Nurse Cultural Competence and Patient Satisfaction


Applied Nursing Research was selected as the target periodical for submitting the research. The rationale for choosing it is the fact that the journal presents peer-reviewed, original studies having direct application to nursing practice and career. The periodical focuses on such topics and patient education, pain management, job stress in nursing, discharge planning, nurse/physician collaboration, and the impact of a nurse on the duration of a hospital stay (Applied Nursing Research: About the journal, 2016). Therefore, the research topic is Enhancing Cultural Competence as the Strategy for Improving Patient Satisfaction with Provided Care and Decreasing the Length of Hospital Stay. This theme is appropriate because it falls within one of the problem areas covered by the journal.

Before submitting the research, it is imperative to make up the abstract reflecting the central idea of the paper and assure that it meets the requirements of the periodical. For example, it is recommended to include only factual information in the abstract such as the background of a problem under investigation, the purpose of the research, methodology, results, and major conclusions avoiding references or uncommon abbreviations. There are no limitations on the number of words, but it is vital to keep the abstract short and simple without mentioning excessive details about the study. Mentioning keywords is also demanded (Applied Nursing Research: Author Information, 2016).


Background: Enhancing cultural competence among nurses is paramount, especially in areas and regions where people with different ethnic backgrounds live in close proximity.

Research Objectives: The aims of the study are

  • to examine the relationship between cultural competence of a nurse
    • patient satisfaction with the provided services;
    • length of a hospital stay;
  • explore factors stimulating the desire to develop skills related to cultural competence among nurses.

Methods: A phenomenological interview was used for collecting the data about the personal experience of 150 nurses working in health care units treating patients with different ethnic backgrounds with the emphasis on factors motivations and discouraging them from developing skills related to cultural competence. Questionnaires were deployed for collecting the information from the patients with the focus on their attitude to culturally competent nurses and its influence on satisfaction with provided services and duration of a hospital stay.

Results: There is a strong correlation between the level of cultural competence and both patient satisfaction and duration of a hospital stay. Nurses belonging to ethnic minorities are more motivated to develop skills if compared to nurses belonging to dominant ethnic groups.

Conclusion: It is critical to motivating nurses to develop skills pertaining to cultural competence in areas of ethnic diversity.

Impact of the Research on the Nursing Career

The proposed research is practically applicable in the modern globalized world. Even though the scope of the study is limited to areas of ethnic diversity, this approach should be implemented in big health care units as well due to the fact that borders are being lifted and the situation of treating a patient with unique cultural needs is a common practice. Becoming a culturally competent nurse would be beneficial because it is helpful not only for improving patient satisfaction due to the involvement in closer contact but also estimating one’s needs and turning into a decent member of society, elevating bias and prejudice.


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