The Characteristics of Breast Cancer

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Nowadays the breast cancer is the most widespread cancer among women all over the world. According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 1.7 million new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed worldwide each year, and about five hundred thousand women die (“What are the key statistics about breast cancer?”, 2015, para.2). However, during the last decade, the death rate from breast cancer has decreased as the quality of medical care significantly improved that in turn has led to the earlier diagnosis of the disease in the early stages when it can still be cured. The reason I am interested in this topic is that I would like to ameliorate the situation with the breast cancer, in particular to instruct and make it possible for patients and their families to improve and take control of their health.

Risk factors

The reasons for the increasing incidence of breast cancer are well scrutinized. However, in each case, it is impossible to determine the disease roots. Doctors just can talk about some of the factors with a certain degree of confidence. It is known that the mutations of normal cells of the breast cause the appearance of cancer cells. The main role is played by external factors, especially the modern civilization. In particular, the so-called Western-style food that consist in excess of fat nutrition, overeating, and, as a result, a growing number of overweight people. It is considered that deposition of adipose tissue in the body promotes the growth of hormones that provokes breast and uterus tumor.

Other factors that increase the likelihood of the disease are the peculiarities of the female reproductive system: early first menstrual period, late first childbirth, or its absence, brief breastfeeding, abortion, and late menopause. Diabetes, hypertonic disease, and alcohol abuse are also might promote the breast cancer in some cases.

Finally, the genetic risk factors should be noted. For instance, there are BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes some of which are associated with hereditary forms of cancer that develop at a young age. The prevalence of these genes varies among different peoples.

Breast cancer prevention methods

Therefore, one may conclude that in order to prevent and reduce the risk of breast cancer, it is of great importance to achieve the normal weight reducing the excessive body weight and the consumption of animal fat as well as the rejection of uncontrolled hormonal estrogen drugs. In other words, it is necessary to implement a set of measures of primary prevention of breast cancer that would allow women to avoid at least some of the described factors.

Moreover, I believe that regular surveys (X-ray mammography, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging) are significant as they contribute to the early detection of disease that is more treatable than the last stage of cancer. “In the case of breast-cancer screening, the most important benefits are a reduction in the risk of death and the number of life-years gained” (Warner, 2011, p.1026). In the arsenal of modern medicine, there are several effective ways to cure the breast cancer but they must be applied in a timely manner.

A woman who cares about her health should regularly perform a self-survey of her breast inspecting and probing it. Only in this case, she would be able to notice the sealing appeared in the breast – the main and often the only sign of the breast cancer. Overwhelmingly, the seal is painless, its size and texture does not change during the menstrual cycle. Besides, it is not surprising that constant exercise can double the lifetime of breast cancer patients.

In addition, U.S. government invests a lot to help those who suffer from cancer, so for 2015 fiscal year Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requested $308 million for its mission (“Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”, 2015, p.2). According to the Prevention of Chronic Disease and Improving Public Health (Title IV) of The Affordable Care Act (June 28, 2012), it directs: “the creation of a national prevention and health promotion strategy that incorporates the most effective and achievable methods to improve the health status of Americans and reduce the incidence of preventable illness and disability in the United States” (“US Department of Health and Human Services”, n.d., para.6).

Further, I would like to explore the question of breast cancer in different countries in order to learn more about it and compare the results with those in U.S to draw some conclusions. The second point I would like to examine is the dependence of breast tumor on the age of women. In my opinion, it is worth studying as more and more young women suffer from that disease today.


In conclusion, it should be stressed that there is a great opportunity for everyone to care about his health, his family and friends’ health performing a healthy lifestyle and screening timely even if he or she has no symptoms. If one has any of the following symptoms, he or she has to visit a doctor immediately: unceasing pain in the breast that occurs for no reason, a strong sense of discomfort in the breast, or appearance of some sealing in it.


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