Acute Care Education for a Patient with Back Pain

Comprehensive teaching points aimed at acute care of the identified individual involve a number of interventions that are listed below.

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First of all, it is essential to relieve the patient’s low back pain (LBP) recommending bed rest and modification of the position to enhance the lumbar region. Nurses might encourage the patient to take control and relax muscles to prevent pain caused by tension. It is also helpful to distract the patient from pain, for instance, by reading books or watching TV. According to Casazza (2012), massaging the soft tissue, nurses can also reduce pain level. All in all, the comfortable position should be achieved.

The second point focuses on the physical mobility enhancement. By means of continuous evaluation, nurses can monitor how the patient moves. As soon as pain is reduced, it is possible to make slow movements under the control of nurses (Koes et al., 2011). Besides, the latter should teach the patient how to do exercises lying, sitting, or standing.

Third, health education should be taught to the patient, in particular, how to stand or lie down to minimize back stress. The relevant training programs should be recommended as well. As a result, of the discussed interventions, it is expected that the patient will return to the productive lifestyle.

In order to prevent the potential injuries and chronic back pain, I would recommend to change eating habits and to create rational nutrition plan as the excessive weight might promote complications regarding low back pain. In addition, nurses should explain the patient that circular motion and objects lifting should be limited. Timely and daily breaks would also contribute to the prevention of potential injuries as exercises would help to relax muscles.


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