Nursing Conceptualization Theory: Care, Cure, Core

The variety of conceptualized theories provides an efficient framework for improving and enhancing the quality of caregiving. It is important to mention that contemporary nursing practice is vastly based on the early conceptualizations of nursing theory, which were suggested in the middle of 20th century (Meleis, 2011). In this paper, two specific ways of applying those concepts to the nursing practice will be discussed alongside with the observation of one MSN essential, which could be related to the topic of assignment.

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Among several scientists who were responsible for the development of nursing theory, Lydia Hall should be mentioned as the creator of one of the most efficient conceptualizations, which is known as Care, Cure, and Core Model. This model comprises of three intersections: the “Care” relates to the nursing as the treatment of the body, the “Cure” is the aspect of disease’s medical treatment, and the “Core” refers to the psychological aspect of nursing (Gordon, 2015). Firstly, this model could be used as a framework for organizing the nursing practice. Secondly, it represents an essential theoretical foundation for future research in the field of advanced nursing practice. Concerning the MSN essential which could be related to the topic, it is possible to mention the interprofessional collaboration. The model, which was proposed by Hall, suggests that nursing theory should include the research in different spheres of science, primarily biological, therapeutic, and social studies. Therefore, it is evident that Hall’s model is vastly significant for contemporary nursing science, and it could be used for the future elaboration of the advanced nursing practice.


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