Lung Cancer as a Result of Sensation Seeking

The article under consideration dwells upon the sensation seekers and the problems which they usually have because of their favors. The seekers of sharp and new impressions cannot stay without such impressions and continue to search for newer and newer feelings. Smoking is the first addiction which comes to their mind. When smoking does not make them feel delighted (and it is a big question whether smoking brings any delight), such people shift to alcohol and then to drugs.

The consequence of such actions is usually the same – cancer. Depending on the stage of people’s addiction to this or that habit, the cancer may develop in lungs, lever or lead to AIDS. The picture in the top of the paper reflects the last stage of smoking addiction, cancer – sarcoma. The image and the article are related as the addiction to smoking leads to cancer and the picture shows the visual consequence of such addiction.

The list of 10 points for discussion

  1. Whether sensation seekers make it right, when turn to bad habits. The main point in this discussion is the other ways to be delighted, which do not make any necessity to turn to bad addiction and create personal health problems.
  2. Is the health prediction is the reason to drop smoking? Smoking, people begin to cough and this becomes the push to go the hospital. The terrible announcement should be the first step in the way to the recovery, or at least in stopping the health harm. The main problem is whether people really drop smoking, or thinking that nothing worth may happen continue to do this.
  3. The mass media aspect. Whether all people are informed properly about the consequences of smoking and how the information influences their choice.
  4. The impression evaluation. The discussion should be concentrated on the mental and psychological aspect of the problem of smoking, whether people really become satisfied or this is just the feeling of fault satisfaction which is created in their minds.
  5. The medical problem of cancer. Whether it is possible to live a normal life after the terrible diagnosis which is heard from the doctors from the medical point of view. How long people live after the cancer development in their organism and whether the life of person with cancer can be full of positive impression.
  6. The psychological aspect of the problem. The question is how the person can live with the understanding of soon death from cancer. The other problem is the possible pain and how the person can cope with it.
  7. The reasons of smoking beginning. The attention may be paid to the other reasons (social for example) of the smoking beginning.
  8. How to prevent the smoking in the society. The measures which should be used to protect people from smoking addiction should be discussed. The possibility in general to avoid the problem of smoking and the most impressive arguments not to start smoking.
  9. The problem of smoking dropping. The ways how to stop smoking, the reasons which should be used for smoking dropping and the measures which should be used in order not to make people start smoking after some time has left.

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