me to understand the importance of teamwork when offering care to patients within hospitals.


Herrman, J. W. (2016). Creative teaching strategies for the nurse educator. Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis Co.

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