Topamax, Its Side Effects and Patient Education

The patient believes that the Topamax is causing the numbness and tingling. Educate the patient regarding Topamax use and its side effects.

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Topiramate is an anticonvulsant (antiepileptic) drug that is used alone or in conjunction with other treatments for controlling or preventing epileptic seizures. The key point associated with the use of Topamax refers to its dosage, which is based on a patient’s medical condition as well as his or her response to the prescribed treatment. This means that the majority of side effects from the drug are also linked to dosage. For some conditions, patients may need to go through a slow increase of the medication does in order to reach the best option.

Topamax Side Effects

Regarding physical side effects, an individual may experience high levels of tiredness, increased dizziness, tingling in feet and hands (Semenov, 2016), loss of coordination, and loss of appetite. As to mental side effects, Topamax may cause confusion, slowed thinking, issues with concentration, memory, and language, as well as nervousness (“Topamax,” 2017).

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The medication was prescribed to the patient because there had been a judgment that benefits would overweigh the side effects risks. Nevertheless, many patients who have taken Topamax often report the tingling side effect, which can be manageable although is unpleasant (Everyday Health, 2014). It is imperative for the patient to consult his or her doctor regarding the tingling and numbness to determine whether it could be managed. For example, it may be recommended to drink more water, include more potassium in the diet, and start exercising. In other instances, the tingling and numbness go away when the right dosage of the medication is reached.

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While any medication may come with possible side effects, it is crucial that both the patient and his or her health care provider establishes whether the experienced side effect could be appropriately managed to not interfere with daily activities. It has been found that tingling and numbness in the body is a common Topamax side effect that many individuals report. However, the way in which it is managed varies from one patient to another: while some may benefit from drinking more water and staying active, others experience the burden of the side effect no matter what they do with their diet and lifestyle (Apovian et al., 2015). Therefore, it is suggested that the patient contacts his or her health care provider and reports the side effect for further options of management. Since most of the success of treatment depends on how well the patient’s body and the medication get along (“Topamax side effects,” 2015), as well as how disabling and severe the condition of the patient had been prior to being prescribed the medication.

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There are a few directions, which the doctor and the patient may follow in order to reduce the side effects of Topamax. First, the dosage of the drug should be regulated in such a way that it meets the optimum requirement for the patient’s condition (disease). Second, the healthcare provider should evaluate the patient’s lifestyle to determine whether any changes can be made to reduce the adverse impact of the side effects. Third, it is crucial to determine whether interactions with other drugs are causing the side effects (“Topamax side effects,” 2015). Overall, the patient is recommended to implement as many safety measures and precautions as possible to reduce the side effect of Topamax. If the burden is unbearable, it could be an option to switch to other types of treatment.


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