Pressure Ulcer Management in Surgical Units

The healthcare topic & problem

The paper focuses on the topic of pressure ulcers, which is critical to improving patient outcomes in surgical units. The literature review showed that the costs of pressure ulcers to the U.S. healthcare sector are high and that pressure ulcers delay patients’ recovery time and cause additional complications. Thus, reducing the prevalence of pressure ulcers would help to promote patient safety and improve health outcomes.

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The methods, procedures, and approaches

The research focused on two perspectives of inquiry: ethical and cultural. The ethical perspective concentrates on applying relevant theories and concepts about nursing to the issue, whereas the cultural inquiry focused on how cultural differences impact communication between patients and nurses. The research process used for the paper involved a review of research articles on the topic of pressure ulcers.

Results and findings from inquiry papers

From an ethical perspective, the most critical aspect of the topic is the application of relevant ethical theories. In their work, nurses are required to show compassion, empathy, and integrity. These values can help nurses in advocating for and resolving important health issues, including pressure ulcers. In addition, ethical theories can be utilized to increase compliance with organizational policies and procedures.

From a cultural perspective, the differences in cultural norms and values often affect communication between patients and nurses, which can prevent patients from alerting nurses about inflammation, pain, and discomfort caused by pressure ulcers. Hence, the results suggest that pressure ulcers are an important, multi-faceted nursing issue that requires a complex solution that would involve strategies for prevention, patient communication, and ethical conduct.

The concluding solution

The use of advanced technologies and evidence-based practices for ulcer management can help to reduce the risk of adverse events in patients and promote patient safety.

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