The Coronavirus Infection: Impact on Global World

Life in the present-day world seems to be becoming more complicated than ever before due to the coronavirus infection spread. The problem that appeared to be a temporary setback turned into a serious threat to the way of life of people all over the world. It is clear that this circumstance is going to change the social situation in many countries irreversibly, and the first signs of such changes can already be seen on an individual level.

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The main circumstance that affects my family and me, as well as society as a whole, is the promotion of social distancing. All the spheres of human life are somehow connected to communication, and the lack of it might result in worsening the ability of people to negotiate, which is essential in terms of resolving societal issues. If a couple of months ago everyone could solve such a need, now it is becoming difficult. In the case of my family and friends, we are suffering from a lack of communication but, at the same time, understand the impossibility of maintaining the lifestyle. It relates to work, study, and leisure time, and the situation is unlikely to change over the next few months.

Another aspect of upcoming changes in society is the emergence of certain limitations for career development and self-development. To pursue one’s goals in life, a person needs to have a number of opportunities, such as employment, academic pursuits, and others. However, due to the existence of specific measures taken by the government for the safety of its people, this situation might result in deteriorating one’s ability to achieve goals. Hence, if before the appearance of such a threat to health, people could freely manage their activities for a better outcome, such limitations create specific risks. My family, like many others in the country, have to spend time at home, where the number of developmental activities is limited, and it, therefore, leads to consequent inactivity, which becomes a new lifestyle.

The measures taken for ensuring the safety of people in Miami, Florida, are similar to the ones in other countries. Hence, for example, Germany also implements social distancing measures as well as self-isolation in terms of containing the spread of coronavirus (Marcus, 2020). However, despite the similar policies relating to the way countries address the current issue, there are certain differences in their implementation. Thus, the slower pace of the infection spread in Miami allowed authorities to neglect the necessity to take immediate actions for the threat reduction. Germany, in turn, was more concerned with the growing amount of infected citizens and started to implement its containing policy in advance (Marcus, 2020). It allows to conclude that the difference is in the timing of implementation of similar measures.

The appearance of such a threat as the coronavirus infection is an international affair and, therefore, would have a significant impact on the social life of people all over the world. Such measures as social distancing might consequently lead to deterioration of the abilities of people to negotiate and achieve their goals and thereby worsen their participation in society. Despite the differences in implementation of policies containing the coronavirus infection spread in various countries, such consequences would apply to all of them. Therefore, the need for society to adjust to new circumstances can be reflected in the need of their members to adapt to a new social environment.


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