Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetes and Hypertension


  • Sleep disorder
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Family members with diabetes

The patient has a major illness of hypertension for the last three years. The doctor recommended taking Accupril that will reduce the blood pressure. This woman is a bit stressed and anxious but shows no signs of emotional, mental, or other psychiatric issues. Sometimes she labors under insomnia and has a sedentary lifestyle.

Type II Diabetes

  • Grandfather with type II diabetes
  • Grandmother with type II diabetes
  • Overfatigue
  • Deficiency disease
  • Medication

Both grandfather and grandmother of this patient had type II diabetes during their lives. Insomnia can also influence the developing disease by causing the lack of vitamins in the patient’s immunity system. The medicine that was prescribed by the woman’s doctor might have some by-effects. Besides, the woman does not rest due to her insomnia.

Short-Term Goals

  • Relieve the pain
  • Sleep well
  • Life without stresses
  • Prevent developing diseases
  • Heal from rashes

The woman suffers from multiple lesions on her right breast, which does not let her sleep properly. She wants to become less stressed due to her health problems. Moreover, rashes occasionally occur on her body and cause additional pain if she wears clothes. In general, the patient’s short-term goal is to heal all the aforementioned issues.

Long-Term Goals

  • Change lifestyle
  • Be more active
  • Reduce hypertension
  • Become a society member
  • Appropriate diet

The patient wants to remain healthy for the rest of her days, to do more physical exercises with her retired husband. Moreover, her long-term goal is to reduce hypertension and stop taking medicine. She needs to remain an active member of society in different situations. After employing her healthy lifestyle, it would be best to change her diet.

Taking Medication

  • Receiving prescriptions from a doctor
  • Attending health-related courses
  • Consuming chamomile infusions
  • Immunization against Tetanus
  • Immunization against Pneumovax

As it was mentioned above, the patient’s family members were also suffering from the disease with similar symptoms. Therefore, the woman immunized against some potential diseases that might influence her health. Moreover, she takes medicine and consumes chamomile infusions. She also attends health-related and lifestyle courses.

Immunization Use

  • Protects from adverse health outcomes
  • Protects from fatal diseases
  • Protects from colorectal cancer
  • Protects from tetanus
  • Protects adults from diphtheria

According to the professionals’ statements, immunization is one of the best interventions to prevent various viruses and diseases (Grasse, Meryk, Schirmer, Grubeck-Loebenstein, & Weinberger, 2016). Besides, it requires adults to do regular checkups to measure their blood pressure, cholesterol level, and weight. Viruses can be everywhere- at one’s workplace, at school, neighborhood, and so on (Shah et al., 2015). Therefore, it is essential to be immunized against potential diseases that might become lethal.

Additional Resources

  • The importance of immunization
  • Medical intervention
  • Reducing the risk of preventable diseases
  • Immunization for adults
  • Preventing lethal diseases

It is essential to be aware of the immunization’s importance and functions in this case. Moreover, it would be proper to make one aware of possible risks and methods to prevent those (“Clinical preventive services,” 2017). Besides, immunization has a different impact on adults and children. Therefore, it is crucial to differentiate these approaches and make this intervention beneficial for any patient.

Laboratory Values

  • Accuracy
  • Comparing results
  • A wide range of tests
  • Sterility
  • Convenience and timeliness

Laboratory values provide a person with precise measurements and test results. The aforementioned method is one of the best ones to evaluate the efficiency of a particular intervention (Tuso, 2014). Furthermore, there is a possibility to compare primary and new results. Moreover, there are many methods and equipment in the laboratory that might help to identify the intervention’s use.

Activity Logs

  • Analyzing activities
  • Analyzing conditions
  • Comparing progress
  • Identifying physical state
  • Evaluating activities’ efficiency

Another advantageous method to evaluate the intervention’s efficiency is the activity log. This element contains all the information about the patient’s activities and progresses. It is also helpful for identifying one’s physical state and analyzing the most efficient and the most useless activities. The aforementioned advantages are not accurate enough. Therefore, it would be best to combine the two methods above.

Desired Outcomes

  • Healthy night’s repose
  • Reduced pain
  • A positive state of mind
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Body free from rashes

The aforementioned factors imply outcomes that would be desirable to witness after the treatment process. A positive state of mind and a good mood show that the patient is concerned about his disease anymore. In turn, a healthy night’s repose is significant for adults. This factor provides a person with the necessary energy and vitamins.

Additional Steps if the Plan was Unsuccessful

  • Considering other medicine
  • Extra physical examination
  • Reviewing and checking results of treatment
  • Consulting medical sources
  • Considering different treatment

In case if the primary plan was not beneficial or failed, it would be proper to review and check the examination results again. To develop another plan, it is essential to consult the additional medical literature. Finally, all the issues should be summarized and fixed. Another method of treatment or different suitable medicine should help in such instances.


  • Efficiency
  • Timeliness
  • Dispersion
  • Minimal risks
  • Not expensive

The aforementioned qualities imply my expectations from the treatment process above. The intervention discussed above is very common in such cases. Therefore, the risks should be minimal, whereas the efficiency of this method is at the highest level. The patient is expected to recover as soon as possible with the implementation of this intervention.


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