Cancer Mortality Prevention in Miami

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Miami, Florida, is a comparatively well-off region of the United States, famously regarded as a tourist and relaxation area. However, like with many other communities, there are certain issues that continuously endanger the health and wellness of Miami’s citizens. It is important to recognize some of the longstanding problems within the community in order to fully realize their effects on public health. As part of the present overview, some of the public health issues in Miami must be discussed.

First, environmental conditions must be brought up. As a coastal area, Miami often experiences various tropical cyclones and other wind or water-based natural disasters. Such conditions can both create new problems and exacerbate existing ones quickly. Many people die as a result of cyclones, either from flooding, wind activity, exposure to the elements, or subsequent health complications (Shultz, Peek & Galea, 2022). Similarly, others fall sick or lose their homes, decreasing the overall quality of life and damaging infrastructure. A significant amount of funding has to go towards disaster relief or disaster prevention, leaving less funds for other areas, such as healthcare and welfare. Natural disasters also negatively affect levels of homelessness in the state, which is detrimental to the economy and the public sector.

Other issues in Miami concern the lack of publicly available welfare programs, housing, infrastructure, and healthcare. Well-off individuals are able to live in a stable and safe environment, while those with less cannot afford healthcare costs or a permanent place of residence. As outlined by statistics, more than 10% of all adults living in Miami report having no healthcare insurance coverage (“University of Miami”, 2022). The problem disproportionally affects people depending on their income level and is more prevalent in central Miami. Additionally, poor members of the community experience trouble paying for food, housing and other necessities.

Cancer Mortality

Among public health issues, cancer presents a serious challenge. Depending on the form and stage of cancer, the disease can be fatal, quickly developing to a point where an individual’s wellness is difficult to maintain. Cancer treatment differs depending on a variety of factors, ranging from the elimination of cancer cells to general life prolonging treatment and quality-of-life enhancing procedures. It is important for Miami to address the issue of Cancer and Cancer mortality. In terms of sheer statistics, the Miami area is below the US average on cancer mortality, meaning that less people in the city die from cancer than in other areas (“University of Miami”, 2022). However, there are certain problems within the community aside from a simple consideration of cancer mortality.

Firstly, a lack of education regarding the subject was brought up in the annual report, with many survey respondents feeling that the present education pathways are insufficient. Secondly, there is a disparity in outcomes for Hispanic people, which presents a serious problem (“University of Miami”, 2022). In addition, while mortality is controlled well, access to healthcare and wellness for people with cancer is a separate issue. Similar to restricted healthcare access, the ability of individuals to receive treatment or get diagnosed with cancer is insufficient. As outlined by survey respondents, cancer remains a major or moderate problem in the eyes of the majority (“University of Miami”, 2022). Furthermore, many highlight the inaccessibility of preventative measures and a heightened strain of the emergency care system (“University of Miami”, 2022). Those who are unable to afford insurance are almost completely restricted from gaining the benefits of a robust array of cancer screening, prevention and treatment options.

Role of an Agency

Healthcare organizations, and organizations working specifically with cancer play a vital role in helping people maintain their health and wellness. Within Miami there are a number of different companies focusing on maintaining community health, supporting individuals of different backgrounds and social standings. For the purposes of this discussion, the focus will be made on Elite Care At Home, an agency focusing on helping the elderly. Their services include elderly healthcare, home-based support and empowerment, and education. As an institution, Elite Care At Home is able to meet the needs of a vulnerable demographic in a way that emphasizes convenience, accessibility and agency (HHA Agency and services in Miami-Dade and Broward County Florida 2022). The organization has the ability to improve quality of life for cancer patients, ensure a smooth transition between medical stay and one’s home, as well as provide education (HHA Agency and services in Miami-Dade and Broward County Florida 2022). Elite Care At Home combines active participation, healthcare expertise and social support in order to improve the quality of life for elderly cancer patients.

Cancer Awareness and Prevention Teaching Project

The agency can use its resources and pathways in order to organize a disease prevention education project. As a part of this initiative, a one on one visit system can be employed, where medical/care professionals from the organization visit members of vulnerable populations, i.e., the elderly, and give them the necessary knowledge to safeguard against cancer. Effect of living environment, food options, lifestyle and other factors can be discussed, as well as the vital nature of regular check-ups. The effort will be conducive towards promoting general awareness about the issue, while also giving older people an assortment of potential activities that will prevent them from developing cancer. For those that are already suffering from the condition, Elite Care At Home can provide regular care services, enrichment options and proper self-care education.


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