National Breast Cancer Coalition

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The National Breast Cancer Coalition (2021) is an organization that advocates for the needs of patients with breast cancer, as well as promotes education and nurse-patient dialogue needed to improve the quality of managing breast cancer in patients statewide. Currently, the mission of the National Breast Cancer Coalition (2021) constitutes the promotion of collaboration between healthcare experts and patients to end breast cancer forever.

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Requiring an immediate change to how the issue of breast cancer is currently managed today, the National Breast Cancer Coalition (2021) demands that corresponding changes should be made to the present-day policies. Specifically, National Breast Cancer Coalition’s (2021) current legislative agenda consists of promoting the active state-sponsored support for the DOD BCRP, a body created by the National Breast Cancer Coalition to monitor and control the issue of breast cancer management. Moreover, as a part of its public policy, the company has been striving to increase access to healthcare for all citizens. Therefore, the organization strives to introduce the concept of equity into the current healthcare setting.

Remarkably, the agenda in question was developed as an extension of the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s existing code of ethics, primarily, its focus on meeting the needs of each and every one of its stakeholders. Furthermore, the concept of nonmaleficence as a critical component of care in the contemporary healthcare setting should be addressed (Mathew & Wesarat, 2021). Moreover, the focus on the marginalized groups within the U.S. population, particularly those that cannot afford or access healthcare insurance, should be outlined as one of the main characteristics of the people attracted by the specified position.

Another plan that the organization pursues concerns making the services in question to only accessible to anyone but also affordable for the majority of people. There is no secret that the insurance issue remains a major problem of a large portion of the U.S. population (Mathew & Wesarat, 2021). Given the high cost of healthcare management tools, a significant number of people prefer to address healthcare practitioners only once a health concern becomes impossible to ignore (Mathew & Wesarat, 2021). As a result, the process of its management becomes nearly impossible given the lethal effects of breast cancer (Mathew & Wesarat, 2021).

Thus, the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s (2021) active advocacy for women in need for breast cancer screening yet having no access or financial resources for the procedure has taken place nearly since the organization’s conception 2021. By focusing on the role of social justice in the management of the issue of breast cancer, the organization could attract a broader range of people to its current cause.

In turn, the plan in question has been developed at a comparatively early stage of the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s progress. Namely, as the company continued to expand, it embraced different frameworks for enhancing it, leading to recognizing the importance of increasing accessibility and affordability as two primary goals that it must compete in order to assist its target audience. Additionally, the described trend seems to have matched with the one of patient education as one of the vital concerns of a nurse (The National Breast Cancer Coalition, 2021). Therefore, encouraging further knowledge-sharing associated with health management should be encouraged actively.


Mathew, J., & Wesarat, P. O. (2021). Linking ethical standards for healthcare professionals with Indian cultural values: Ethical standard-setting rooted in cultural values for healthcare professionals in India. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 16(3), 49-58. Web.

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The National Breast Cancer Coalition. (2021). Who we are. Web.

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