Cancer Prevention and Education in Nursing Practice

I want to add some points concerning the role nursing professionals can play in cancer prevention. The role of educators is integrated into nursing practice (Maresso & Hawk, 2016). Nurses should provide recommendations regarding the most effective measures aimed at preventing cancer.

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Moreover, nursing professionals should apply the scientific approach to this area of their practice. First, they should continuously review scholarly sources on the matter. This knowledge will enable nurses to support their recommendations with sound scientific evidence. For instance, González-Jiménez, García, Aguilar, Padilla, and Álvarez (2013) stress that nurses can refer to their study that unveils one of the benefits of breastfeeding. Nursing professionals should mention that breastfeeding is one of the effective strategies to prevent cancer development. I want to add that nurses can assist many people with the help of technology. Some elements of telemedicine can be used at any hospital. Nurses can help patients during online visits or telephone calls (Pronk, 2016). These healthcare professionals can help patients keep to the necessary diet, have healthier lifestyles, and so on. It can be effective to pay patients attention to the benefits of such behaviors and their role in cancer prevention. Of course, nursing practitioners should also try to reach as many people as possible. Therefore, telemedicine and nurses’ involvement in various incentives implemented in the community can contribute to the improvement of the situation in the community or even nationwide.


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