Nursing: Breast Pain Case and Care Plan


D.F. is a 27-year-old female who presents to the gynecologist’s office for her yearly examination complaining of bilateral breast pain and tenderness.

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What questions should the nurse ask about the breast pain?

The nurse should ask the patient whether she noticed any similar symptoms in the previous months while performing her self-examinations and whether her menstrual cycle had been regular.

What are some of the causes of breast pain?

While many women consider breast pain as a symptom of breast cancer, it is not the most common case. Usually, breast pain occurs in the puberty period, before or during menstruation, in pregnancy, and at time of menopause (Breast pain, 2015).

A problems list from the objective and subjective data.

A problem list should include the complaint of bilateral breast pain and tenderness with the date, and any illnesses or states of the patient connected with this issue.

What should be included in the plan of care?

Plan of care should incorporate a mammogram, pain-relieving medicines, and a well-fitted bra.


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