Pinkeye Herbal Treatment and Complementary Therapy

Treatment of Viral Conjunctivitis

  • The treatment of the symptoms of SARS (Córdova et al., 2014).
  • Protection from the bright light.
  • Tea broths as one of the medicines.
  • Preparations on a flower basis.
  • Compresses at night and rinsing.
  • One week of a full-fledged treatment.

Treatment of Allergic Conjunctivitis

  • The determination of the source of allergy.
  • Mandatory isolation from the allergen.
  • Rinsing with herbal broths.
  • Checks for possible allergens.
  • Annual preventive procedures and examinations.
  • The possibility of treatment with herbs.

Ways to Treat Conjunctivitis with Herbs

  • Chamomile broths reduce the development of infection (Sharma, Nagori, Soni, Verma, & Singh, 2014).
  • Tea solutions help to relieve inflammation.
  • Herbal preparations based on dill and dogrose.
  • Night compresses using calendula and celandine.
  • Regular rubbing to remove pus.
  • Hygiene should be followed when using herbs.

Preventative Measures

  • Hands should be regularly washed.
  • Vitamins and minerals should be taken.
  • In case of complications, consultations with specialists are necessary.
  • Preventive herbal teas are useful to reduce the risk.
  • Stress and excessive exercises are undesirable.
  • Periodic gymnastics for eyes should be performed.

Precautions for Treatment

  • All broths should have room temperature (Sharma, Nagori, Soni, Verma, & Singh, 2014).
  • All excess solutions should be cleaned.
  • Flushing toward the inner corner of eyes.
  • Broths should be fresh enough for the best effect.
  • Too frequent rinsing is not recommended.
  • When treating children, medicines should be limited.

Recovery Period

  • Redness and suppuration disappears.
  • Vision is gradually becoming better.
  • Lacrimation passes, inflammation weakens.
  • The mucous membrane returns to normal.
  • Unpleasant feelings gradually stop.
  • The period of recovery is from one to three weeks.


Córdova, C., Gutiérrez, B., Martínez-García, C., Martín, R., Gallego-Muñoz, P., Hernández, M., & Nieto, M. L. (2014). Oleanolic acid controls allergic and inflammatory responses in experimental allergic conjunctivitis. PloS One, 9(4), 1-11.

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