Nurse-Led Email Reminder for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction


The study by Cicolini et al. (2014) researches the outcomes of the communication of the nurses with the patients suffering from hypertension with the purpose of educating the participants about the ways they can employ to address their hypertensive symptoms. The study is a randomized controlled trial where all the researchers were blinded during the randomization. The participants of the trial were divided into two groups.

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The control group participated in the enrollment concerning the assessment of hypertension. The intervention group attended the same enrollment, and also was engaged in the process of regular communication with the nurses about the techniques helping to maximize the patients’ quality of life as a way of primary care (Cicolini et al., 2014). The nurses contacted the participants via phone or email and reminded them about the importance of diet, active lifestyle, and exercising as remedies for high blood pressure.

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The participants were to report the effect of the enrollment and communication, visit the hospital for the regular exams, and provide samples of their blood in one, three, and six months. The researchers monitored and analyzed the results of the two groups and compared them demonstrating the variables in tables. The study found that the nurse-led reminder program was very useful as the health and lifestyle choices of the intervention group improved significantly compared to those of the control group.


To conclude, regular communication between the nurses and the patients on distance is a successful way to provide primary care for hypertension and affect the patients’ lifestyles making them healthier and more responsible.


Cicolini, G., Simonetti, V., Comparcini, D., Celiberti, I., Di Nicola, M., & Capasso, L., … Manzoli, L. (2014). Efficacy of a nurse-led email reminder program for cardiovascular prevention risk reduction in hypertensive patients: A randomized controlled trial. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 51(6), 833-843.

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