To Be a Nurse: Personal Experience

During a person’s lifetime, he is called upon to make decisions and choices that will have a direct effect on who he is as an individual and how he will interact with people in his daily life. Sometimes, these decisions take us down one path that finds the person leading a highly satisfying lifetime. Oftentimes though a person finds himself traversing one road and then in midstream, finds himself at a fork in that road.

Does one continue on the path he has become comfortable with? Or does one take on the adventure offered by trying something new? This was the scenario I found myself in when I seriously began considering my career path. Originally, I planned on becoming a medical doctor and completed all the steps necessary towards fulfilling that goal. Eventually, I decided that the time was right for me to seek more exposure in the medical field overseas in order to become abreast with the latest methods and technologies in the field. My well meaning intentions were blocked because I could not get accepted into a residency program in the United States.

However, I did not let that stop me from achieving my goal. I continued to study medical science while in Russia and was exposed to more medical fields. It was during this exposure time that I realized that for all the glamor and idealism of becoming a doctor, the real hard work is done my the nurses on the floor of the hospital. Throughout all my clinical rotations, internships, and training hours, I realized that the person who really made the hospital run like a well-oiled machine were the nurses.

This was then I had the realization that I actually belonged in the field of Nursing instead. As a nurse, I know that I can fulfill my desire to help all the people who need my help without the limitation of specialized fields that a doctor has. I have an inborn ability to empathize with people and I knew that this ability would best be used in the Nursing field. My true passion of hard work and willingness to help was best suited in this area and I would still have the same demanding and exciting career path that most doctors have.

As a nurse in training, I hope to be able to develop other skills that I never knew I had within me. Skills such as problem identification which will help me to become a competent problem solver whose decisions are solely for the benefit of the patient concerned. My highly developed social skills will also came in handy as I mix and mingled with people from various walks of life and life experiences. This is a stimulating daily challenge that I will enjoy participating in due to the intimacy that the nurse-patient relationship offered.

During my internship at the Civic Hospital, I came to develop strong physician characteristics that hopefully, upon merging with my nursing skills later on, will produce a totally new, caring, and concerned medical healthcare professional. As doctor, I already learned the value of understanding and the need to attend to patient needs in the shortest possible period of time. I was trained to be highly patient with difficult patients while providing a friendly environment that will never be condescending of a patient’s age or gender.

Therefore, holding all the specialized training that I garnered during my medical doctor training years in Russia, it is my fervent hope that, through the exceptional education that is partnered with highly competent training from Stony Brook School of Nursing, I shall be given the chance to further expand my horizons in the medical field by becoming a full fledged Nursing graduate and practicing nurse in the near future.

It is my hope that with the completion of my Nursing degree, I will be able to give back to the medical field that by continuing to expand my medical knowledge and skills. By using my newly widened horizons, I hope to be able to play an active role in the modification and development of new medical techniques for the benefit of future patients.

With an exceptional education and training at Stony brook school of nursing I hope to expand my knowledge and skills as a nurse and be able to give back to the field by obtaining new found knowledge and playing an active role in the ongoing modifications of existing techniques and methods for the betterment of future patients. My unquestionable desire to help and my sincerity towards developing a solid nursing carer is one of my personal attributes that my patients can look forward to. My superiors can take great pride in having me on their medical staff as I will be an exceptional nurse who gives the patient the care he deserves and much more in terms of assistance.

Given the opportunity to do so in the future, I shall deliver my utmost best and commit myself to providing only the best, finest, and most appreciable quality of nursing medical care. As a nursing professional, I will deeply commit myself to insuring that I continue to retrain myself as a nurse in the field of patient care and pain management in order to be able to devote all my energies towards the betterment of my patient’s lives.

I have to say that Nursing care has changed the face of medical health care now and will continue to do so in the future. I recently heard a news report on Fox news that said that in about 10 years, primary doctor assisted health care shall be a thing of the past. I agree with that statement because, from what I have seen, nurses are slowly taking over the role of primary physician as well.

With the advent of Practical Nursing and Physician Assistant positions in hospitals, all of which are meant to train registered nurses to become mini or junior versions of doctors, the nurses of the future will help address the global need for more doctors in areas where there is a shortage such as in the emergency room and perhaps during global medical relief efforts. After all, nurses can offer more patient centered health care procedures on a more personal level of care due to the continuous higher level of training that nurses are allowed to achieve.

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