Electronic Health Records and Medical Errors Study

Introduction: Selecting a Nursing Journal

As a focus periodical, the Journal of Research in Nursing was selected because it is one of the leading peer-review journals connecting theory with the contemporary trends and issues in nursing practice. Topic coverage is not limited to specific themes.

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All original papers aimed at linking research and development initiatives to policies as well as recent breakthroughs in nursing practice contributing to enhancing performance and improving knowledge of health care professionals and nurses (Journal of Research in Nursing: Description, 2016). Hence, the topic of the proposed research project is Implementing electronic health records (EHR) as the means for reducing medical errors and improving the performance of nurses: Opportunities and challenges because it is connected to the newest trends in nursing practice and is helpful for improving nursing performance.

There are several submission criteria to be followed before submitting the research paper. For example, the abstract section should be no longer than 200 words indicating keywords after the information. The abstract should include such details as the objectives of the research, primary findings, and major conclusions. No need to mention methodology or background required (Journal of Research in Nursing: Submissions guidelines, 2016). Finally, it is paramount to guarantee that the research is original, appropriately written without plagiarism, and carefully proofread.


As the newest technologies are widely implemented in everyday life, they change the way society operates, and people are treated. The nursing practice could not become an exception to the overall trend and feel the impact of the newest technologies, as health care units launch electronic health record systems to improve the performance of nurses and patient satisfaction. Therefore, the research aims at

  1. identifying the link between the launch of electronic health records and the number of medical errors made while carrying out nursing functions
  2. determining whether the embodiment of the newest technologies is beneficial for improving patient satisfaction and nurses’ performance by using quantitative research design.

The conducted research points to the existence of a positive correlation between the introduction of electronic health record software and the reduction of the number of medical errors. Moreover, it positively affects the performance of nurses and the satisfaction of patients with the provided treatment and care. That said, it is recommended to promote the adoption of the newest technologies in nursing practice to maximize the productivity of nurses and decrease the negative outcomes of medical errors such as complications after diseases and lethal outcomes. However, the increasing technical expertise gap among nurses is a challenge.

Impact of the Research on Nursing Career

The proposed research project will have a positive impact on the quality of provided care and improve the treatment outcomes. First of all, it will be helpful for enhancing nurses’ professionalism because it could serve as a guide to choosing and implementing electronic health records and designing a unique strategy for using them in nursing practice. Additionally, the study will point to the practical applicability and feasibility of the newest technologies in nursing, motivating senior management of health care units to embody software. Finally, the research paper can become the guideline for overcoming the challenges related to the launch of EHR systems, such as the lack of competence in exploiting the newest technologies and integrating them effectively into nursing practice.


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