Evidence-Based Nursing in Intensive Therapy Unit

Why don’t we do evidenced-based nursing?

We do not do evidence-based nursing because of a lot research that is needed in order to implement the practice. Secondly, bearing in mind the tight work schedules for most nurses, it becomes important to just apply the common nursing principles that also guarantee good care. EBP requires collaborative approach in which interdisciplinary evidence is applied; however, the various care professions have tended to work in an exclusive manner rather inclusive (Stevens, 2013).

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Should physicians be involved in this initiative in an ICU?

The physicians should be included in the initiative as this will create the required synergy that is needed in the care process. The involvement of physician and people from other professions is a start point for an inclusive EBP.

One nurse said, “I don’t want to do research. I became a nurse to practice nursing.” How should the nurse manager reply to this statement?

EBP is not a separate practice from nursing; in fact, it is based on the core teachings of nursing in which nurses are supposed to provide personalized care based on the prevailing information about the illness. Research is part of any health profession. Studies have pointed to the importance of applying current findings in the provision of care.

How might the ICU unit design an initiative to focus on inter-professional EBP?

All the health care stakeholders should be invited in order to discuss improvement of health care. Through a consultative forum, a care plan should be designed in which each profession is assigned a role. A central communication unit where infromation can be keyed in should also be put in place and all the stakeholders trained on how to record information that pertains to the care process. The design should be patient centered.

What professions other than nurses and physicians should be involved in this initiative on an ICU?

In order to ensure holistic care, an interdisciplinary approach is very important (Stevens, 2013). This should take into consideration the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the patients. Therefore, the other professions should include nutritionists, social workers and pharmacists.


Stevens, K. (2013). The impact of evidence-based practice in nursing and the next big ideas. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 18(2).

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